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Willock claims he has strong campaign committee

Julian Willock. Photo provided

Businessman Julian Willock said he has a ‘strong and vibrant’ campaign committee as he continues to hint that he will test his political fortunes when the next general election is held possibly in 2019.

He also emphatically stated that he remains a member of the Opposition Virgin Islands Party (VIP) amid rumours that he may contest the polls on another party’s ticket.

“I will announce now that I do have a strong, vibrant campaign committee. There are one or two things now that they are working out, and I have pledged to my committee to listen,” Willock told Paul ‘Gadeithz’ Peart during the International Morning Ride Show on ZROD Radio. He did not disclose the identities of the people on his committee.

“An announcement is imminent; my intention will be known,” he further said when pressed to declare whether he will contest the next election.

As it relates to his current political allegiance, the former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Works said: “Yesterday I was a VIP member and supporter; today Julian Willock is a VIP member and supporter. Now, I cannot speak to what tomorrow brings. But, as I sit here, I am a member of the VIP.”

Willock further stated that he is interested in moving the territory forward – not in divisive politics. “We have to find solutions. We are not in a crisis situation where we cannot find solutions. We have to have the right leaders at the right time, at the right place to find the solution that is necessary to build our country.”

This is not the first in recent weeks that Willock is sounding his apparent intention to seek one of the 13 seats in the House of Assembly.

In a Facebook post on April 2, he also wrote: “Who is with me to save our country? Who is with me to restore an agenda of prosperity, transparency and accountability? Who is with me to look out for everyone and build a BVI where all can benefit and reject divisive politics? I am in! Yes I am doing this for us, for I love the people and my country!”

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