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Willock appalled! Says Najan Christopher only wrote a letter


Former Speaker of the House of Assembly Julian Willock expressed that he was appalled at the arrest of Najan Christopher last year.

Christopher, the former Director of the International Affairs Secretariat in the Premier’s Office, was arrested and charged in October 2022 for Breach of Trust and False Assumption of Authority. Her arrest came some five months after being branded by Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley as a “rogue” public officer.

It was a moniker she received for allegedly sending a missive on behalf of former Premier Andrew Fahie, seeking his ‘immediate and unconditional release’ from detention in the US on drug smuggling and money laundering charges.

“Something like that could have been dealt with internally, through the Public Service Commission. I’m so appalled,” Willock said on the Zulu 360 show on Tola Radio recently. 

Willock, who has himself been embroiled in controversy over the past few weeks, admitted recently to being arrested on suspicion of human trafficking but said he was released without any charges. 

The embattled former Speaker noted, however, that investigators kept all of his electronic devices and travel documents following his interrogation, but did not suggest any reason for the seizure.

“[Christopher] wrote a letter simply saying that the former Premier was head of government at the time and diplomatic immunity should be considered. She’s [now] before the courts, off her job, charged with Breach of [Trust], got to lawyer up. How can that be right? How can that be justice?” Willock questioned.

The former Speaker described the treatment meted out to himself and Christopher as harassment and part of a wider vendetta of political retribution. 

According to Willock, the plot being instigated was also to convince people that locals are incapable of running the country on their own.

“None of us are good, we’re all bad, we’re all corrupt, we all do illegal things, we all got our wealth through illegal activities – and here are they, holy, and only them can save us,” Willock protested while arguing that this notion should be rejected. 



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  1. Don’t worry says:

    The DPP does not seem able to competently prosecute anybody – the concern would only arise if she was fired and a competent DPP was to be appointed.

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  2. Hmm says:

    One of the biggest problems with BVI is even when we determine for sure that something not right with the numbers or somebody do something that that shouldn’t have or procedure was blatantly disregarded nothing comes of it. Mr Willock seems to want things to stay the same he want everything dealt with internal and hush hush…It’s either she is guilty of what they have charged her with or she is not… I don’t see nobody making the argument that she is innocent and was within her right to do what she did.

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  3. ccc says:

    love him or hate him he is right again and he has my vote!

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    why are you surprise Willock? both of you are anti-colonialism, so that is what you get for your positions.

    Go reach your history brother

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  5. Rubber Duck says:

    Why are you surprised? Willock? Both of you are anti-colonialism, so that is what you get for your positions.

    Go reach your history brother

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  6. Facts says:

    He is right. The Governor and Commissioner are abusing their powers to instill fear in the public servants and all residents of the BVI so they can take over for their UK Officials over them to put us in bondage and make life for us in the BVI worse than ever but trying to convince us otherwise. Wake up BVI.

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  7. LB says:

    I am applaud at what the white police are trying to do to you esteemed, plus Myron, Lorna, Kelvin and Ms stoutt

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  8. Cisco says:

    And this is exactly what is wrong with the BVI, when we justify wrong for right and right for wrong.

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  9. Styles. says:

    She only wrote a letter.

    He only wanted to pick up some cash.

    He only built a wall.

    He only overcharged for a Pier Park.

    She only flew to Miami with him.

    He only hired some barges.

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  10. Jokes says:

    No wonder his buddy didn’t mind allegedly forging a reference letter because it is just a letter, no big deal. Honestly you cannot make this s**t up! Only a letter? SMFH!!!

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  11. Only wrote a letter says:

    To a little foreign country called USA with false claims about the diplomatic status on the premier..

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  12. He should be appalled says:

    that this lady put in writing that the disgraced premier was a head of state. Fortunately the well educated US judge at the hearing recognized the the accused was the head of a mere colony. At the time of this hearing in mid 2022 the only head of state in the UK system of government was Queen Elizabeth.

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  13. Rubber Duck says:

    Very flattering that Willock wants to be me. But you need to learn better English Jules.

    Meanwhile Willocks answer to charges that he obtained visa waivers was that “ he obtained a few for friends “. He apparently sees nothing wrong with that.

    So thats alright then.

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  14. @styles says:

    Once commissioner Hickinbottom say you’re guilty then you are guilty. This is the way of the new BVI. No need for proof.

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  15. The watchdog says:

    The uk bloggers are out again but jw we got you justice will prevail

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  16. HEY WIGLOX aks ,CCC says:

    you keep trying trying to create more DRAMA by blogging under different name and you don’t think the done know it’s you , boy you really enjoy fooling yourself ? ? aks ( faCts ?

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  17. To don't worry says:

    Enough of you UK bloggers. We are up to your schemes. The DPP is doing a good job.

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  18. CNN says:

    Lol they just love the esteemed on this site that’s why he going be the next premier by the way can the real rubber duck come forward?

    Seems like it got three different ones

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  19. @HEY WIGLOX aks ,CCC says:

    Thanks for admitting what you paid UK bloggers and BVI haters do especially on this site.

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  20. Hose says:

    Like Skelton cline this chap seem to crave attention even when they have nothing meaningful to offer. This need for attention is what they call histrionic personality disorder (HPD).
    Mate, help is available.

  21. Zoe says:

    We love to hear from the bvi prince Julian willock any day he is one of we

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  22. WHAT ? says:

    This is not a black/white issue, this is an issue of breaking the law or not. If your behavior is criminal, you accept the risks that accompany that behavior … period

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  23. LoL says:

    why they think Julian need to blog and he has his own news site..chupps set of haters jealous of we bouy

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  24. Who Cares? says:

    Who cares what Willock thinks? What makes his opinion valuable enough for an entire news article?
    Why are we giving this guy more airtime?
    We all know where he is coming from…can we just leave it alone and stop reporting on his every word and opinion?

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  25. Crazy Joe says:

    Show your support for Willock by sending him some V***line.

    He is going to need it up at Balo.

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  26. Oh says:

    “None of us are good, we’re all bad, we’re all corrupt, we all do illegal things, we all got our wealth through illegal activities”

    Wow, finally, an honest politician.

  27. @ who cares says:

    Willock when he speaks the world takes notes you can’t get away from that

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  28. She BROKE THE LAW says:

    If someone breaks the law, they should be arrested, prosecuted and tried. Period.

    There is no gray area here; government letterhead was purloined and used to illegally request diplomatic immunity from a foreign government by a person with zero authority to do so. That is not ‘overstepping’, she broke the PUBLIC trust of every VI Citizen.

    What the heck kind of a lawyer is Willock that he doesn’t know this?

  29. Never forget... says:

    Never forget, especially as the election cycle warms up in the next few months… The esteemed one has a vested interest in the old, pre CoI method of government. Graft and corruption – it is how the system works and the esteemed one champions it.

  30. 4th District member says:

    Please don’t forget that the member for the 4th district only wrote a simple letter.

  31. Same guys at it says:

    There are 2 guys that post defending
    Willock. They get voted down by huge
    numbers even when they post on Vino.

  32. Me says:

    I asking who paid this boi bill with the Mark issue.Up to now not a peep as to who did.Mytsx money was not tp used for such

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  33. Bvibuzz says:

    They just cannot keep me willock down that’s why the people admire and love him

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  34. 1st district original says:

    And this is the same man who still commenting about the Big Wood area in the UK. He forget that we have John’s Hole dealing with in the BVI, ha,ha. He should put both of them together and finally STFUP!

  35. The VINO editor says:

    Soon we will see him write an article in VINO because that’s where he likes to vent his frustration and then calls this site is controversial, blah blah, blah, we can see right through you!:)

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