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Willock charged with forgery, misusing office

Former House Speaker, Julian Willock. Photo courtesy Government of the VI

Former House Speaker Julian Willock was arrested and charged with multiple criminal offences today, July 4, 2024, as confirmed by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

The charges stem from two separate investigations involving allegations of visa waiver misconduct and document forgery dating between 2018 and 2022. According to the RVIPF, the first investigation relates to the issuance of visa waivers, while the second concerns a forged document that was presented to the BVI Immigration Department in 2022.

Willock, 56, a resident of Sea Cows Bay, faces several charges, including one count of a public official using his office for gratification.

He is also charged with conspiracy to provide false information to a public servant and to utter a forged document.

Following the charges, Willock was granted bail at $50,000, with a scheduled appearance at the Magistrate’s Court on September 12.

The RVIPF said his arrest followed an extensive 18-month investigation by the COI Police Investigation Team. Given the sub-judice status of the matter, the RVIPF has stated it will make no further comments at this stage.

Willock was previously arrested in January 2022 on what he described as trumped-up charges at the time.

The former Speaker said at the time that he was questioned by six ‘Caucasian United Kingdom (UK) officers’ and sent on his way without any charges. “They claimed I was being investigated on suspicion of Human Trafficking, because of some VISA waivers I had obtained over the years,” Willock disclosed.



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  1. Now we know says:

    Why the DPP will have no new staff or increased budget, we wouldn’t want successful prosecutions when all our politicians are the ones in the dock!

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  2. Heehee says:

    Speaking from personal experience with that “$hem” I can confirm that he’s been misusing his position in gov for over a decade. And hopefully, now is karma’s time to step in!

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    • Busy Bee says:

      Recall that the esteemed one was charged for Labour and Immigration infractions something like 6 or 7 years ago…
      He was then sacked from his prestigious position as a Permanent Secretary for not disclosing, as was required by law, his ownership of a news website.
      The party couldn’t put the esteemed one forward as a candidate 5 and a half years ago because of that… “Look! Their candidate is a known scofflaw!”
      No coincidence that the esteemed one has been so vocal about the injustice of the CoI and opposing transparency in government.

  3. Uh-Oh says:


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  4. House of Cards says:

    And the house of cards continues to tumble down! Enjoy spending some time with your fat friend Albert!

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  5. Immunity says:

    This could very well be another witch-hunt like what Donald Trump has been experiencing.

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    • Cut and paste says:

      The only witch hunt here is the one willock and Andrew been hunting Myron for years …….now they both in hot water. Grandma say when u digging hole dig two… .

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    • Cut and paste now says:

      The only witch hunt here is the one willock and Andrew been hunting Myron for years …….now they both in hot water. Grandma say when u digging hole dig two… .

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  6. Baldheaded says:

    Will Wiggy’s case be heard in silence?

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    • Haha says:

      Best joke of this stressful day. Thanks for the laugh. The wigged on is on the canary site hollering at UK and commish. We have s problem in this place to call a spade a spade and cast blame. Nowhere in his rant did he address the charges. He need a cork to shut him up once and for all. Corruption in Tola is higher, greater and wider than we think.

      Can the people of this country call on the UK to get us a public prosecutor because all these charges and the work to bring them will go to waste if the one we have is prosecuting the cases you want to wonder sometimes what is the winning price to pay for a case to get thrown out. This ya no normal

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    • hee hee hee says:

      You Must Stop It!!!



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  8. says:

    Willock we got your back just like Myron and the others this is another bogus case

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  9. Resident says:

    An arrested former Speaker – classy!

    especially after the Fahie episode.

    The BVI is going from strength to strength!

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  10. Sarcasm says:

    “Free the wiggle”

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  11. Investigate says:

    Who paid the bill for legal fees that he was ordered to pay as well.

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  12. Junie says:

    But didn’t the authorities have Willock by the station last year? Wasn’t that something ti do with human trafficking or some such thing? I recall that they had taken his phone and computer? He had much to say at that time talking about the Caucasian officer(s) they had dealing with him.

    Is this arrest for something different or the result of the completion of that investigation back then?

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  13. Jack says:

    This is why we need the UK police because they don’t take bribe from locals,hahaha what about the house in virgin Gorda that he allegedly using taxpayers money to rent to spend honeymoon with them Spanish mark link he up with,the next person who should get charged for human trafficking is mark for all them young girls he has working in the club without document.

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  14. Will love to be a cop killer says:

    Them police need getting changed jail and deported

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  15. . says:

    I keep seeing my people getting lock up when them island man police here working with west and gun man we need to see some police getting charged

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Did he pay the fine…toe one that was lodged against him for bypassing the chain of command ..thus occurred around the time of the COI

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    • Funds says:

      Wha you think the link up with nannie key is for. Want some money to play in, from a charity with a big backer, get $100.00 and pose donating a $2.00 book. Then they cry out how much they love the country. Nope nope, they love themselves and need ways to line their pocket

  17. De silent one says:

    Wow! It seems like the dominoes are falling, wondered who’s next.

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  18. Fact says:

    You mean the SVG CI who working for WB? The street know.

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  19. Let's see says:

    Let’s see who pays his court fees this time!

    Hopefully not my tax money

    Idk why y’all didnt riot when government slip that under the rug

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  20. He says:

    He there talking good about wade on that yellow site

    If Andrew was unable to bribe customs boss at the time then why he went Miami? The plan would of been thwarted right there.

    And if customs boss at the time didn’t accept why he didn’t go to police or the governor about it? If he did fat boi would be here in our hotel jail.

    All them man hands dirty

    Willock and government officials 1 no exception

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  21. W's in the chat says:

    Another w for the bvi

    Hopefully dpp don’t make it lost…sigh

    I wished the USA or UK packed them up and tried them in their courts cuz ours here issa joke but at least we got a smile out of it..

  22. BVI is not corrupt !!!! says:

    Speaker of House implicated by the Law of the country

    Former Premier in jail in the UK

    Influential members in the community implicated

    Barge to chase speed boats involved in illegal activities

    Millions given to farmers who are not farmers
    Education scholarships given to students who never step inside a college door
    Senior officials in government sent home
    Pastors saying BVI is not corrupt

    Well what is the definition of corruption.

    Can we therefore police ourselves??? Shame on the BVI

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  23. Hmmmm says:

    Whether they black, red, orange, gray or green wrong is wrong.

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  24. The ESTEEMED uno says:

    U got a lot chat , we are curious as to how you are going to wiggle your asz outa dis one , with all the brains you got \\ let’s see you flex off on Them white boyz \\ OR you can get that tricky trini attorney to come and rescue you / only this time , you won’t be able to use our taxpayers money , like when you went on a rampage on mark in the HOA ( only your coach had the authority and used his position to get yosee u to behave yourself and \\\ looks like pumpkin will have you to himself finally . so there will be lots of flexing off up at castle BALO


    Is saying )> hear ME – hear ME

  26. Migoman says:

    Yellow site molding the headline in its own unique way and moderating the comments to suit.
    What they cant seem to control and moderate though, are the likes..and Dislikes for that matter lol

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  27. says:

    These charges are weak willock will walk

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  28. Coming home to roost says:

    The chickens who work at cr**tals! He sold out so J**es could continually bring in the chickens to work his club. Even during Covid they had fake paperwork saying the chickens had been vaccinated or quarantined when they were not. The doctor who signed all those papers name will come up soon too.

  29. Hog city says:

    Witch hunt as expected keep your head up and on

    We still voting for Julian Willock in district three

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  30. Thats not all says:

    More charges will be added. More arrest is coming. Foy will not be going down for life and Gender change alone and quietly.So who all know they were involved in wrongs. Better start lawyering up and getting read of paper trail evidence like Bank Acc. Etc..

  31. resident says:

    I would have arrested him for wearing that wig, he looked so foolish

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  32. maria louisa varlack says:

    from 1950s onward look what the bvi legislative council chambers building has become to. look back to 1950s in the bvi and look at the bvi today in 2024.

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  33. @Migoman says:

    Yellow site editing comments. 36 comments on this site; 9 on that one, and all positive. Go Toad go!

  34. maria louisa varlack says:

    be careful with the uk labour party. be careful with the uk general election and the uk politicians. there are issues in the british virgin islands with politics and economy and industry in reference to tax havens in the british virgin islands. there are issues in the uk parliament that would affect the british virgin islands relationship with the uk parliament and the uk politicians. something is wrong some where along the line on both sides of the coin.

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  35. @ MIGOMAN says:

    you really know that dude good , and when anyone blogg touches him , he don’t post them , he is really tricky and evil , Trump ain’t got nothing on he

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  36. @ PINKIDY WHOP says:

    Nah / he gah he trini attorney OR silk / maybe velvet / but not MYRON 4 sure

  37. Zoe says:

    Willock remains our bvi prince

  38. Cicero VI says:

    What a tangled web we weave…..

    It did occur to me during the COI hearings that quite a few (including the wiggedy wiggedy wiggedy whack) could be described with the Shakespearean prose “the lady doth protest too much”….more interestingly is that it seems that the more vocal and bellicose of those who appeared before and gave live testimony at the COI hearings are the ones who have been investigated/ charged/ imprisoned….coincidence??? maybe, but I think NOT.

    At the end of the day he will have the benefit of due process and have the opportunity to defend himself against these charges. Sadly, irrespective of the outcome in this matter, the reputation of these beautiful VI that we hold dear continues to take a serious hit and be adversely impacted. No doubt this will augment our political and economic challenges as the specter of corruption not only grows but continues to materialize. Damage control as well as reputational management & repair are critical….

    to be continued…

  39. Tamara G. says:

    CSC next

  40. Secret Ways says:

    Arrested under the COI

    How many more officials, elite persons and those in high position in society will be arrested.

    I told several people that when this COI is over the entire British Virgin Islands is going to Prison (Jail) and the UK will take over.

    It started from the Former Premier A. Fahie and it continues down the line.

    Former A. Fahie – arrested for Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering and Other Criminal Activities

    Najan Christopher – arrested for Breach of Trust and Rogue Officer

    Ms. Stevens – arrested for Breach of Trust and Wall around the Elmore Stoutt High School

    Contractor K. Smith – charged in connection with Wall for the ES High School

    Hon. Myron Walwyn – arrested for Breach of Trust and Wall around the Elmore Stoutt High School

    W. Smith, Commissioner HM Customs – arrested for Breach of Trust

    C.Skelton-Cline – arrested in connection with ongoing criminal investigation into government contracts awarded from 2008 to 2010

    Julian Willock – arrested and charged with multiple criminal offences

    How many persons are being arrested and charged for murder?

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  41. De silent one says:

    @secret ways, Maybe you might need to assist the police by leading them to arrest those that are responsible or involved in the murders. How about that, not a bad idea, lets get them off the streets

  42. Good question says:

    How many persons are being arrested and charged for murder?
    This place is a killers paradise whereby people get killed, and their murders remain unsolved. Reportedly there are over 100 unsolved murders in this tiny dot on the map.

    When is the public going to see justice for all these cold files. Undoubtedly, killers are walking the streets amongst us and their victims are not resting in peace.

    God forbid, you don’t want to get murdered anywhere, but if by bad luck you got unalive in this place, the changes of your killer literally getting away with murder is high. That’s a crying shame.

  43. Smh says:

    He should have been charged just wearing that wig. The boy look so st**od ! A f**l that is full of himself. Po**ous windbag.

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