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Willock commends initiative to remove derelict boats in D3

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Former political candidate and businessman Julian Willock has highlighted a new programme to remove derelict vehicles from the Sea Cow’s Bay harbour and has extended gratitude to a few individuals who made the first removal possible.

In a Facebook post, Willock commended businessman Miles Sutherland-Pilch of Nanny Cay Resort & Marina for spearheading a programme to get the derelict boats removed from the harbour. He also highlighted that the boats have been submerged since the 2017 hurricanes.

“On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, he removed the first of three, one close to the Elevator Hill area. This is also in keeping with representations from my good friends Hon Lorna G. Smith and Hon Vincent O. Wheatley in their advocacy to clean up the Virgin Islands,” Willock said.

He continued: “As a resident of District 3 myself, I continue to insist that the Sea Cows Bay Harbour must be cleaned up NOW some seven years later! Therefore, I thank Mr Sutherland-Pilch for his works in this regard, which shows that partnership between the public and private sectors is a must.”

Willock, who has been spearheading a number of activities in the Third District, has been accused of campaigning way ahead of the next general elections. His efforts have also been rejected by D3 representative Julian Fraser, who said no one else should speak on his constituency’s behalf.

However, Willock’s Facebook post said he will continue bringing the issues in D3 to light “out of love and care.” “Talk and FB posts are cheap, action makes our lives better,” the former Speaker of the House of Assembly said.

He also acknowledged Works Minister Kye Rymer whom he said is also “working tirelessly to resolve the vexing water challenges in D3.” There was no mention of Fraser in Willock’s post.

The removal of derelict boats from the Sea Cow’s Bay Harbour has been a problem since the passage of the devastating 2017 hurricanes. District 3 representative Fraser has been agitating for the relevant government departments to speed up the removals, which are yet to be completed.


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  1. Answer this says:

    What about the money for the court fees that the court ordered you to pay for bringing that frivolous case without permission from the House of Assembly? The government paid the fees. Did you pay back the government? This is what we want to know.

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    • We thank you says:

      Mr Willock is looking out for the people he is our prince

    • @answer this says:

      Dont worry about the case Sir /Madam Willock is doing great things in the district, he has made a great impact in D3. Next we need that bush along roads of distict 3 to be maintained.

  2. 3rd district Answer says:

    and what does this have to do with this post?

    Give commendation and respect to the man who have been doing his best in these initiatives that went undone for years.

    This article is not about what you are commenting on

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    • @3RD DISTRICT ANSWER says:

      are you saying that Fraser did nothing for years?

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    • @3rd district answer says:

      The government paid the money. He is supposed to pay them. Did he pay them back? It’s tax payers money. We have a right to know.

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    • But says:

      This is to do with the character of the Wigged One.
      He has no right commenting on anything until
      he stops being in debt to the people of this country for
      the fine we paid for him. He disgusts me.

  3. BuzzBvi says:

    Yes. Has the money been paid. Di Government make the payment?

  4. citizen says:

    thanks again esteem keep the good works up the whole of the district needs a face lift.

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  5. Really says:

    Is this man paying y’all to keep making news out of his Facebook posts?



  7. Guy Hill says:

    Bashing Mr. Fraser and Bashing Mr. Willock is not the issue here in my humble opinión.. who own those vessels? Who own them needs to start removing them.

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  8. Education says:

    is a must and none is evident in these comments:

    1) The vessels in Sea Cows bay are abandoned, NO OWNER!! Only nature will remove them in the next 1000 years. Humans can speed up the removal process but twisting the removal into political points is unethical

    2) Unemployed politicians have no ethics.

    3) Employed politicians in 3D also have no ethics as well as incompetent and decades past their sell by date.

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  9. Native Tongue says:

    At Education. Go try and Salvage one and you will see how fast sn iwner show up.

  10. Native Tongue says:

    At Education. Go try and Salvage one and you will see how fast an owner show up.

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