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Who monitors the monitors? BVI needs Independent Election Commission

Supervisor of Elections, Juliette Penn

The team of independent officials who the governor invited to the BVI to observe the 2019 General Elections has expressed concern that the Office of the Supervisor of Elections has virtually limitless latitude to operate without any organisation in place to monitor those operations.

On that note, election observers reiterated the need for the BVI to have an independent monitoring commission.

“There remains a perceived lack of democratic accountability and oversight of the Elections Office in the form of an independent Election Commission,” a preliminary report on the recently-held elections said.

While further noting that it had recommended an election commission after their observation of the BVI’s 2015 General Election, the observers said concerns about a lack of democratic accountability were raised by stakeholders they interviewed during this year’s elections.

These stakeholders include election candidates.

“Stakeholders expressed concern over the absence of adequate checks and balances in the running of the election, noting particular apprehension over the perceived arbitrary way decisions are made and the lack of a clear complaints and appeals process,” the report said.

Notwithstanding the concerns, observers offered commendations to the office for, as they describe it, “delivering an election at very short notice and implementing legislative amendments to the election law that were enacted less than a month prior to the election”.

“The Elections Office, comprised of mainly new staff, should also be praised for its professionalism and capabilities in its voter registration drive, competently rolling out new voter technology and an attempt to issue voter identification cards,” observers said.

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  1. No nonsense says:

    It’s time to pass the baton on and the supervisor of elections retire forthwith

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  2. Please says:

    JP needs to go. When NDP loses her attitude after elections is so stink. And it is alleged that too many wrong things goes on during the process leading up to the election.

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  3. conflict of interest says:

    dah woman dangerous as long as dah nephew on the card

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  4. shame shame says:

    Some people are privileged to register in the 8th district while others are denied

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  5. Truth says:

    God bless the VIP win if not you all would of scandal Ms.P name so bad.

    But I hope you all know that what goes around comes around. The hatred of people in the VI is terrible.

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    • REAL says:

      I agree with you people are very hateful I have seen a man in a church on the choir past over a sibling all I say god help us. I turn to a member and say we have to do better the person said he think himself better than the others he even throw something at the sibling like a dog. It is really sad when our hearts are like stone when we are better off than others. They will bring down each other for power and money. If we live more loving the world will be a better place for all of us. So as we have a new government let us pray for them to do the right thing.

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  6. Real says:

    I have come to realise that V—O is the most dishonest newsite. I posted a comment below

    What we will expect from this newsite for the next fours years is the gospel truth. Thank the Lord for BVI News and Plantium for the truth.

    You know they cut out the statements of BVI News and Plantium and just keep the statements for the gospel truth for the next four years.

  7. Farce says:

    So then the question is who observes the Observers? How “independent” are the team of independent officials who were invited by the Governor who represents the UK Government that wants to take control of our democracy? Their assertions are hypocritical and pious. What makes them an authority in fair and just elections when they won’t even give rights to the Windrush Generation??? ijs

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  8. Truest headline ever says:

    I try not to be swayed by headlines, but this one is point on. A lot of mess went on when people were trying to register, and had harder time for 8th District if you wanted to move. Youall see how the leak for the voting that went on last Thursday was true for up east

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  9. Who? says:

    And who monitors the monitors who monitors the monitors?

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  10. Brad Boynes says:

    Nick Fri once sang man terrible and Woman bad. Just sayin.

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    • @BB says:

      Yes we are “BAD A***S”. We outshine men in the work place… You want something talked about ask a want it done put a women to lead it.

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    • Of course says:

      You are not saying any thing bad, yeah women are baddddd. I take it as a complement. A woman will always be smarter than a man.

  11. Last name says:

    Her lastname won …

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Who is monitoring the UK spies?

    They are deliberately destablelizing our nation little by little so they can create a list of pretextes to invade and take over our little nation so as to reap our financial resources. The same old greed motivation as that triggered their entry into the human servitude trade for profit.

    One cannot help but wonder if they did not had an overt hand in electing a party with some individuals with a past and present corrupt inclinations.

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  13. SAD says:

    So I guess she was unfair for the registration of district 5. I guess their is no comments because VIP one.

    Wow the country is divided and I blame all the campaign parties.

    It is very difficult to get this country back. This election were more about character assignation scandalizing candidates name about theifing, who in relationship who getting locked up, who under investigation.

    I am ashamed to be a BVI Islander.

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  14. Yassssss says:

    @BB, yes girl yes. It always takes a woman to get things done and lead. Men is to busy with the ego S**t.

  15. Jerry says:

    This is a common issue and has been for centuries. The Roman poet Juvenal in 100 AD wrote, “Who will guard the guards themselves?”

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