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Willock eyes At-Large candidacy for VIP

Julian Willock

Businessman Julian Willock is seeking approval from the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) to run as a VIP At-Large candidate in the upcoming general election.

Willock recently released a video more than six minutes long stating the reasons he should be considered.

He listed him being a VIP ‘supporter’ for more than two decades among those reasons.

“Like many others, I have options and invitations to join other groups but I strongly believe in the values of the VIP — putting people first, love for country and rejecting a class system.”

“I will be going before the VIP Congress to seek their nomination and confirmation to be one of four At-Large candidates on their slate in the next general elections; constitutionally due by June 2019,” he said.

I’ve got what it takes

Willock said he believes he possesses the ‘necessary’ skills and talents to seek higher office.

He said he is ‘confident’ of victory because he “can represent the country locally, regionally, or internationally; having been a former Permanent Secretary and the Director of the Water and Sewerage Department.”

He described his tenure in the public service as well as his status as a businessman as important attributes to help support the VIP’s “new, dynamic leader the Honourable Andrew Fahie”.

He further said he brings to the proverbial table new ideas and solutions to make life better for residents of the British Virgin Islands.

He concluded by pointing to his ‘love for the territory’ and his aim is to ‘give a voice to the voiceless’.

Just this week, six persons were announced as VIP candidates in the impending election.

VIP Chairman Andrew Fahie said the process to select the remaining three district candidates and the four territorial At-Large candidates will begin right away.

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  1. any bets? says:

    The VIP will reject him

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  2. baldheaded says:

    He is over on his site censoring all the negative blogs against the VIP new candidates but wait until he is rejected, He will drop blows on the VIP left right and center.

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  3. qu**r as folk says:

    Mayson go find a seat before yo mek me puke

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    • Repy says:

      …for christ sake every body reading these comments know its the same three MVW people trying there best.

      Sorry buddy Willock is one of we, and has not steal any money or did any conflict of interest and under investigation like others

      Willock got it locked, he has my vote!

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  4. monkey see monkey do says:

    Trying everything to be like Myron..First it was law school now this (politics atlarge)

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  5. RuPaul says:

    No no no no mad confusion.

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  6. well meh boi says:

    The leader of the VIP made it abundantly clear that he will only accept him if he is willing to run against frazer. He says that where ever he goes.

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  7. 3D massive says:

    Don’t mind the noise Willock because we in the 3rd got your back.

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  8. Baggage Handler says:

    VIP don’t want no j— bird on thier ticket boss. As a p——– ———-, how can you even think of circumventing the laws of the BVI by employing j———- without getting work permits? Y– and C—- bring too much baggage to the ticket. The stakes are too high right now!

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  9. lawyer ron says:

    Isn’t it illegal to run for public office once you was incarcerated?

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  10. dead on arrival says:

    Running for office or running for cover? This chap c——- get the water department to run water 24/7 where the VIP going wid he buddy?

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  11. Let's check the record says:

    M—- citizen….Fail/ inc——
    Attempetd lawyer…Fail
    Perm Secretary…Fail
    Lopsided Journalism….Pass

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  12. Hmmm says:

    I don’t think Jullian wants to run to better the country. He running to be like Myron.

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  13. another island man ?? says:

    Is Willock an indigenous name to the BVI ???? Don’t tell me that if he gets in there will be more illegibility questions asked ???

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  14. The judge says:

    I would choose Claude over Jullian. Then again that’s a close race mehson.

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  15. oh boy says:

    The NDP bloggers out in full force today trying their best to destroy the esteemed one. Lord youthz for wallwind alyo please give the man a break.

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  16. licks galore says:

    I am begging one and all to give him a taste of his own medicine because — is always on his tabloid blogging against every one else

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  17. Laughing says:

    He is probably so upset because he cannot control the blogs over here like he does on the yellow site. Poor thing isn’t going anywhere, but the end of this year he will be bashing the VIP non-stop because they will reject him.

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  18. Just Thinking says:

    Dude, don’t give the national and international community that anything can happen in the BVI…Are you insensitive, crazy or have you gone over your egoism.
    My boy VIP don’t have the characteristics you are portraying so just be a voter and not a vote-ee. Your Punk head a-zz

  19. voter says:

    Ha ha willock will win bottom line

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    • NFhere says:

      No man name Willock is from Tortola. Partner go wheel and come again. He is a Virgin Islander because of his mother and grandmother. What father name Willock from Tola, Parrner?

    • Nothe! says:

      How else you expect the esteemed one to win but “bottom-line.” Politics dutty. He better be prepared for the onslaught of negative publicity when he put himself out there as candidate for office. Tola people frigg up on them mouth when they don’t like yoh.

  20. fan says:

    Ha ha the same person blogging willock is an easy win trust me

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  21. Thug Life says:

    Keep off Willock..He is the only one who by the —- c— every night.

  22. I pity him says:

    I feel sorry for Willock. It’s a very sad case.

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  23. Brian HOdge says:

    This would be the worst move ever by VIP – Way too many alleged incidents of cor———–n – none of his tenures in govt positions ended well and now is the time the BVI needs as much honesty as possible- and JW just does not have that in him

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  24. My 2 cents says:

    These blogs seems so fake against Mr Willock. You all afraid of him already.

    But it’s ok jw we the votes got you.

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    • Bet your 2 cents says:

      The esteemed is not as popular in the streets as you think. A rude awakening awaits. I personally want him to be chosen as an at large candidate to witness the flogging at the polls.

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  25. Interested says:

    For the record ,his father is not from Tortola.Be that as it may,I cannot trust myself to vote for him.I do not trust him.

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  26. Tarnish on the Shine says:

    Did Mr. Willock list among his glowing accomplishments getting fired form his Civil Service position as a Permanent Secretary?
    Did he forget violating the laws of the BVI by bringing in undocumented workers from outside the territory, to run his on-line “yellow journalism” news website? The undisclosed ownership of said news website being the reason he was dismissed as Permanent Secretary…
    I think not.
    C—– minds want to know!

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