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Who will fix our electric cars and green energy equipment?


Labour Minister, Vincent Wheatley, has expressed concern at the absence of a local labour force to meet the needs of green jobs that are on the horizon for the BVI.

He said the existing reality is that climate change is going to cause a paradigm shift.

“As we go towards a zero-carbon emission, it means more electric cars, it means more solar, it means alternative energy. These things don’t currently exist in any large amounts here,” the Labour Minister said recently.

“Let’s say the BVI is full of 2,000 solar electric cars. Who is going to fix those cars?” Minister Wheatley asked.

He said training persons for these types of jobs must be contemplated now, so when the situation occurs, the BVI would already have trained personnel to repair electric vehicles.

According to the minister, this training would not only be for vehicles but for a wide spectrum of other ‘green energy’ items such as solar panels.

“When you got our government buildings and they’re all solar panels, when things go wrong, who is going to fix them? Are you going to import persons to fix these things or are you going to train our people in these new technologies?” Minister Wheatley questioned.

He said all of this is in addition to some technologies that haven’t been developed yet but will need to be developed to help combat climate change.

“So we must all be looking ahead as to what are the skill gaps that exist now and those that are going to come later on and get our people prepared. That’s why we have the Labour-Education Connect, to examine exactly where we are heading and how best to prepare for when we get there,” the minister added.


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  1. heckler says:

    Instead of the VIP putting money in the scholarship funds they prefer spend it on useless consultants and bodyguards

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    • Real Simple says:

      Or on the schools. Where we going with the peppercorns they throwing at education?

    • Worried? says:

      You worried Wheatley who is gonna fix your electric car? Electric car is more reliable than you. You need fixing. How you powering your electric car? Oh, I know. You barge in diesel fuel to power the electric plant to charge your electric car. The only thing needs fixing are the mo**n politicians. Get the priorities straight first. Create the method of green electric. Solar and wind. Worry about fixing your car after you fix the real issue.

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    • this is the guy says:

      with 60% of his district less than 6ft above sea level, who went to COP and said nothing about sea level rise.

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  2. Cookie Jar says:

    What came first, chicken or the egg?
    All i know is our streets full of chickens!
    Don’t you worry about who going to fix private enterprise will fill that void when the business demands it, as for solar panel technicians, i met a young man on the weekend who did the solar training program and is now a trainee with Customs.. he said the business is not there and wont be there until BVI EC offer at least 10c on the dollar for power put into the grid…. smart young man.

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  3. Radio Rich says:

    He quotes “As we go towards a zero-carbon emission”

    All the while pockwood pond burns.

    These people infuriate me and I don’t even live there anymore!!!

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    • Tru dat says:

      The politicians have bought into UN NWO 2030 agenda hill line and sinker with UN dangling very little bait. They think they will get assistance freeing themselves from the mother country but will find all of us under the thumb of the global elite and the WEF dystopian plans for humanity… while there is an “unexpected “ increase in Antarctica’s sea ice to name just one thing of several that calls their climate models into question. Look into the changes in earth’s magnetic field and changes in the sun and our orbit. No amount of carbon tax and suppression of human activity is going to reverse these natural cyclic changes happening. Time to wake up.

  4. LOL says:

    NOBODY, because work permits for qualified persons are taking 3-6 months to process!!

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  5. SMH says:

    If the word ‘CLUELESS’ was represented by an acronym, it would be ‘V.I.P.’……

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  6. Cookie Jar says:

    Just give the contract to p**sy!

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  7. As we go towards a zero-carbon emission says:

    Wheatley is a s*k individual.

    They are burning waste which causes following cancers. What are three cancers caused by dioxin?

    Respiratory cancers (lung, bronchus, trachea, larynx) Prostate cancer. Multiple myeloma. Bladder cancer.

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  8. Lodger says:

    Solar powered cars he says? Surely some mistake?

  9. Common sense says:

    Once the UK resolves the discriminative Belonger issue the problem will resolve itself, qualified practitioners, and, investors will come to the BVI “without” the current restraints that are currently preventing such progress. Let’s await the outcome of the COI.

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    • @CS says:

      You continue to wait. The UK will never make any recommendations that would put our people at a disadvantage. Training is more likely….

  10. Musa says:

    I fully agreed with what you say honourable leader because only under 9 million in the budget for education, with that finance soon we will see donkey cart on the street

  11. Lucky says:

    If you government ministers were interested in the youths of this country you will see that there are lots of youths that are capable of doing a lot of useful things in the is country, instead you all over look them and put the money where you can get a kickback in your pockets. Shame on you Vincent to ask that.
    A simple Bush cutting jobs on by, there are so many youths that can get in groups and cut the roadside to collect a dollar to help their parents, instead people who are already established and have jobs are the ones who get the petty jobs. What about the youths. They are struggling and being overlooked. They are the future of this country and the government ministers are pushing them in the wrong direction when it comes to helping them.positive leadership is lacking. Too many people in this country who feel they are bigger than others with a few dollars look down on the less fortunate and that is not BVI LOVE.

  12. My lil 2 cents says:

    Sir we can barely afford to pay our electricity bills, please tell me how we are going to afford the added cost of charging an electric car.

    We are paying for our electrical consumption plus the same amount or more for the fuel used to produce what electricity we use. So unless these cars will be solar or wind powered, we can’t afford them.

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