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Willock appointed Speaker of HoA


Media owner Julian Willock has been appointed as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

He was elected as Speaker inside the Multi-purpose Sports Complex in Road Town where the First Sitting of the First Session of the Fourth House of Assembly is currently being held.

He was elected after being nominated by Premier Andrew Fahie.

“I pledge that my tenure as Speaker will be fair, non-partisan, and objective … The dignity of the House should not be compromised,” Willock said in an address after his election.

Willock served briefly as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communications & Works.

In the meantime, At-Large representative Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith has been appointed as Deputy Speaker.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Big mistake!!!! Remember i said this.

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    • Hmmm says:

      I agree with you 110%. As for the 4th? That’s now up for grabs. NDP persons who voted for VIP are not going to stand for this!!!!!

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      • Good!!!!!! says:

        LOL, the ones who were for NDP and slither over and give VIP the votes, good for your behinds. The bubbly went flat. Bet you all feel like hangover S**t today.

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        • @Good says:

          Do you people realize this is not about party? The ones who claim to be so smart really have to be sitting on their brains and don’t know their head from their behind.

          To wish bad for our government is wishing failure for our country.

          Watch what you think and speak.

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        • Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear says:

          It seems as though a deal was done with the Esteemed that if he kept quiet during the election campaign so that he did not provide a reason for voters not to elect the VIP, then he would get the speaker job. It is difficult to imagine a less suitable person – and his blog already has a gushing interview with himself.
          I had hoped that Andrew Fahie had sidelined the Esteemed and the Overspend – I am now nervous as to what job is going to be given to the Overspend.
          Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

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          • yes says:

            Esteemed to be g– is to be Esteeme. i think The Fahie was a man of God .Julian is g– he wanted me bad

      • Lol says:

        But, is where he find those clothes lolol?

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    • Bossman says:

      Yep! And so the cronyism begins…

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    • X says:

      Not even the dead could make I put the esteem the speaker. Should be interesting when debating same-sex legislation. Might be the best session ever.

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    • well well says:

      well now it`s not the controversial minister, but the controversial speaker

  2. Ausar says:

    Now, we shall see, whether his pronouncements about non-partisan antics, play out in the dispensation of news on HIS online news source!

    We shall also see, what this online news source reveals about his fairness or lack thereof, to the “boys and girls” of the House!

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  3. SMH says:

    Cant be any worse than the previous speaker who was very partisan.

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  4. SMH says:

    Hmmm…not to sure bout this guy! Anyway(off subject) he looks like Former USVI Governor Mapp. Not a good omen!

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  5. BVI says:

    Lord have mercy on us what a disaster.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    If he worse than the last speaker we’ll need divine intervention.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Willock, imo, has not been fair, non-partisan or objective in all his years @ V–O. He is personally agenda driven.

    How can he all of sudden become a person who will be “fair, non-partisan, and objective” in the House of Assembly?

    Try posting a comment to his news site that does not align with his agenda, and see what happens? It never get posted because they are not in the business of allowing contrary views, just theirs.

    It is left to be seen if he can. I think it is highly doubtful he can be an unbiased speaker of the house. His track record speaks for itself.

    I think the VIP erred in appointing him.

    The speaker of the house should be impartial. I just do not see Mr. Willock being cable of being that person given his track record at V–O.

    VIP should have chosen someone else. Not someone like Mr. Willock who symbolizes the op—— of what the speaker of the house should be.

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    • Blah says:

      While it still remains to be seen about what history says about Willock as Speaker of the house there wasn’t much fuss from the other side when the previous speaker was a coworker of one of NDP’s minister. The speaker was on the early list of candidates to run as a member of NDP. The same speaker frequently showed bias in the views of many people. Some people only find their moral compass when the shoes are on the other foot.

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    • Busy Bee says:

      Too True!
      On his own yellow journalism website, I’ve tried calling attention to the Esteemed One’s cr——— tendencies and his complete lack of respect for the l– every time the Esteemed One gushed lovingly about himself and his desire to stand in the election. Often I mentioned that if the VIP was going to open its doors to convicted criminals, it certainly would make Mr. Est—–, his character, and therefore the overall character of the entire VIP the target of every NDP candidate.
      Never once were my comments published.

      Now we have the Fox in charge of the Hen House. You can’t make up this kind of comedy, it has to be real!

  8. Big Congrats! says:

    Congrats! A wig would’ve looked real nice on him though.?

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  9. Wow says:

    I am sure they could have picked someone better SMH. Let me pray cause trust me,we’ll need it

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    • Anonymous says:

      A speaker is basically only a referee for the HOA. Someone that can at least try to be impartial. So far Willock has let both government and opposition know that they should not go over the allotted time so he start off the right way so far.

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      • @ ANONYMOUS says:

        THANK YOU.

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      • @Anonymous says:

        I clicked dislike in error.

        You summed it up perfectly.

        Doesn’t seem like some listened to a word of Willock’s affirmation to the HOA. If Hon. Premier Fahie or any of us for that matter had to follow the opinions of know-it-alls, we’d be like a fowl without its head.

        Naysayers repeat after me: I am just 1 of thousands of voters and can’t set out on a mission to force my opinion on others.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this the same man that was or still is being investigated for employing employees without work permits? THE SAME MAN WHO IS A VIP, THE SAME MAN WHO BEEN DISCRIMNATING NDP MEMBERS?? And you have him as the speaker? Like it or not there will be favoritism, and bias behavior towards members of the opposition . Don’t believe me just watch .. Wow, I guess Andrew know why he wants him there. I’m sorry but as your first big decision as premier , this is what you did? This is very questionable …

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    • Busy Bee says:

      Mr. Esteemed was fired by the Governor from his job a a Permanent Secretary, a good job to have, because he hid his ownership of his esteemed yellow journalism website, in violation of the Civil Service rules.
      It was after that that he was caught in violation of pretty much all the work permit laws.
      Respect for the rule of law – NOT.

  11. 1st District says:

    Andrew nooooooooo! Big mistake!

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  12. son of the soil says:

    Willock is one ah we. He is not a cashew without a nut

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  13. baldheaded says:

    Madam speaker?

  14. Really!!!!! says:

    Why him Andrew? This man character s—ks. He treats people like sh-t under his shoes.This is a complete mistake, hope you are ready to deal with a fire back when you least expect it. wish you best of luck with this s— bag.

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  15. breaking news says:


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  16. Tell me I'm dreaming says:

    Slap me out my sleep.

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  17. Hooray says:

    Now he will keep his R@$$ off the blogs

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  18. Fats says:

    He said “my tenure as Speaker will be fair, non-partisan, and objective”.

    He better stop using words that he don’t know the meaning of, in his real world.
    He is so t— skin. And s——–ful. Well at least he can’t say he did not get plenty chances around here

  19. 2 Grand says:

    The esteemed one in the house mehson who dont like it bite it. He knows what is required of him and conducting the affairs of the house will be paramount. Time will tell let the process take its course.

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  20. The General says:


  21. Just asking says:

    Isn’t he one of you all isn’t he a bvi islander well isn’t the former speaker and Mr Walwyn owns Orion Law firm so enlighten me everything the New Government does is a problem to you guys he’s from here too so what’s the big deal

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  22. Raw says:

    For god sake Andrew Fahie!!!! Why why why. Surely there was others with less drama.

    You go live to regret the disgrace .

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  23. Lardy says:

    Mapp on the loose in the HOA in the BVI.. Jokes!!

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  24. Help us says:

    Oh boy this man sure got fat since I saw him last.

    My mother told me never to trust an o—- man. A sign of gluteny, g—-d and no self-c—.

    He and AF are two peas in a pod

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  25. Hello says:

    Premiere Fahie, premiere Fahie you’d being doing so well up unto this point. With this appointment you’ve stained your record. Anyone in this appointed is called upon to be impartial. How could he be as an avowed member of the so called “lucky 13?”

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  26. BuzzBvi says:

    And now the reason for secrecy is revealed. Conflict of interest is pretty obvious. Past Ministerial disgrace and he is still a candidate for this? Let alone appointed. Old cronies out and new cronies in is not doing Government business in a different way. The same with different people is not different. What a shame when the talk was going so well. Say this and do that just like the last 8 years?

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  27. A lot says:

    Of all you dutty minded bad bad.

  28. No says:

    Wilock Andrew you will regret this move he is not to be trusted

  29. Perky40 Jam. says:

    Now the entire BVI will be literally F#c#ed up the #ss.

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  30. Lodger says:

    I suppose its better to keep your rottweiler in the house, rather than letting it run loose.

  31. Wow says:

    Same man didn’t want to show up for a court hearing some yrs ago..hope power doesn’t get to his head.

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  32. #@@ says:

    What is wrong with u people. Everyone of us deserve a second change. We all in our pass have done something wrong and asked God to forgive us. We have learned from our mistakes. A few weeks ago some of us was even willing to put back in the pass government who took Soooo much of our tax money for themselves. I don’t know this man, but he cannot be any worst than what I have seen of the last speaker. I have heard him on the Radio (news) many times. I believe he means what he says. Second chance? YES. Let’s move on. Best of luck to Mr. Willock.

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  33. Dah says:

    Big mistake ….thats tge worse choice….

  34. well well says:

    Andrew you really gone mad me goin live to regret this ….have some sense man…of all the people on your list…Come on..

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  35. Frett says:

    Reading all these blogs say the country don’t think highly of Julian Willock. I guess this the change and renewal the VIP sold.

    A lot of things wrong with this appointment. Shows you don’t need to be g—- to be rewarded. Just be a national dis——!

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    • :) says:

      You cant base anything on these blogs lately until NDP supporters finally realize that the election is over. So much pessimism and anger for every article. If the Government really do something that is worthy of scrutiny they will get an aneurysm.

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      • @:) says:

        The blogers are right this time. An unr——–able person in a respectable house. People angry because of this man d———s.

        God couldn’t tell the vip to slap the country in the face.

        Sin at the heart of the democracy. What is this lord

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        • :) says:

          We had doctors and lawyers in the last HOA and in 2019 we dont have a library. The speaker of the House does not make any decisions on behalf of the government. The only people we have to worry about is the 13 elected members of government.

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        • Pat says:

          He will do a great job it’s top rated choice

  36. hmmm says:

    I can’t for some reason be happy about this pick of Mr. Willock, I think its a bad decision on the Premier’s part, though i think he choose with good intentions. As a Praying man did he seek the Lord in prayer before making this nomination and then appointing.
    Thinking of this I can see Mrs Luce Hodge smith as speaker.

    But the decision was made and I hope Mr. Willock does his job with humility and fairness.

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    • District 3 says:

      Not she mehson. Let she stay on the loose. Servants without vengeance need now. Bad choice for Willock. Very very bad.

  37. F***e PackR says:

    They traded one f***y **n for another LOL . What a thing SMH

  38. Rabit says:

    NDP error no. 1 / Controversial Mark Vanterpool run for office win then quit VIP error no. 1 /Controversial Julian Willock apointed Speaker. Good entertainment hahhahhahaaaa. Cause that all it it!!! The dam government no serious!!!! Ok calm down whooosaaaa hahahahahahhaaaa back on meds. Mfers!!!!!

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  39. Cardinal George Pell says:

    God is coming. He sees enough.

  40. @Busy Bee says:

    The same governor allowed convicted expat drug smugglers and gun convicts to remain in the Virgin Islands. Talk bring talk. Talk that.

    • Busy Bee says:

      The esteemed one doesn’t dwell in the land of truth and honesty. If he had any honour whatsoever, Mr. Esteem would have disqualified himself, but the esteemed ego got in the way.

  41. hmmmm says:

    Thee boy have poor character. Did he break the law more than once and he go prison. He the same one treat other underneath he. The law no protect nothing.

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  42. Virgin islands n onlin says:

    Only CONGRATS are allowed in the other news source , Not our COMPLAINTS about this ! Thank goodness for Bvi news were there’s freedom of opinions and COMMENTS !

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  43. SHADY says:

    This move says alot about Andrew’s SHADY side , he sure fooled everyone .MORE surprises to come .

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