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‘Who has the guts to march on HOA?’ Prolonged curfew vexes Rosan-Jones

Outspoken resident and television talk show host, Cindy Rosan-Jones has taken to social media to incite an impromptu protest at the House of Assembly, which is scheduled to reconvene today, Friday, July 31.

Rosan-Jones is seemingly incensed that Cabinet has decided to extend the ‘midnight to 5 am’ curfew for another two weeks.

While the current midnight curfew has been in place since June 17, the territory has been under a curfew order of some kind for roughly four months now.

“Who has the balls and ballginas to march on the House of Assembly today? Today could be a day of revolutionary pushback. Who has the guts to stand and demand answers? Why are we under a curfew? Time to lift it,” Rosan-Jones said in a Facebook post that captioned images about oppression and human rights violations.

Up to press time, that post had generated more than three dozen reactions to include ‘likes’, comments, and ‘shares’; most of which seemed to be in support her sentiments.

According to the latest curfew order posted on government’s official newsletter, the gazette, published on Thursday, the answer to Rosan-Jones’ question on ‘why’ there is a still a curfew is, “for the purposes of controlling, suppressing or preventing the spread of COVID-19 and for the protection of all persons within the territory”.

Latest COVID-19 scare

Just days ago, the BVI had a COVID-19 scare in which the entire island of Jost Van Dyke was placed under lockdown. This was after government received news that an individual, who was recently visited the sister island, tested positive for COVID-19 upon departing the BVI and arriving in St Vincent.

That person had slipped under government’s proverbial radar while still the BVI, Health Minister Carvin Malone indicated.

Since that time, however, all known residents and recent visitors of Jost Van Dyke have been tested for the virus but they all returned negative results.

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Excluding the case who left the territory and tested positive in St Vincent, the BVI has recorded eight COVID-19 cases to date. All recovered except one who died from coronavirus-related symptoms.

There currently are no known active cases of the COVID-19 in the BVI.


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  1. 1st district says:

    Working our way up for another plaque from corrupt WHO and false CDC along with Bill gates puppet Dr. Fauchi. While we killing the economy and depressing ourselves

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    • The boss says:

      The bvi needs Myron Walwyn he is the man with all the common sense for this crisis. Smart, hands on we miss you MW too much nonsense.

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    • Sam the man says:

      What it worse than the stupid and uneducated rubbish you have posted is the number of people who agree with you . Looks like half BVI have no brains. Regards curfew seems odd who’d be sensible to make high risk venues to close rather than blanket curfew

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  2. consider this says:

    it is possible that there may still be an unknown case in the BVI as not all residents have been tested.

    There was a documented case in North America where a single asymptomatic individual (had covid but no symptoms) Directly infected 71 people over a 3 day period.

    So a small price to pay perhaps???

    Also it looks as the border is opening sept and everyone needs to remember nothing in the world has changed since beginning of March. There is no vaccine, no magic pill, no antidote. The only lever is trying to influence human behaviour which is very difficult at the best of times.

    BVI can’t let their guard down because it left unchecked could be a nightmare over night.

    doesn’t mean I am right just something to consider?? or not

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    • really says:

      the point is covid doesn’t start to spread at midnight. lift the curfew.

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      • P says:

        Thieves does

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      • Okay says:

        The point is you people do not know how to follow instructions. You violate people’s personal space during the day time when we are being monitored, imagine what goes on at nights in your so called clubs. I for one am glad for the curfew. Maybe Rosan will take a chill pill when she hears about the new case they just announced.

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      • Yes or No says:

        You mean bring back the 12 hours curfew and dont let nobody else in here.

    • @consider this says:

      well conside this, the BVI NOT the US has been without COVID since May13th so nobody is spreading anything in over 11 weeks, so the price has already been paid but isa not being paid in the US.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      You will be right or wrong soon enough. 14 Days.

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  3. lawman says:

    On this occasion the noisy lady has a point.

    But we have seen her organise things before, only to result in epic fails. Remember the insurance fiasco?

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  4. Smith says:

    I personally have no problem with the extended 2 weeks of curfew…this will pressure these bars and other night life businesses to close at a certain time ..and also may lower the crime rate of idled hands

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      It wont stop staff partying on JVD and pretending they were on Norman. COVID smuggling coming next courtesy of bars near you.

  5. Here here says:

    I’m with you!!!!!!

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  6. .. says:

    What is open between 12midnight to 5am?

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  7. Local says:

    Girl go sit your c***y a** down with your nonsense.

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  8. Smh says:

    Strupes, some people actually liking the new curfew less accidents, deaths and crimes.

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  9. 55 says:

    women find something better to do?why should 12PM to 5AM be a problem to you sit your d**n a** down.

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  10. Smh says:

    She’s to influence by people who actually don’t give a darn. Just look at her supports? Most of the are loud and irresponsible

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  11. Eagle eye says:

    You are right Cindy,they are so comfortable being slaves that they don’t realise when their humans rights is being violated unnecessary.

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    • themla says:

      girl go sit down andrew doing what is right which is to protect the people of the VI and thathincludes you so take your old self and go sit down and learn some good sense

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    • @ Eagle eyes says:

      Facts, 100% fact BVIslanders are very busy focusing on all the wrong thing and never thinking about what they should. One day they will be a true emancipation in this place.

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  12. themla says:

    girl go sit down andrew doing what is right which is to protect the people of the VI and thathincludes you so take your old self and go sit down and learn some good sense

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  13. lol says:

    If the folks would stop all the partying and liming without social distancing then maybe we might have no curfew…just saying

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    • Boo says:

      ..and the illegal entry

    • @Lol says:

      Yes I agree lets stop all the partying and liming. Let us all stay home and let the small food/bev/entertainment businesses close and the workers/owners cant take care of their family or contribute to the local economy. Yes lets do office work and home only and what a better place BVI will be right?

  14. Attention says:

    Some people just love attention

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  15. Be Realistic says:

    The curfew is not going to be lifted any time soon especially with the borders reopening next month.

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  16. WHY? says:

    She trying to sneak off and see she side man at 2 in the morning? What the h**l. Most people done in their houses by midnight. Next…

  17. GTFOH says:

    If the curfew is lifted and there is a sudden spurt in Covid cases Cindy will be the first to bash the government about what they did or didn’t do.

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  18. Eagle eye says:

    I bet VIP couldn’t pull this stunt close to back is a b&%$

    • 007 says:

      There are a lot of people who complained about wearing mask and the need for social distancing in the USA and karma paid them back with COVID19 and they later died. Google Herman Cain

  19. Turn up 100 says:

    The government have to put things in order to protect everyone, real talk stop the noise people let ride out the storm together things will get better people, together we stand positive vibes is what we need to stand against the negative things of the world

  20. Satanic says:

    Some are complaining because that is the time after midnight that they abuse and rape our young girls and women of their dignity. The demons are hard to get their blood by day. There are pedophiles walking among us. There are men that don’t deserve to wear a uniform. There are beastly men that are possessed with evil. And then there are those that would give up a good fight against the coronavirus to make this government fail all in the name to rise to demonic power.

  21. Well says:

    If you do not want curfew then you should not want masks and social distancing too.
    So march for those too.

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  22. Strupe says:

    Day by Day I read the arrogance and the small minded comments in these post. She has much right and anyone of us to let her voice be heard but I guess because she stood up first many are vex. You all need to look at the message and not the carrier. There are real issues that will kill you if you dont pay attention. I just saying think and stop letting the Government brainwash you’ll, there are 3 side to a story the truth, the lie and the narrative they want you to believe. Stop and think for a minute. The government keep extending the curfew. why? Rhe answer is simple the plans in place doesn’t work and they refuse to listen to voices of reason and common sense. They fully well know they dont have to means to do mass testing to ensure the place is case free and the truth of the matter no where in the world are. This only become a pandemic when people dont think and read for themselves. How many of you’ll following the stats globally on this man made cash cow called Covid 19. You will see how all the countries plot to get you with fear. The sell the death toll more than they spread the news of the number of recovered persons. Covid 19 isn’t a death sentence but to drive the money making train them feed you what they have to and make you feel there is no hope. HOPE is what give us the strength to carry on without HOPE you will settle for everything the Man tell you. Wisdom is key. A doctor from Jamaica working in New York contracted Covid-19 in seven day he recovered he told his colleagues what he used to recover basic homemade remedy. It spent 30mins as headline on the news outlets and was removed why? Because they like that the entire world has been put on edge. I dont care who created the virus but I am seeing why it was created. Some of you are too in to kissing the a*s of the Government to see what I am about to say but oh well. Look at all the Bill’s that passing these day with regards to covid 19 so call prevention measures and see if it dont help one set of people ( the government) before they fight for answers of cure to return us to a sense of normalcy they looking to make money off the backs of people they made money from over and over. Some would say the country need the money. No it need micro management of the use of the tax payer dollar. RDA is they now but how long before you think there decisions will be in the interest of the people of the territory before it becomes personal interest. I just say we are where we are because every 4 year we elect educated c***ks who use the very Bill’s and legislations pass to steal money especially in the name of country development. Now they wanna punish us with fines and penalties which will only put us in a position of uncertainty, they are people struggling and the assistance they claim to be available for the needed reaching the greedy before the needy. People wake up use your head we will never know what they know because they have influence over what we do it the reality of it we vote them in and them f**k us over. 13 voices speaking for 31k plus people. The best they can come up with is how to further oppress the people. They is a right and a wrong way of rebuilding a economy and it’s not by bouncing on people for your year of misusing government funds then coming to kill the dying with your fines and penalties. What happen to a struggling business the barely holding on and then victimized by the officers who dont like or believe they should be in business so they do and do until your newly pass bulls**t laws close them down and a next wave of layoffs happen. Think people come on. Now think about it the most prone to get the virus are those with respiratory conditions follow me on this, then your then force to where a mask as a work professional for extended periods of time breeding back in the same waste air the body give off now dont you see that its every one will eventually get this virus wearing the mask for extended time will mess with you lung which last time I check was apart of your respiratory system. It will even cause sinus infections which will lead to headaches and fever but i guess the experts never told the foolment that when them informing them as to what measures to take. All you people need to do is dont believe and wait on they medication there is proven home remedies to cure the cold/flu they created to put you in a state of panic. Covid 19 has been manipulated into a ugly race to wealth.

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  23. Really says:

    What doesn’t vex Rosen-Jones?

  24. CRJ and CSC says:

    Are not NEWS. Stick to your business. BVINews

  25. thegambler says:

    and then the governor conjures a new case out of thin air. coincidence? I think not.

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