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Where are our planes, pier park audit? Turnbull to tackle premier


Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull, a legislator who recently served in the Premier Dr D Orlando Smith administration, is gearing up to place his former political leader in the hot seat about the government’s controversial $7.2 million BVI Airways deal.

This is expected to unfold next Tuesday when the House of Assembly meets for the first time this year.

According to the order paper of the upcoming sitting,  Turnbull will ask the premier “when he intends to account to the people of the territory for the seemingly unrecoverable $7.2 million?”

The first-term legislator will also be seeking answers in relation to where the planes are, who currently owns them, and how will the BVI benefit from planes it does not have.

Cruise Pier Project

But, the controversial airline deal is not the only subject Premier Smith will be made to worry about when Turnbull questions him on Tuesday.

Turnbull will also be seeking answers on another controversial project in the Smith administration — the Tortola Cruise Pier project. The premier has been promising an audit on the project for more than two years now. None has been forthcoming so Turnbull will be asking the premier ‘what is the status of the audit report on the Cruise Ship Pier?’ and when the audit will be brought to this Honourable House?’.

Turnbull, who is also the Second District Representative where Cane Garden Bay is located, has questions for the premier on that community.

Road revetment project

Those questions are in relation to the road revetment project for Cane Garden Bay that was launched on June 2016.

Turnbull will ask: “As the date of completion was supposed to be June 2018, when does he intend to complete this project? Has a contract been awarded and signed for the completion of this project? If yes, to whom was the contract awarded? When was the contract awarded? Has the funding been identified to complete the project? And when should the people of Cane Garden Bay expect to see works resumed to complete this project?”

Turnbull served under the Smith administration from late 2015 to late 2018.


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  1. Well Well says:

    Boy it is a F….k when teeth and tongue fallout. Mitch you was there.

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    • ??? says:

      Whether Mitch was there or not, we just want answers. If the Premier can’t say, because Mitch was there, he can answer for him.

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      • Hell Boy says:

        This f—king man was there. He should know where the damn planes are. If he don’t know that means he was not representing we the people especially his district. He was just enjoying a joyride over the moon on BVI A——.

        Now he asking this dumb was question?????

        Mehson go cart your mudda from here with dah BS.

        You don’t deserve to be back in there if you asking a question you should know the answer to.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Now taking the high road. I guess his pockets weren’t filled enough like the others. It seems politicians in the Territory only want to be elected to fill their own pockets. Once elected they forget about their duty to the people. All those that are running for office are just disgusting. Ever hear of Karma people. Hurricanes, floods, dengue fever. Read the Bible and understand what happened to the Egyptians. Your next!!!

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      • Dlama says:

        We need a whistleblower law. This will go a long way to prevent problems like this from ever happening here again. Those who run for public office should do so to serve the people and not themselves.

    • Bye Mitch! says:

      Correct, he was part of the gang and knows all the answers. The hypocrite tries to score cheaply again…

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    • Janice says:

      He’s got a spine. And, obviously is not afraid of the truth. And, obviously, it trying to right wrongs done to the people. He left a party who doesn`t care a rip about the people. Thank you Mitch

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    • Daisy says:

      What about the whistleblower law? That would prevent large scale mismanagement and theft in the future. Should all the candidates agree to vote for this if we vote for them? Let’s demand it.

  2. Ms P says:

    Mitch We want answers from you. You were there. Tell us you should know.

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  3. OZYMANDIAS says:

    That is not the issue we know those white boys were going to swindle us. That is in their DNA can’t help it. But a birdy tell me they only got 5. So which one of your so called indigenous person, NOT ONLY DID THEY ASSIST IN THE THEFT OF THE PEOLE TAX MONEY THAT LOCAL PERSON GOT 2 MILLION FOR SELF.

    You all have JUDAS ISCARIOTS amongst you. They more dangerous to your well being than any white person. Get rid of them by any means necessary.

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    • //// says:

      Swindling is no more in the white DNA that it is the black DNA. It is/was all black people that signed and agreed to the swindle on this one. Too bad you think swindling is white DNA..How about producing your credentials to make such a statement.

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    • Leprechaun says:

      I don’t think swindling is in European DNA, but it is a skill many of their political and corporate leaders developed over the centuries.

      African leaders did make it easier for them, and BVI leaders have not learned anything from history.

      I place the blame for all of this on BVI leaders.

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      • @Leprechaun says:

        Your obvious lack of knowledge relative to European history, or denial thereof is astounding.

        Either so, or whether you are a European with a very serious guilt complex, which is fact of psychological reality all of you that live with daily, your post present a very easy and solvable dilemma for the historical psychologist.

        Or perhaps, you are making a failed unschooled attempt at reverse psychology?

        Needless to say, it takes a retarded mind and equally retarded deformed state of being to equate the deformity of the European state of mind and historical mental capacities to the fault of BVI leaders. What a jack ass!!

        What an unread un-knowing lunatic.!!

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    • ha says:


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    • Janice says:

      He’s got a spine. And, obviously is not afraid of the truth. And, obviously, it trying to right wrongs done to the people. He left a party who doesn`t care a rip about the people. Thank you Mitch

    • Janice says:

      Why do you have to to descend into negativity and gin up hatred? People like you are what elitist loons love. It’s not about skin color. It’s about elites keeping power. Where did elitist Black obamanightmare go in the bvi? He went to elitist White Branson. Wake up and love your neighbor. As long as they are not elitist.

  4. Anonymous says:


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  5. ndp heckler says:

    Mitch you have the upper hand now so keep the pressure on

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  6. I FROM HERE says:

    I am sick to my stomach!

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  7. Sam the man says:

    Well well…no surprises here, in the pursuit of power, suddenly some amnesia about the very party you served under until you didn’t get your position and jumped ship!How come you didn’t ask the Premier when you were under his authority and command last year? cat got your tongue?…boy you are heading for a massive fall proud one….

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  8. Law&Order BVI says:

    This is pure nonsense. We look so bad to other countries right now. This Honourable Member asking questions that he has answers for. He was a part of the problem, now all of a sudden he ignorant and acting like he is a saint riding in on a white horse to save us.

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  9. CGB says:

    Mitch,I am done with you for real this time. I am not voteing for you. You were part of the mess, the questions that you are asking,you have the/most of the answers. As a voter, I am sick and tired of THE F…..G stupidity with all of you. Stand the F… up and admit you know the answers or most of the answers because you were deep in the F…..g sauce. Untill then,go F… o…

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    • Lodger says:

      Yes, but we the public dont know. By asking in the house, even if he does already know the answers, means the information will be public for all to see. Thats if the Premier chooses to answer.

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      • @Lodger says:

        He was f***ing DIS—–L to the party he jumped ship from. Someone like that can never be trusted. He may as well give it up because he is not going to get the votes. I know a few people from his District and they are so done with him.

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      • //// says:

        The Premier HAS been asked repeatedly by Hon. Fahie….No answers from Premier til yet…

      • hmm says:

        He can come to the media or social media as he always use and tell us. He doesnt have to wait till when he comes to the house . Pure madness.!

  10. UNBELIEVABLE says:


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  11. Begging you says:

    Andrew or Julian,Pleaseeeee,take these Ren and Stimpy idiots out on Élection Day. Please.

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  12. Political Observer (PO) says:

    True, if one is a member of an organization, ie, party, union, social club, sports team………etc, there must be some organizational loyalty. Nonetheless, one cannot go along to get along, and then wash one’s hand when things go awry. The Hon Turnbull would have had more credibility if he were a maverick and ask the tough questions that he is asking now when he was a member of NDP. The question is if Mitch had gotten his way, would he be asking the tough questions now?

    No surprise here. This is how the political game is played. If one wants proof, look at what is happening in Washington, DC. The dam will broke when members (especially in the senate) are threatened. Ok lets focus on things back home. Was the $7.2M give away to BVI Airways, a bankrupt, bruk and defunct airline, to buy planes or subsidize non stop flights from MIA to EIS?

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  13. NICK says:


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  14. @Mr.Turnbull says:

    I am trying to figure out if you really think people is that dumb. You were part of the same things you are now questioning about. Mr.Turnbull, you are a closet s—–. You are a l———-. I will not trust you representing me on any Government level.

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  15. ROOLERYS says:

    I want to know why these guys want to take the public for fools, none of the brake away fraction should have any credibility. the y are all responsible. The VIP need to remind people that the 2 party are one of the same.

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  16. //// says:

    He just want publicity…. Surely not the way to get votes. Not sure how any of the break aways could think people would trust them now.

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    • Huh says:

      Wtf you can’t trust someone because they going to ask the Premier questions which the PUBLIC need answers to concerning PUBLIC FUNDS??!

      Well thanks be to God that We aren’t all dumb in this place. I want to know the answer and don’t care who’s asking. The Premier needs to answer and let us know the plan for getting our money back.

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  17. planes details online says:

    Converted In Water Bomber – VP-LOS

  18. professional says:

    We have a number of firms right here in BVI which specialise in fraud investigation: Martin Kenney, Krys Associates, FTI…..why has government not appointed one of them to undertake a forensic accounting investigation to follow the money? Maybe because, they know EXACTLY where it went….

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  19. TurtleDove says:

    Your cousin knows where the pier park money went. Too little too late. You missed your opportunity you should have asked these questions while you were in the party.

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    • @Turtle Dove says:

      Agreed, His Cousin knows exactly where the Pier Park money went. Now your Cousin is going to be looked at with the side eye. See Mitch, sometimes it is best to simply keep your mouth shut.

  20. Ok. Mitch says:

    If you cared about the people,when you were sitting there saying AYE to everything you would have stand up and say NAY. As far as I am concern, you are just as guilty.

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  21. Dad says:


  22. Reply says:

    My goodness. This guy does not know when to shut up or what to say and when.

    Mr. Thurnbull, when you are in a hole, you should stop digging. Your credibility is shot. You have no legs to stand on to be posing such questions.

    You have no credibility in the eyes of many, and have already committed political suicide. Why torture yourself like this and make it easy for your critics to tear you apart?

    Stop embarrassing your self further. You have already messed up big time. Close your mouth, and start preparing for life after exiting stage left. If these responses are any indication, your political career is all but over.

    You messed up dude; you threw it all away. Let it go.

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  23. Lol says:

    Lawdy. Mitch, they not going easy on you at all, lol. Try save yourself and siddown yuh hear? Unless you don’t have a shame box. Try walk with some tissue on election day too buddy. Looks like tears will be shed… but this time, Not for joy..uh ooh.

  24. Ausar says:

    Ah tell aryo he need to be born again!

    ..A day late and a penny short, young man..

    And even if you asked, it would seem to me that it’s all a ploy.Lets see, scripted questions with the expectation of scripted answers from your “buddy”.

    Its about the meeting before the meeting, right Mitch?

    But the public is no longer fooled. Only a few months longer, before elections are called, Mitchy!

    ..Too late for answers anyway, at least for me.

    ..And you still have yet to be born again..


  25. 2 Grand says:

    lil bwoy go sit down u don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.who jumped the ndp gravy train saw it heading over the cliff with the leader sleeping and could not get him to change course. train done run over cliff what difrence can you make now. smh

  26. Should Know says:

    If you were there and didn’t know then you weren’t paying attention. If you were there and missed it, that was the time to ask a question. Were you afraid of My Run?

  27. See Ya Mitch says:

    No one is going to trust or want anything to do with Political jumpers.Mitch, you are a Political nightmare. All i see you doing is making the people of your district look bad. Dude, your advisers need to be honest and advise you to throw in the towel and call it a day. All you had to do was sit back, listen,learn and then make your move. Dude, POWER is a curse and blessing Just like money is a curse and blessing. Do everyone a favor and bow out to save yourself and your district further humiliation.

  28. Oscar the Grouch says:

    Mitch, Tortola is a very small town, all i see you doing is causing humiliation for yourself and your family. You are also making your district look bad as a leader. You Just don’t know how or when to keep your mouth Shut. Do everyone a favor and step out of Politics because no one is taking you serious.

  29. Point Missed says:

    Many seem more concerned about the messenger than the message. Not interested in where your tax money ended up? The Govt should account for the many MILLIONS unaccounted for. If they can’t, let the chips fall. No politicians arrested so far. None perhaps due to lack of political will, not because they shouldn’t have been. All schools could have been rebuilt with the missing MILLIONS.

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  30. Biggie says:

    If they took the payola, Lock em all up. Who was in on the take?

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