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Willock says AG misled the court

Speaker Julian Willock

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Julian Willock has accused Attorney General (AG) Dawn Smith of misleading Commercial Court judge, Justice Adrian Jack who presided over the injunction court case that Willock instigated against three Commission of Inquiry attorneys.

Since the injunction was discontinued, the court must now decide who will pay the more than $77,000 in legal fees that arose from the case. But to that, it must first be satisfied that Willock was acting as Speaker when he filed the injunction, and that the government agreed to pay the resulting legal fees.

Based on a September 16 letter bearing the Speaker’s signature and official seal, it appears as if Willock blames the Attorney General for the court’s uncertainty in the matter.

“It is my understanding that you told the court (Commercial Court Judge Ag. Adrian Jack) that in filing the injunction, which was later withdrawn, I may not have been acting in my official capacity. I find this to be troubling and misleading,” Willock said in the letter addressed to AG Smith.

“I remind you of my memorandum on August 19th 2021, March 2nd, 2021 and February 25th, 2021, where we made clear of our intentions to hire independent legal counsel in my official capacity as it relates to the Commission of Inquiry. You will also be aware of my most recent letter on August 30th (a letter that you did not have the professional courtesy to reply to) and where again I made known that I am operating in my professional capacity,” he aded.

Speaker Willock further said he trusts the AG’s chambers will no longer mislead the courts going forward.

Justice Jack is yet to deliver a judgement on payment of the outstanding legal fees.


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  1. Time to Resign says:

    The Speaker of the House has just accused the Attorney General of misleading the Courts? The Speaker cannot continue in office, as you cannot make such allegations as Speaker. If you want to make these allegations, resign as Speaker and then make the allegations, or just pay the $77,000 out of your own pocket and admit that you screwed up.

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  2. Pay up! says:

    This guy is a piece of work. It would be nice if he had it within him to just accept responsibility for his unilateral high horsedness, but humility does not appear to be a part of his DNA.

    He needs to pay that $77,000, and stop acting like the government is he. In his mind, he may think he is equal to others, but his delusions of grandeur are just that…delusions.

    Pay up and stop the madness. Jesus Scrist!

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  3. Common sense says:

    The bottom line, is, you did not have the authority to bring a case on behalf of the government, regardless of what you informed the AG of. The fact she ignored your correspondence did not provide you with the required authority. It was the AG’s decision to authorize what you took it upon yourself to enact, and, she did not give it. Normal dictatorial behavior which is why we have the COI here to address the problem in the first place.

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  4. Love him or hate him says:

    The man is a fighter

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  5. Fool says:

    “When a fool finds himself in a position of power, he corrupts power.”

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  6. 1st district says:

    No one in this district voted for this h** city man. But he behaving as if he above the Primer. Albert, when you ly down with dogs you get fleas, get rid of him or we will meet you at the poles

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  7. Rubber Duck says:

    Willock is going to have to pay, his, the COIs and the BVI Governments costs. That is going to be well north of $100,000. I trust his “ security “ business is doing well.

  8. ccc says:

    We the majority of the people support mr Willock he needs to be the speaker for life

    One thing for sure, he is a leader

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  9. Good says:

    Madam AG, thank you for taking a bold stand. Dont let them push you around, none of them. Sickening

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  10. The people says:

    Will tar and feather these f**ls who have r**bed, dis***pected, and lead this fair land to destruction. A March is at hand. The straightest path to justice is to tell these folk, step down or we will take you from your unearned thrones by hand.

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  11. WIGGLE- OX says:

    Someone said, all you need now is white glove and do the moon walk like Michael Jackson in the hoa to his song ( AM BAD )

  12. Dr. Seuss says:

    The rambling quotes from that September 16th letter is a case of madness piled on top of madness.

  13. What says:

    This h*g head f**l.

  14. Long look me come from says:

    Mr Willock is right the AG is out of order her appointment was one of the biggest mistakes

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  15. OH DARN IT says:

    Lady I know you not singing the BLUES, but you have disturbed blonde’s GROOVE / but a white glove might calm down the spoiled kid

  16. Enquiring Mind says:

    Did he get the permission of his boss before he hired the law firm or did he go off on a frolic of his own?

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  17. Pillock says:

    Seeing as though VINO seems to censor anything that might paint w in a bad light I will give my thoughts here.

    Acting like the granstanding f**l he is, he filed an injunction without the consent of the AG, he now wants to blame the AG for the slapping that Justice Jack gave him. Absolutlely nonsensical.

    Why should he get away with filing frivolous injunctions on tax payers dime, costs need to start being awarded personally against him for these little stunts otherwise im not sure he will learn his lesson

  18. L Ipton says:

    The Speaker seeks to remind the AG of his memorandums where he made clear his intention to hire independent legal counsel in his official capacity as it relates to the Commission of Inquiry.

    Sadly though, he failed to receive authorization or approval from the AG to pursue matters through the court system. That’s where he went wrong. In so doing he acted in his personal capacity in addition to having no capacity bring such matters before the courts. He must be made to foot the $77,000 bill not the taxpayers

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  19. Mel Rose says:

    Gross misyse I’d the people’s money if u ask me..the COI should investigate why this man wield so much power..more than elected representatives

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  20. SNAFU says:

    Point is Mister had no authority!
    Just because he indicates in letters that he going to do something outside of Govt. Council, does not mean it is covered by Government Coffers.

    Word of advice to the unlearned Equal, there are legal procedures to follow! Of which you have not adhered to.
    You and your delusions as an Equal and admitting to the COI that you are not a Lawyer, and most of all trying to spend our tax payed dollars on your own wims, this one is way over your wig.

    I and the 99% of majority needs you out of that appointed (NOT ELECTED) position STAT.

    Get this through that thick skull of yours, you or 1 OR 2 blogging that the majority is with you, is not the same as we with you!

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  21. CC& c says:

    it don’t matter how much you change you name we still know it’s U , ( speaker for life that would be a NIGHTMARE

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  22. Ting to talk says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, as speaker you must speak all times and try to be relevant. As speaker you must screw up all times to stay Honourable. As speaker you must test the laws and to remain relevant. Mr.speaker please, please, I am begging you ,esteemed, Honourable, (choose one), stop wasting the taxpayers money in these frivolous law suits. ?

  23. Windy says:

    VIP rule #1. Blame someone else.

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  24. WEW says:

    “Misled the court” too stupid to interpret what was said.

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  25. Tax payer says:

    How much more of we tax dollars this p***ous a** going waste with these frivolous cases?
    Wannabe lawyer.
    Look so stupid when he faces real lawyers.

  26. A says:

    Isn’t this the same man who went law school and failed? Ting to talk…

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  27. WELL SOON HER says:

    it had to happen again / them trinis played blondie and he still refused to come back down to earth / even after big daddy pulled the plug on that case , if he was made to pay that bill, he might have gotten the message ,but was allowed again to flex his muscles ? over and over again and again ( so let’s see who’s going to start pointing IRST fingers FIRST ?

  28. Deh Watcha says:

    All ayo who drain the swamp and vote VIP all the way, I glad for all ayo.

    Them should kill ayo a$$

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