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Willock was removed for being too antagonistic — Malone

Former House of Assembly Speaker, Julian Willock

Former Speaker of the House of Assembly (HOA) Julian Willock was unceremoniously removed from his post by the current Government of National Unity and replaced with current Speaker Corine George-Massicote because of his attitude during the Commission of Inquiry (COI). 

This is according to Territorial At-Large Representative Carvin Malone, who noted in an appearance on the Talking Points radio show that Willock appeared to be too ‘antagonistic’ during his appearance before the COI.

Willock hinted at the time that he was given little choice by the government and was asked to either resign from his post or face the prospect of being removed by members of the HOA.

“They just felt as if the Speaker was too antagonistic, as far as they were concerned,“ Malone stated when asked why the Speaker was removed.

“They felt as if ‘how dare he’ – as they put it – how dare he challenge the [COI] Commissioner, how dare he challenge the lawyers, how dare he file a [court injunction]?” Malone said.

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When host Violet Gaul interrupted to remind Malone that the BVI is in a democratic society, Malone responded, “for us”.

Willock, who called himself a sacrificial lamb following his ouster, declined at the time to publicly give any reasons he was offered for his removal, despite his many protestations that he had done nothing wrong.

When pressed about who he was being sacrificed for, Willock said he would not betray the confidence of Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley and the conversation they had at the time.

Meanwhile, Malone also indicated that it was his closeness to former Premier Andrew Fahie that caused his own removal as a member of the Cabinet and Minister for Health and Social Development.


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  1. no says:

    he was removed as he was not elected and allegedly wanted to run his own agendas, in the house and from his online l*ing machine, also running his mouth to court and trying to get us the tax payers to pay for his mistakes and mouth.

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  2. Rubber Duck says:

    Whatever the reason, we are well rid of him

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  3. YES TO UK says:

    Julian Willock should have been removed a long time ago, his behavior was insulting and rude, the man shouldn’t be in any part of government.

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  4. Enforcement is Key says:

    A very disliked Speaker by the general public and his elected peers. His past should have been indicative of his future polical career, prior to been sworn in.

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  5. bottom line says:


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  6. Lmbo says:

    Remember denying someone a position because they were too hard to handle Mr. Speaker???

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  7. TurtleDove says:

    And rightfully so!

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  8. Bvi says:

    I don’t care what the reason was he is not corrupt and we voting for him hands down

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  9. the real deal says:

    dis any one hear his interview on BBC radio..the man is brilliant maybe he needs to replace the slow Premier bother

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  10. Rapper says:

    Hope some of these players make note of the situation with the PM in Britain. While we may tolerate mr.malone on this island that other gentleman, the former speaker would do us all a favor if he would take claud cline and both of them go and join Andrew fahie and absolutely DISAPPEAR from the scene and the island completely. PUFF – b gone…

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  11. citizen says:

    The esteemed is a fighter i was proud how he stood up the coi we needed 10 more like him

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  12. @ BVI says:


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  13. Eyes wide shut says:

    HONOURABLE MALONE, you loss some respect with me on this one …
    He was removed because

    To many to mention mess up but here are some

    ) causing the BVI to spend money they shoud gave never spent from the time he was seated as speaker

    2) He used His site to smear the Pass GOVERNOR

    3) He smears anyone that dont agree with him

    4) He is Rude and unfit for BVI marketing

    5) He ran the House like a gansta….

    And i could go on… He is sick and MALONE you appears the same with this statement….

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  14. @rubber duck says:

    I wish I could like your comment 10 times.

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  15. Voters says:

    The people cant wait to put him in he will represent us well

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  16. Election 2023 says:

    I cant wait for the next election to see Willock lose. I think then he will really know how much people cant stand him

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