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Where’s the Cannabis Licensing Act?

The BVI will have to wait a while longer before the medical marijuana industry becomes a reality, as Governor Augustus Jaspert is still considering the Cannabis Licensing Act which was recently passed in the House Of Assembly.

The Cannabis Licensing Act was passed by BVI lawmakers two months ago and sets the framework for the establishment of a medical marijuana industry in the BVI.

But like all other bills passed in the BVI, it has to be granted assent by Governor Augustus Jaspert before it comes into effect.

When BVI News enquired about the bill, a response from the Governor’s office stated: “The Governor is currently considering the bill. By giving thorough consideration to this bill before granting assent, the Governor is discharging his duties as set out in the constitution as the people of BVI would expect.”

Our newsroom also sought to determine whether the Governor had any specific problems with the bill that could cause any delay in its assent. The Governor’s office responded: “He’s currently considering it [and] has yet to grant assent.”

The BVI constitution doesn’t demand that the Governor give assent to any law within a specified timeframe.

Premier Andrew Fahie said the cannabis industry is expected to inject a conservative $30 billion into the BVI economy once it’s established in a timely manner.

Approximately 100 Virgin Islanders will each receive a plot of land from the government for the cultivation and production of medicinally-purposed marijuana in Paraquita Bay, Tortola.

The government also plans to implement a Cannabis Licensing Authority that will serve as the governing body for the sector. Recreational and religious use will not be permitted under the Cannabis Licensing Act.

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  1. Local says:

    The governor not going to ascend this bill , police chief not for it either so there goes marijuana dreams .

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  2. lalala says:

    LOL, I don’t think the Governor will assent. We do not need this or gambling in the BVI. We just had 2 shooting murders in a couple weeks. Anyway, this is just another game for a 100 political friends to make money. The rest of us get to starve.

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  3. Money Grab says:

    I hope the Governor blocks this bill
    This is nothing but a money grab for greedy politicians and their influential friends.

    Nothing in this bill will help the local community.
    Money Grab

    People need to wake up

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    • To Money Grab says:

      You sound so foolish. If one man can decide when or what will pass then this is a dictatorship. I guess it is okay when you are white.

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  4. Pleaseeeeee says:

    “Recreational and religious use will not be permitted under the Cannabis Licensing Act.”

    – who is going to stop its use in the manner asserted above? hmmm

    – In an increasing COVID-19 world of managing a pandemic, we are in danger of being unable to manage adequate food supply, but we will bring in “30 billion” on ganja growth? Which one will we eat? the ganja or the money? And how pray tell how did we come up with this figure? we pulled it out of the air, just like we pull all these ideas that we consulted no one about?

    – Hey hey hey guess what, I don’t want ganja growth in the BVI, and lets put this on the table since, it would appear that nobody is talking the matter officially, neither is most of the BVI, but people are so afraid of being targeted that a bigger outcry against the governor assenting, is not being heard. And lets be real in my considered opinion, the governor is waiting for the dissenting outcry so he doesn’t have to pass this bloody stupid law.

    – Where is the proper market place that has been on the table from since God made a rock?

    – Find another way VIP government than the board path to destruction to earn money! You do not perceive that we have enough undercover deviances (murders, trafficking, open and armature prostitution, a swingers club, cocaine distribution and sales, domestic volience, pedophila etc,etc) in the BVI to manage than to add, open weed smoking, gambling and added prostitution to the table? Because if you only see 30 million, excuse me, billion, then you are ignoring at the expense of this island nation, the vast social ills that you are letting in the front door!

    – Hard enough to keep the societal ills that come with our very thriving illegal drug trade in check, must less the legal one you are condoning.

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  5. Final says:

    assent will only be granted to that bill, the Cannabis Licensing Act, when the foriegn investor has the legal parameters and full control of that BVI industry.

    Say it again, the powers do not want, and will never allow BVIslanders or its government to control such a lucrative industry. Tis huge sums of money, greed and power at play here, nothing else. Prove us wrong.

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  6. Plantbase says:

    So does the bill include allowance for members of the public to grow or be in possession of small amounts for personal use?
    Or does the government really want to become a grower-dealer while still locking up citizens who use the same product?

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  7. Lani says:

    $30 billion? from 100 farmers? that’s extremely unlikely! i waiting to see how this will pan out.

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    • Lol says:

      each one will rake in 300 million..rofl..some funny sums there. Where do I sign up lol for some free government land to make 300 million? Rofl

  8. 30 Billion? says:

    30 Billion with a B??? Blaaaaaahhhh

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  9. Crazy says:

    To the person who wants the governor to stop the bill, do you know that the UK is the number one exporter of medical marijuana in the world. And 2 the UK will try to stop each and everything that will aid the economic success of this country, take for example all those restrictions on our financial services. They want us to fail so they can come and run things.

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  10. @Crazy says:

    You are indeed what your name suggests! The UK has bigger worries than the BVI and those restrictions on financial services you’re talking about are coming from the OECD and FATF. The UK is simply trying to comply.

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    • @Crazy2 says:

      Restrictions on financial services stem from controlling terrorism financing and tax avoidance, not running things here. If you didn’t notice, UK already runs BVI as it is UK oversees territory. Sorry to say, it sucks, and I wish local gov. was more capable, but let’s face it – it isin’t.

  11. Not good says:

    This bill was a bad idea. We are on the wrong track. Squash this bill, it is not good for us. Too much negative implications.

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  12. Old habits says:

    Old habits are hard to kill. The Governor is practising the old colonial authority of dictatorship in today’s world but doing so in a dignified manner but still end up to be the same thing…DICTATORSHIP! DICTATORSHIP! DICTATORSHIP!

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  13. 30 Billion says:

    30 Billion. Must be over 100years. Pipers dream. More like 30, 000

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  14. Belonger says:

    Can we get a little more detail as to how the figure of $ U.S 30 billion was arrived at?
    What’s the present GDP of the BVI?

  15. Message from the Throne says:

    Have you all forgotten the message from the throne which was specifically about changes related to the legalization of cannabis?

    The draft bill itself said it will go into effect when the minister says, meaning even if the governor assents depending on the minister there may be another waiting period.

  16. Message from the Throne says:

    “Recreational and religious use will not be permitted under the Cannabis Licensing Act.”

    I want to see the final amended bill as it was mentioned there may be allowances for religious use.

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  17. Old habits says:

    It’s clear you need someone to tell you what you do, you uneducated entitled belonger

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  18. Ayahuasca says:

    I totally agree with this statement “Recreational and religious use will not be permitted”.

    We should be able to use it for cooking right? like CBD salad or something. Also, is Ayuasca allowed on island?

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  19. Research says:

    First, $30BB is not going to come from this local, slapped together project. Farming is a science, and needs actual research and funding.
    Second, Government asserts it wil “give” one hundred farmers an acre each to cultivate. Huh? Give is an interesting proposition. “Give” a title to the land, or give in the way plantation owners “allowed” people to cultivate the land? Will farmers have access to an open market, or will Government take the fruits of the farmers’ labour? Who will set the price? Government? Will they be the only avenue for sales? If so, another bad deal for the farmers. If I own land, may I cultivate the herb independently? If so, will I have access to the free market economy, or may I only sell to Government, and suffer imposed pricing? Assuming Government will become overlord for the growth, production, marketing, packaging, licensing and distribution of this “medical grade” marijuana, will they be providing seed, soil improvement, water, equipment, education? Or will they simply point the way to unimproved land, say “Have at it, ” and await the multi-Billion-dollar tidal wave of income to flood our shores?
    Thirdly, has anyone done any actual research toward the environmental impact of commercial growing of marijuana? It requires far more water than most commercial farm produce. The plant takes up a whole lot of room, with relatively small net production. Fertilizer runoff needs to be controlled in the extreme to protect our fragile marine environment , with special consideration to the mangroves and coral colonies, already stressed to their limits. Soil toxicity is an issue as well, and not a trivial one. You may not be able to plant these plots with any other crop for quite some time. California is drafting legislation to restrict growing areas for this reason.
    Lastly, I have heard many disparaging comments from young local people against commercial farming as a trade or profession. Why all the interest in farming this one product? Farming is hard work. Honorable, even heroic at times. Nevertheless, necessary and a rewarding endeavor when carried out with commitment and dedication. Most small farms must grow a variety of crops to be successful. Have no illusions, agribusiness in a single-crop environment, on a small scale usually fails. Do the Research, lest it all goes up in smoke.

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    • ... says:

      Why dont you do the research instead of asking these rhetorical questions. It takes far less water than many many other crops and requires less fertilizer

      People in the states are obsessed with fertilizers and pesticides. This does not fall in line with the farming culture of this territory. Organic is the word the Caribbean farmer & consumer idealize.

      There is room for dispensaries, import and export. If you own a private dispensary who is to tell you what to price your product at but yourself & the market.

      People arent into farming because it is risky. The profits are low and the pay day is not assured. Aspiring youth want a stead income.

      One has to take into consideration the profits persons not in farming but in processing & crafting refined products will make, from toothpaste to fragrances to oils topical and edible its a huge opportunity for not only farmers but other professions as well.

      You can get the relevant licenses and buy or import then make a plethora of refined products out of it.

      Where there is no vision the people perish

  20. Banker says:

    Handling money generated from drugs or from gambling is against the rules of all banks in the BVI. Where will the money (even if it is $30 millio, not billion) go? The new legislation has been rushed and not thought through.

  21. Jahlove says:

    Conservative 30 Billion he said…lol

  22. Wow says:

    We call ourself a godly society , we had prayer warriors 24/7
    During Irma and Maria and the beginning of the Covid pandemic . Where have they gone? Why is the church
    Silent of legalizing marijuana and gambling ? Are these not sinful…..I mean gambling … Money overused or covets a multitude of sins .. what a ting !!

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