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Wheatley shocked HOA insurance plan public since it wasn’t finalised

Vincent Wheatley

Social Security Minister with portfolio responsibility for the National Health Insurance (NHI), Vincent Wheatley has expressed shock at reports that the government has put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a special group insurance plan for members of the House of Assembly (HOA).

During a recent interview on the JTV, the minister was asked about his thoughts on the weekend protest after news surfaced about of the controversial insurance plan that seeks to circumvent the NHI and offer legislators coverage for cosmetic surgery (in the event of an accident), alcoholism and substance abuse rehabilitation, among other things.

Minister Wheatley said he saw the protest but was “a bit confused” as to what the protesters were talking about. 

He said he subsequently did some research but couldn’t find anything on the issue but was later reminded that there had been an informal meeting between House Members to investigate the possibility of private insurance for some members.

“Why it ended up in the public, I don’t know, because it never came back for us to say yea or nay,” Minister Wheatley said.

“There has been no decision made about anything … I was shocked to see it,” the Labour Minister said.

“I’m as shocked as you are,” he told the host about the disclosure.

The minister further said the issue was still in its exploratory stages and had not gone to Cabinet either so he was unsure what may have caused it to be revealed.

Opposition Members disappointed

Wheatley’s statement comes as Opposition legislators have expressed disappointment and concern regarding the RFP’s disclosure, adding that HOA members had not reached any consensus to allow the House to issue the notice.

The Opposition said a Steering Group had been established to examine the issue of supplementary health care for current and former members.

Members were reportedly assured that the Steering Group needed the concurrence of the lead member Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull, who was required to provide a report to the HOA informing members on whether a proposal to procure private healthcare insurance was ready for tender, along with recommendations on how to proceed.

According to the Opposition, the proposal before the Steering Group for review included benefits that were neither a part of nor discussed in the informal meeting.

The Opposition further said that particular concern was expressed about the proposal for life insurance benefit. 

“As such, we agreed that we could no longer support the proposal which had now gone beyond its intended purpose,” the Opposition members said.

Whilst they empathised with the original objectives for exploring the issue and the proposal, the Opposition said they believe “it is not wise to advance matters of such serious implications without full and due consideration.”

The group issued a recall of the RFP and strongly urged the HOA to recognise that it is neither appropriate nor desirable to continue with the initiative in its current form.

Malone says Opposition duplicitous

Health Minister Carvin Malone has dismissed the Opposition’s statement as “fake news”.

In an early-morning WhatsApp blast on Tuesday, Malone said: I am appalled by the duplicitous announcements by the Opposition who now seek to distance themselves from the facts surrounding the tender notice to provide insurance coverage. Not surprised; appalled!”

He further said the government intends to respond today.

The Opposition is lying about involvement in HOA insurance plan


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  1. LB says:

    This is all a game to these people?? Why are you responding Malone? Actions speak louder than words. Focus on actually doing the people’s work. How are we pouring that money back in to social security for people’s retirement? When will the town and east end sewerage be fixed? When will school be reopened properly? Hurricane season is here. Are we clearing ghuts and debris? Providing assistance you the less fortunate to secure themselves? Generator procurement programme?

    Stop politicking and produce!

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    • Exactly says:


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  2. The truth required says:

    I don’t believe any of you anymore. The House of Assembly needs to be renamed the House of Untruths! Since you didn’t know about the insurance can you tell us why you are driving a black sports car with government license plates on it. Don’t tell us that you bought a sports car with our tax dollars.

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  3. Peanut head says:

    Can this guy just STFU already

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  4. what ah government says:

    This is getting better by the minute. the opposition and the government was exploring a supplementary health care package for present and former legislators .Isn’t this as clear as day without any sahara dust in the area?? our elected officials are looking at insurance package for themselves but we the people that voted them in office they forget about us. what is good for them is good for us.v*** said they didn’t have anyone at the protest is is almost right but v*** and their minions forget the power of social media.just like how the premier think that these are the days when he was in opposition. To yrs is a lot of the for major changes .v** the views is what counts now not how many people shows up.this is not a birthday party where you show up just to eat. One person is enough to get the message to the public.we sit home and think how to remove v*** from office and then on polling day we show you our power people power.

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  5. Boyyy says:

    Go siddung it shouldn’t of even been drafted!

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  6. Pandora's Box says:

    The fact that it was even a topic of conversation amongst the HOA members at this time is what has the public upset Sir. Who blames who, and whatever other nonsense comes after the fall out, no one really cares!

    There are so many more pressing matters that must be dealt with, but all our voted officials (Government and opposition members) seem to give a $hit about is themselves.

    EDUCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE (roads, drainage, sewer, electricity, internet, potable water), and JOBS are all things that should be front and center right now! The news should not be about how you all are taking care of yourselves, and past elected officials! Save that for sunnier days, you guys already have it pretty damn good, so take teh time to look out for the people you represent, PLEASE!!!!

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  7. I am tired says:

    His leader Andrew said one thing yesterday and now he says something different. These people just don’t know how to tell the truth. I am soo sick and fed up of being sick and fed up with this government.

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  8. Ting2Talk says:

    Everybody distancing themselves from the talk now.

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  9. Unconventional leadership says:

    I am wondering if the minister of health and counterpart social security minister are both playing for the same team. One is saying that the notice of tender is out while the other is saying nothing has been finalized as it has not been to cabinet. It will be interesting to hear the spin on this one. Honestly speaking maybe the government consultant should address these discrepancies. What about saying that the same thing happened in Britain.

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  10. BVI says:


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  11. Don't Lie says:

    You just shocked at the backlash you recieved.

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    It wasn’t finalized yet an official tender notice was published? WTF?????????????????????????

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  13. Deh Watcha says:

    Do not blame the politicians alone.

    Some person or group of persons put this ‘document’ together and put it forward.

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  14. Hmmm says:

    You just cant make this stuff up. So you throw your whole government under the bus, and confirm what was stated by the Opposition.

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  15. Time and twine says:

    The Hon. Wheatley has a future in politics, but only if he pulls away from the present party in power. They got you in, they could also be the reason you’re voted out.

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    • @time and twine says:

      It has been historically evident that the political mind and acumen of the 9th district does not and will not evolve beyond personality in the near or distant future.

  16. Resident says:

    Dont worry that the motor cade was poorly attended. We aint ready to show our hands. Like good poker players when the time is right you will see! Continue to speak Cindy and Kishma. We listening!!!

    Like 21
  17. Piggy Wiggy says:

    Election is two years away but NDP out there with them bloggers hoping that the COI will bring election tomorrow. Ayo will wait and even when it arrive I ain’t voting for ayo so have continue to have ayo circle of bloggers to try to make people believe the muck ayo trying to stir up.


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  18. HaHaHa says:

    Any more jokes?

  19. vg girl says:

    Vincent you just need to stay yo behind home

  20. Hello says:

    “Why it ended up in the public, I don’t know, because it never came back for us to say yea or nay,” Minister Wheatley said.

    Well the today’s press release from Sharie Decastro it is obvious this man was lying last night. According to her all members agreed with the proposal at that informal meeting of the HoA on April 27th. Specifically she said it was unanimously agreed that “the RPF should go forward as proposed”

    Read the press release and then wheel and come again. Honesty is the best policy Mr Minister even if it makes you look bad!

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    • Arrogance at his best says:

      This man is arrogant and conceited! Went in humble and now playing god. Guess this is what power does in the wrong hands.
      The whole party need throwing away. My VG ppl, I hope you seeing!!!

    • Arrogance at best says:

      This man is arrogant and conceited! Went in humble and now playing god. Guess this is what power does in the wrong hands.
      The whole party need throwing away. My VG ppl, I hope you seeing!!!

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  21. Really says:

    So we were suppose to wait until Cabinet approved it before we made our displeasure known. Ok, got you, makes a lot of sense..By the way, while calling Mitch a liar, Sharie contradicted your statements..

  22. @ IF HE SPOKE THE TRUTH says:


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  23. Priorities says:

    Fix de dam school and the big potholes in da road that damaging all the cars costing people money they don’t have.

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