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Who is the Commissioner of Inquiry?

The Right Honourable Sir Gary Hickinbottom.

Amid this week’s announcement that the BVI will have its first Commission of Inquiry (COI), the public has been briefly introduced to The Right Honourable Sir Gary Hickinbottom who will serve as the Commissioner of Inquiry.

Tomorrow, the public will hear from Sir Hickinbottom at a press conference hosted by Governor Augustus Jaspert.

However, BVI News has pulled together some of the accomplishments and public posts he has held throughout his legal career in the UK. These posts show that the High Court judge is well equipped to investigate the political matters that are the subject of the upcoming COI.

According to Governor Jaspert, Sir Hickinbottom “brings with him more than 45 years of judicial experience, including 20 years as a judge.”

He became a solicitor in 1981, and later became a partner at McKenna & Co (now part of CMS Cameron McKenna). He’s held some top public posts throughout his career, including Chief Social Security Commissioner and Child Support Commissioner in 2003.

Hickinbottom’s appointment as a High Court judge was announced in September 2008. He was knighted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace in February 2009.

In 2017, he was appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal and therefore, as is customary, was also made a member of the Privy Council — a position which has earned him the title, “The Right Honourable”.

Governor Jaspert has also revealed that Hickinbotton has served as a Supreme Court Judge in the Falkland Islands and worked on a number of Caribbean legal cases throughout his career.

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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    A different league from the targets he is going after.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

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    • The Nation says:

      English expat there’s no need to be afraid. He need to conduct the enquiry in public like Andrew said…the whole fact that the governor expressly requested the enquiry be done in private shows he dow NOT have VI people at heart. They gotta remember rotten or stink the VI has a God that will stand up.and fight for them…but yes time for the NDP people and their cronies to be investigated and exposed.

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      • Bystander says:

        It’s fake news to say the Governor has asked for the CoI to be in private.

        He is giving the Commissioner to ability to hold bits of it in private if the Commissioner considers he needs to. This is a normal power available to an enquiry or a to a court. It’s clearly required if one of the things he’s looking into is victimization.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        English ex pat? Guess again.

      • dumb@$$$ says:

        You think its the NDP’s activities that break the camel back and brought them here?

        It wasn’t. Look to the same Andrew you are talking about and his people and his cronies.

        But say one and you must say two.

        Its all of them fault….each government after government after government….ALLL of them did this….it was long in the coming and now it’s here.

        All of them make me sick.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s because he knows that local witnesses will be intimidated that it should not be public. People need to feel free to tell the truth .


      I haven’t vetted what’s on my mind for a long time on the affairs of my home country. Mostly because to this day I am proud of the effort our government is making with this pandemic to help our people. However, I would still observe with an eagle eye when I am not playing with my children or producing music other than work, work, work.

      This COI right here by Mr. Gus, I have to say is no surprise but I am ready to give up the UK ??. This tells me that he is leaving the BVI with a chip on his shoulder.

      You can look at it from all perspectives in human nature. Rich or poor, black or white, weak or mighty, etc.

      However you may see it, they (UK Supremacy) wants us as brothers and sisters to fight down each other so they can come in and take over. Yes, they act as if they are coming to the rescue with a super man cape. Just like they attempted to do with hurricanes Irma and Maria. Their papers in hand to sign away your past, present, and future. They take our intelligence for granted while they watch from the outside as we agree to disagree on the inside and then they come in when it seems to them that we are vulnerable saying we are on your side but more on your backside to kick you to the curve when they get what they want.

      Go tell it on the mountain over the hills and everywhere to the appointed judge who received his title from another supreme head. Never been to the BVI but placed in an esteemed position to determine who is corrupt from who is not as if they are the cleanest set of people on this earth. Mrs. Lorna Smith told Dame Margret Hodge the truth. You tube her conversation.

      Look into the history of the UK and you will see the definition of corruption. They just don’t like to see intelligent black people in authority. So do you believe that they will save us and give us our fair share? Hell no, they will come in and bring their cronies with them and you will see who will really suffer. We the people.

      Now to the sister who can’t get enough of herself and want to see the government Fail. Continue to spill your guts full of allegations to your friendly ghost. Today they are here tomorrow they disappear. I advise you to pray because our father though art in heaven is the true judge of all. Gus is asking all brothers and sisters in the civil service to become the rat and you can do it privately. No incentives because he can’t promise you anything. No he is leaving back to his land of corruption. Rat on your brothers and sisters who continue to contribute in one way or another in developing our homeland. Tell all to the judge who’s agenda is not about you but about the UK.

      Oh, so you believe that they are going to come in and fix the problem? You believe they are going to be like Jesus and say, take eat, this is my body that I give unto you, do this in the remembrance of me?

      They want a reason to come in and freeze all what your forefathers worked for so they can give it to their cronies. You think they are any different? Make the mistake and like our old folks say, “WHO DONT HEAR WILL FEEL!”

      Just look at the way they had the RDA running, who was at the head and the lucrative salary he was being paid for doing nearly nothing.

      Mr. Gus I wish you well with your future endeavors but this mischievous one is on you and will haunt your conscience for as long as you live.

      Now let’s wait and see the outcome of this commission of inquiry.

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      • olivia jansz says:

        too long , gave up reading after ten lines !

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        • Lia says:

          LOL! You should read the balance. It is good. Don’t let it be true that if you want to hide something from us, put it in a book

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        • @olivia jansz says:

          Good truths, facts and other informatin. Go back and read it all. You will be informed, hopefully.

          And no, i am not CONCERN CITIZEN.

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      • Lia says:

        That was some good reading, and there are some interesting statements, i.e. “(UK Supremacy) wants us as brothers and sisters to fight down each other”. If this is true, the UK is winning because we are “fighting down each other” alright. However, I am not sure that a COI will solve issues such as these. Only we can, and we do not seem willing or able to.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, that’s 4 minutes of my life I won’t get back.
        Too rambling, too threatening, too deluded, too small island minded and too badly written to be of consequence.

  2. Welcome Sir says:

    Let’s get started. Both you and the Governor have the public’s support.

    Time to drain the swamp.

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    • The Nation says:

      No not if it’s a UK witchhunt against Andrew and his administration but yes against the former NDP

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      • But says:

        Let’s get something straight here than should be obvious but
        Needs repeating. This inquiry is not looking into the VIP or the NDP and certainly not an attack on the BVI.
        It’s simply set up to find whether INDIVIDUALS in this country
        have committed offences.
        It is in the interests of guilty people to represent themselves as victims or try to con people into believing They are not the targets. Don’t fall for it.

    • @WELCOME SIR says:


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  3. Rubber Duck says:

    Going to be a tough team with Rankin.

    He is also pretty experienced in sorting out crooked politicians

    That’s why they have sent him

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    • Eyes wide shut says:

      Bermuda former prime Minister was a criminal if those charges are true. I dont think this Government comes close to him

      • Howei says:

        That’s what we are about to find out. I know about E. Wart Brown and so far Andrew’s response to this enquiry is closely tracking what Ewart did when he was first in the firing line.
        Interesting parallels. Just sayin’

  4. Oh Yesss... says:

    We the people welcome this.

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    • You mean says:

      we the blind, deaf, dumb, historically. inept and illiterate.

      You and all other Black Vislanders, if you are Black, don’t know that these are diliberate well thought out steps to take over these islands and economy for themselves.

      Noel and others saw the devil and fought and died to preserve the BVI lands and economy and citizens future. Were it not for him and Action Movement, we would be fourth class citizens in the BVI today.

      We would be completely segregated, and the only jobs we would have are s**t and garbage cleaners. We would’ve had no access to good jobs and good salaries. Our human, political and economic condition would be that identical to that of arparthied South Africa. Those are facts. That is their nature to treat us like that.

      Anyone Black person who thinks, if and when the UK succeeds with its take over of these islands and economy that they will be better off do not know history or the nature of the UK man and are gravely mistaken.

      If they succeed, you will be wishing you had a NDP or VIP to fight for you. You will releated to nothing, less than filth!

      That/such will be our fate if and when their attemps of take over succeed.

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  5. Andayyy says:

    Your super smooth tongue is not going to help you.
    So save it Mr. Smooth Operator. #notsosmooth

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  6. As for Me says:

    I prefer the UK to take us over than the VIP to take us under……

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    • really says:

      this has to be a UK citizen or expatriate blogging this… no BVI Patriot would speak such folly!

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      • So says:

        Why would that even be a concern now? There are bigger things to concern yourself about.

        • Our BVI says:

          It is a concern because they are one here blogging nonsense trying to making it seem as though these are the wishes of the Patriotic people of the BVI.

          And we people of the BVI will not stand by and let these UK and expatriate bloggers , pretending to be BVI patriots, put forth a concept that “we prefer the UK to take us over”

          No proud BVI patriot would make such blasphemous comments.

          ……UK to take us over overcome in at ake overperception come forward as

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          • zazzie says:

            I have no idea what your last sentence means. I assume it’s more weird stuff. Thanks for trying though.
            We have had years of this plastic BVI nationalism and it’s time it was called out for the crock it is. It is not in our nation’s interest to continue with the stain of corruption over our heads. We need to be men and stand up for good open government.

      • Speak such folly? says:

        Seriously? Who local writes “speak such folly” ?
        You an imposter from the history books.

  7. Bated Breath says:

    As the Inquiry unfolds we the people will be watching. We welcome this…. For too long these elected officials have been raping the treasury and misusing our finances.

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  8. No Nonsense says:

    He looks serious boy. I am not an elected official neither am I a crony that has benefitted from corrupted governance, but I frighten….. I will just answer every question he asks.

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  9. PRISON says:

    People going prison soon

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    • @Prison says:


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  10. Smoke says:

    I want them to look into the Speaker’s case that had Mark in court.

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  11. Derval Fletcher says:

    This man is real tool.

  12. Lol says:

    Lots of wishful thinking going on here. He won’t find no one thing . VIP been fair and honest. The negative blogs are those who didn’t get their way. Bunch of bitter folks??

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  13. QUICK SURVEY says:


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  14. Who they trying to fool? says:

    Please tell me how a judge hand picked by the governor who is from the UK, a place that is painting the BVI as a corrupt territory in all their news papers and sites , can be un-biased in this investigation?

    My suggestion, The government and the governor sit down and both agree upon a judge not from the BVI or the UK to do the investigation.

    That is the only way this investigation will be a un biased one.

    The governor is saying the whole BVI is corrupt. And then he chooses a judge and brings him here to investigate the corruption he says is here, tell me how that investigation can ever be fair?

    Are we the people of the BVI blind? I don’t know if he thinks the BVI is foolish. We ain’t that stupid.

    This is a calculated orchestrated witch hunt. That already has set outcome regardless of the findings… And that outcome is that the BVI no NDP not VIP but the BVI is corrupt.

    So since it is corrupt we the UK needs to step in and take control.

    Straight BS! Not on our watch

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  15. PT9 says:

    The governor is not saying the whole BVI is corrupt, they are not going after the whole BVI they are going after a few corrupt people in government and this should have done a long time ago from the old VIP government to the present VIP.
    I have never seen a Premier like Andrew Fahie who always fighting with the UK he thinks that he can bully everybody he doesn’t know when to shut up. I see this shut him up for at least half a day.
    People the UK is our mother country in pass governments the government s have had talks with the UK on different matters and were able to come to some kind of understanding but not with this Andrew Fahie government he is always ready to fight with the UK. I think it’s time the UK takes over the BVI until the next election.

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  16. Never Forget says:

    I will never forget how this started – how simultaneous with the Governor’s broadcast the British newspapers were already equipped to drop press releases. If this is a true inquiry why that level of media arrangement by the Governor. If this is an inquiry with allegations and no facts known yet why behave this way in the overseas press.

    The people of the BVI will not forget how you put the BVI on blast from the beginning without the inquiry having started.

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  17. It says:

    has become obviously clear that most or many of the commenters on this comment section of this news site are white and british.

    And judging from their satements and thumbs up, down history, they are also very anti Black and BVIslander to the point of hateful.

    Of course they will deny such truths with more thumbs down, but will never spend a minute with a Black man, woman, child, or even visit a local bar and conversate with a Black person.

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    • A Thought. Off topic says:

      There are Black local BVIslanders/Tolians/VGans who are into their 60 and even below, who live on Virgin Gorda, Tortola and Jost Van Dyke, who have never been to Anegada. That is stoned cold pathetic.

      Likewise the all or the majority of white people living here on Tola and VG have never interacted with the local Black population on a human level, except for on the job contact maybe.

      But, many of them are on here daily showing their false supremacy ideas and habits displaying their hatred for Black people.

      Sad stae of humanity indeed.

      All three exclamations are bad.

  18. tips says:

    Gov Gus, tell who comin to check who winning the contractses. Look for conflict of intrest. It rotten till it stink. Of course you going win when you woman have key to the infermation.

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  19. Ho ho ha ha says:

    These officials dont even realize that it is the Queen,her Heirs,and her Sucessors(not the people of this country) that they swore allegience too.
    This Commission of inquirry that we are expecting to take place goes all the way back to the begining of construction of the Hospital when the thousands of Barge loads of dirt had to be sailed down to west end. It couldn’t be driven in the trucks.. whose loaders(excavators ,whose trucks and whose Barge.. also remember dirt were taken and driven all the way from Hawk’s nest to Carrot bay and the roads are still usable. All the happenings coming up again.

  20. 007 says:

    Smart people can see that this is much more than it appears. During the “biggest drug bust” UK news sites had pictures of the Drug site while local news were left in the dark. The UK has made it their agenda in crushing BVI financial services while they are currently in charge of the BVI. What sensible explanation can they have for wanting to eradicate 50% of our economy. How does that help us and do the UK plan to give us financial support if we lose our main economic pillar? The same UK abandoned the BVI and cut off financial support and said we were only good to be a bird sanctuary but without their help and the blessings of the almighty we became a place where people from all over the Caribbean, Europe, US and Asia come to work and live and we have been prosperous for many years.

  21. wake up BVI says:

    Wake up my people they are not for us but for themselves. Why did the wait till now to do this? why didn’t this come up years ago. The UK cant even handle there own affairs. Their own prince leave then because of what they are doing, all it took was one American woman. We are the ones feeding ourselves.

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