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Willy T being booted again! Owners mull leaving BVI for good

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Roughly five months after the William Thornton (Willy T) floating bar and restaurant moved to Great Harbour, Peter Island after being ordered from the Bight off Norman Island, the owners are facing yet another eviction notice.

Willy T’s owner, Ewan Anderson told BVI News on Friday, that a letter received at the beginning of October from the Department of Trade indicated that they had up to three months to find a new home.

He said the letter specified that the notice was as a result of ‘major objections’ by Peter Island Limited. Anderson said he received another letter from the company’s legal representative on Thursday. That document essentially outlined the same thing.

“Having lived here for 35 years, having had several businesses, children, having endeavoured to help the community, the island … I am disappointed,” Anderson said.

He said Willy T’s uniqueness has lured many visitors to the territory and people are beginning to question why the business — which has become a household name — is being perpetually pushed away.

“I don’t understand why there is no support from the government. It is just avarice. I have held my tongue for weeks and as of yesterday, the people need to know. It is ridiculous. A BVI icon like this. It is a tourist destination, for us to be treated like doo-doo,” a disheartened Anderson said.

Why should Willy-T stay in BVI if we’re not wanted?

He said he is now considering all the options including whether he and his business should leave the BVI for good.

“Whether we stay in the BVI or not is another question. Why would we stay here? They have offered nothing, they have just said you need to move, you need to move. Do they want the Willy T here? You would have to ask them that.”

He said he has had talks with the government on the matter however they are not any closer to finding a suitable area for relocation.

All attempts by BVI News to reach Junior Tourism Minister Archibald Christian have been futile.



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  1. Elsewher says:

    Move it to Little St. James. Right next to Pizza Pie boat. Run a launch service to Red Hook. Should do well. Could be a pit stop for all the day sails going to from St. John’s.

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    • Sparrow says:

      Do you need a license to just anchor in one location for a week or so? If not, then why not rotate the location around the channel or the entire Caribbean. This would make it a cool adventure! You could publish part of your schedule and perhaps keep one week a month a secret to peek interest. This approach is in keeping with the pirate ship theme.

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    • Leave says:

      The government and politicians are p****d that they can’t get into Willy T’s pockets. Further if it’s of no use to belongers then they don’t want it. The morons haven’t figured out that this type of business draws tourism. Go elsewhere where you will be appreciated. Let the BVI Africans go by the wayside. They are their own worst enemy

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      • Just Maybe says:

        Perhaps the Government of this Caribbean island chain is becoming intolerant of the gall by the owner and like supporters,flaunting their inherent d—- r—— p—– by floating The Willie T ,so called ,as atribute to a former s—– owner.
        For chrissake,is there an place on this planet that is free of the invasive acts of putrid disdain by the C————.

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      • @Leave says:

        That would be the solution but the narcissistic need to dominate and to devalue with insults by these Caucasoids by parading their tribute to William Thornton, a slave owner, would interfere with their pleasure and therefore would not allow for such a relief to the BVI Africans who are the descendants of slaves.

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      • Islandgirl says:

        Well if your not a belonger you can find someone that is a belonger go into business with them… That’s the way the people of the islands stay protected than outsiders coming in and taking over and theirs nothing for the people…

  2. Norman says:

    Good lord, here we go again. This might be the last straw for me and my annual sailing trips to the BVI’s!

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  3. Vincyman says:

    Plz take ur business to at Vincent(the Grenadines)

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  4. Crappy says:

    It is always a sad thing when someone’s livelihood is in doubt. All I can say is that I feel your pain and I hope it works out for you.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    come to vg.

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  6. I FROM HERE says:

    Mr. Anderson your money is not long enough. Look at who asked you to leave, two billionaires!

    The NDP Government is in bed with both so you up s–t street!

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  7. SfS says:

    As far as Tourism attractions BVI is at the bottom of the totem pole. No more Bomba Schack, No more Willy T. No more Nothing. Where the f**k is this government?. Don’t they understand that we need people to come here, and for them to come we need to have attractions to entice them to come? Smfh.

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  8. a Sad BVIslander says:

    After 35 years, what a heart stopper. Doing for so many all that time, in the community and for the community…How can it be a problem for Peter Island, as it is on its own seabed and the Queen owns the Sea? Who’s pocket is filled by PI?

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    • ** says:

      His wife & mother did alot, not him.

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    • Hmmm says:

      I have been travelling for many years between these Virgin Islandes.
      Never been to Bomba shack.
      Never been on the Willie T.
      Aaaalways though, I have enjoyed my stay.
      Could it be that these places are taste specific and has limited appeal to visitors of a certain class.
      Local BVIslanders do not frequent these places either. A few that I knoww never heard of Willie T and some assumed that it was a USVI yankee operation.

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      • Fyi says:

        FYI – a truck load of Belongers go to the Willy T in their own boats and party hard – even some of those in power right now so you may want to remove your assumptions.
        They might pretend they don’t but then people here also pretend they don’t have side things and do illegal jobs like running drugs.
        This is purely BS politics – if it was owned by a black local rather than a white local this wouldn’t be happening.
        I actually think Peter Island Resort is in financial difficulties and looking to sale as there is no reconstruction happening. As Peter Island is paying the govt any money for the next couple of years in taxes I can’t see the rush to move Willy T – unless you wanted to sale your resort.

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  9. SMH says:


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  10. Hello says:

    Its just pure jealousy with Peter Island. I guess their beach bar not making money so they upset. Setta miserable people in this place. I hope you guys find somewhere for Willy-T to settle and don’t leave.

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  11. Listen says:

    Come Parham Townnnnn

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  12. TurtleDove says:

    Explore the USVI!!…Guess enough is not going in someone’s pocket. So sad.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Ok what about trellis bay?

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  14. Curious says:

    So these owners of private islands around here… they own the water surrounding their island as well? Cause the last time Willy T had to move was because the people for Norman island didnt want them in that bay eirher. So I want to know of they own the water too.

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    • Johnny says:

      If you owned a beautiful home on a beautiful secluded beach and a floating bar set up shop right in front of your home would have have a different opinion?

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      • BuzzBvi says:

        You would Johnny you would. But the truth is – The Willy T was in Norman Island long time before the current owner. It was established there. Maybe it is the Willy T that should have a problem with who bought the island that they have been anchored off for years. Doing good business and charming many people to come back to the BVI year after year.

        So Johnny if you wanted to by a beautiful island with a beautiful beach you may need to be mindful of the others that use the waters around that beautiful island with its beautiful beach before you buy.

        How about the people who were already there being upset with the people who buy an island and try to set up shop and run you out of town. Maybe Johnny that is what you need to think about and get upset about. But people with lots of money can have a lot of influence if the put that money in the right pockets and get whatever they want.

        Johnny you have it but the wrong way round!

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      • true says:

        but what if you built your house on your secluded beach but the bar was already there???????

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        • BuzzBvi says:

          Then find another beach if you want a secluded one. Do not try and close the bar down. That is what.

          Too much happening in the BVI where money and influence and people prepared to take that money are changing things.
          Oil Bay Bay has become off limits to boaters in the BVI as it is roped off under the guise of a swim area. Before Oil Nut Bay was developed all BVIslanders were free to go to the beach and enjoy the waters in Oil Nut Bay. No longer.

          If as is claimed it is for safety then the most immediately dangerous area is White Bay in Jost and should be roped off. But we know it is not about safety or sense it is because wealthy investors who want an exclusive bay that they have no right to. But they do have the ears and pockets of people with influence. Little Dix have been playing that game for years with restricted access to “their” bay.

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  15. *** says:

    The shiney new boat still pumping s**t in the water. Dont believe it. He can’t keep up with his ways anywhere else.

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  16. More to this story says:

    Where and when did he help the community?..hes a r——- little man that wants to treat locals like sh*t but still take their money..hes looking out for himself and himself alone…he is just playing games so he looks the victim. Government has been trying to work with him since the boat came back in may. This mess is his own making.

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    • Hottie says:

      The Willy T is a great tourist attraction but Mr Anderson has had little to do with it – it was set up by his parents in law and he simply stepped into their shoes. Unfortunately he does not understand that he can’t just do whatever he wants to do, and his failure to obtain the necessary permits is mostly his own fault (although anywhere else in the world the GOVT would be doing its best to get him back up and running ASAP). He had the same issues when he started building at the Jolly Roger without permission – that delayed opening for a year.
      It is such a shame that he has been messed around by the Govt but he is his own worst enemy.

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  17. Dirty place says:

    Health dept need to pay them a visit! The place nasty behind closed doors.

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  18. Dee says:

    Bring it Baughers bay pls!!

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  19. Been before says:

    The who place is corrupt. What beauty has been eroded by nature and otherwise. An island of have’s and have not’s, East Side and West Side, Belongers, Residents, Visitors and bottom of the pile Cruise Ships Visitors. Don’t go there.

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  20. bill cook says:

    it was always a highlight of all my charters!!!! lots of stories to bring home and entice more people to come for a visit

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  21. Recipe Disaster says:

    Recipe for disaster , No sound entertainment , strive, corruption, hardship , crime and disorder . Then you wonder why the Island is in such a bad state .

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  22. LET'S PARTY! says:

    How is it that owners of Oil Nut Bay, Peter Island, and Norman Island can actually dictate the use of the Sea Bed? Next will they stop us boating around these islands, anchoring? Oil But Bay has done this. When does it stop? The shoreline up to the high tide is public land and Government won’t even stand for us on that. Peter Island runs you off white bay because they say it is private. People in these islands need to start and get serious. No more talk, we need to stand up. We should all have a party with our own group on the shores or Peter, Oil Nut and Norman. It is our right! Let them come stop us. We should make it a weekly event in each place and keep rotating through it all. Drinks, boats, party, music, everything! Would love to turn up to the shores with 30 boats anchored and loving what is OURS!

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    • P3arty says:

      I am for the partying on all of these places, We need to stand up for what belongs to us.

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      • Nonsense says:

        How about we stop selling our f—ing land to buy benz and boats then conplaining?? Party? Really? That is the answer? You have got to be kidding me. Instead of pooling and buying back the BVI we are talking about parties to wilfully disrupt lodging developments. We are our own worst enemy!!!!

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        • Not so ...... says:

          Pooling, and buying back the BVI? What a joker! How you going to do that? Some of the most greedy and selfish people on the planet here. Bunch of Crabs in a Barrel you are. Fool!

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        • Hmmmm says:

          I think the ‘party’ was more to make a point to those that have made this happen, more so than to actually ‘party’. The subtlety of the suggestion probably went over your head by a mile!

  23. Gandalf says:

    Wow! Would love BVI News to pol the politicians on their opinions. Especially the leaders of the four parties now! Please do this, and if they have no comments then post that too. I want to know what the people’s representatives have to say. It is no so much about the business itself, but more the rights and laws to pertain to BVIslanders in their own damn territory! Are we going to be stopped from anchoring, using beaches, because the super wealthy say so and have our Government accept that. What an awful precedence it sets. What started with Oil Nut and their beach rights, emboldened the owner of Norman did, and further empowered Peter Island to do the same. What’s next?

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  24. Anonymous says:

    Make you new home in the VI and leave them B!

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  25. The Visitor says:

    I don’t think Peter Island owns any of the shoreline around Great Harbor. The left side belongs to the Romneys and the right to the La Fontaine family.
    As I understand it, Peter Island threatened to not reopen the resort if the Willy T remained and the government folded when they should have called their bluff. What is the Peter Island company going to do? Abandon a $100 million investment out of spite?

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    • A sad day in the sailing world says:

      Well all the character company need to do is tell there customers not to go there. any way peter island resort is expensive on a whole there docking fee,water and ice is a killer

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  26. Vg man. says:

    How much time most I ask u to come VG.I have the perfect spot for u.If you interested link me back here.

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  27. Cromwell says:

    Why do you think the BVI has never had major outside investment like the Dutch, French and US Caribbean islands !
    No taxation without representation, the same thing when it comes to investment. Why would anybody invest money in these islands when this sort of stupidity take place, Ewen, the islands are bankrupt financially, morally and they will not survive, so, go West young man, go West.

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    • Brad Boynes says:

      A government by and of the people should represent ALL the people. That’s not happening in the Virgin Islands for a long time.

  28. Suggestions says:

    Great Thatch, Salt Island, or back to Norman until Jareckis resort is ready.

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  29. well well says:

    I think a serious politician like frazer could solve these kind of problems but the people dont want to elect he becaus he aint fraid to tackle these type of problem

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  30. missing in action says:


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  31. Anonymous says:

    Good riddance!! Our pristine waters may have survived the filth and other waste dumped into it daily. Thank God our natural beautiful paradide will no longer be defaced with filth.

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  32. Experience says:

    I worked for Ewan when he owned Peg Leg and have interacted with him a few times thereafter. He is and has always been po—– and been ————- towards people darker than he is. When we the public start to see things for what they are we will realize that he is now getting what — —- others in the BVI for years. He has been the “wealthy” owner pushing smaller fish around in the BVI for decades. Now the bigger fish in the sea have shown their teeth. Go anchor by the Last Restort.

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  33. Anonymous says:

    Not salt island, please!!We do not wish to be walking in s**t when we visit our ancestors.

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  34. concern says:

    Really sad to see how they tossing u here and there good Irma bad Irma hope u get out this mess soon

  35. Starett says:

    I’ve always love Willy T I can imagine ur pains please don’t go I’ve seen how Pond Bay over in Virgin Gorda be full to Capacity every Xmas in July Maybe u can ask permission and try that side

  36. .. says:

    Go to jvd! The party is already there on Sundays so…but you would have to re-arrange your hours as to not interfere with some of the pre existing businesses.

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  37. Brad Boynes says:

    Too many foreigners have too much say in the livlihood of people in the Virgin Islands. To the owner of The Willie T. Those decisions are coming from people that look like you but they do not like you or your business. It’s really sad when you spent all this time in the Virgin Islands you have to endure this BS. Do not give up the fight for your right to make a living in the Virgin Islands.

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  38. Q says:


  39. janeHup says:

    Would like reach more customers for your
    business without ripping your pocket?

    Contact me for more details.

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    • Annonymous2 says:

      Leave Salt Island out of the mix. We wish to keep our island pristine, peaceful and tranquil. It is a gem we need to cherish.

      • YEP says:

        Pristene waters and minus a tribute and floating monumemt to a former slave owner in the
        faces of the descendants of slaves.
        Gross despicable and abhorremt .

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  40. Real says:

    Let the public know who signed the letter from the department of Trade. Further take it to the Governor and have a discussion to see if that letter bears any validity..

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  41. Annonymous2 says:

    I second Annonymous. Keep Salt Island out of this mix. We want to keep our island pristine. Politicians take note. We need to keep some of Natures Little Secrets for our future generations.

    • BuzzBvi says:

      Salt Island pristine? Ha ha.

      Think you may need to go over there and clean it up a little.

      A great place to visit and explore, yes. Pristine, er, no.

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  42. Farewell says:

    This floating insult to the VI and its people will eventually disintegrate.
    There is no depth of depravity too low that the demons wil not sink.
    The installation and operation of this barge as a tribute to a former slave owner is one of many examples of the affront by the Caucasoids to the descendants of former slaves here in the Caribbean.

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    • White Boy says:

      Ignorant A*****E

      • No says:

        White Boy: Farewell wrote what you can only interpret as what you did. Can’t and do not have the ability to see truth and most of all, accept it.

        Grow up white boy!

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    • someone says:

      What an ignorant rant that is.

      Stop living in the past and move on.

      It is not the Caucasians who keep the slavery alive, it is some of the descendants.

      It was a terrible time and should not be ignored or forgotten. But it also no longer exists.

      You think in Europe they still blame Every German alive for WWII? The people who did that are no longer alive, neither are the slavers.

      W. Thornton lived in an age of slavery so he is not free of guilt. He is honored for being the architect of the United States Capitol. Nothing more.

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  43. Well says:

    As far as I am concered it should be booted into Hades,permanently, where a hot following awaits ,

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  44. Celtic Powerboats says:

    This is so sad and reflects very poorly on the BVI government. As a day boat business operating island tours in the BVI, I am very disappointed with this decision. All through the summer months with Pirates and Cooper Island restaurants closed, Willy T was the only facility that stayed open and provided a lunch option along the southern Islands chain.
    Peter Island are not open and seem to be in no hurry to do so. It’s baffling why government take this questionable stance with the re-opening of the hotel years away. How many jobs are Peter Island providing at the moment versus Willy-T ?
    The government officials who made this very unfair decision need to show more respect to Mr Anderson who has been a valuable contributor to the growth of the BVI over the past 35 years. At least offer the man alternatives for a new location which is just common courtesy and would demonstrate a sense of fairness.

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    • For real says:

      Lord hear who TALKING Celtics power boat owner tell us your history at sugar mill restaurant

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      • Celtic Powerboats says:

        Yes my friend who hides behind “For real” alias. Unlike you, I am not afraid of revealing who I am and yes I am proud of the 28 years I spent as general manager of the Sugar Mill (during which time it was consistently rated in the top 10 boutique hotels in the Caribbean)
        Please come out of the darkness and show the people who you truly are……..but of course this would not be in your nature.
        As the saying goes “if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall anything” Anyway, no bad feelings, I will keep you in my prayers.

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  45. Cudjoe to Celtic......... says:

    Regarding your emphatic scribe about respect. Please,please take note.
    The Celts definition and application of respect differs from that of the mellanated population of this planet,as evidenced by world history past and present.
    The BVI and its government elect are all descendants of slaves originating from the regions of Africa.
    The subject of these blogs, The Willie T,a tribute to a slave owner William Thornton,and which is owned and operated by a descendant of Celts is blatant and has been for thirty plus years in its insult and is without any modicum of respect to the BVI and its people.
    The concept of respect in this matter,according to your outlook,would do well to be revisited on the pages and in the book of OUR Reality.

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    • Record setter says:

      William Thornton was born in the Bvi, educated in Scotland and his claim to fame is that he designed the capital building in Washington. Not sure where you’re getting any information to him being a slave owner. Doubt the family that started the Willy t would be so insensitive to live in a Caribbean country and name their business after someone with ties to slavery. Think about it! Link pasted here for info on William Thornton

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      • @ Record setter says:

        It is a fact.
        Britannica is one of the least comprehensive of truth and details of past history and least of all ,minor detais relating to white statesmen and the inventory of their black slaves.
        Tsk tsk!! This is 2018. No excuse. To continue the attempt at miseducation, misinformation ,omission and alteration of history in an effort to whitewash is an embarrassment.

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        • Wendy says:

          I recall reading somewhere that Thornton and family did own slaves in the VI,continued to purchase slaves while away from the VI,professed his sympathy with the antislavery sentiment while in the USA,subsequently returned to the VI and that there is no evidence or indication that he freed his slaves upon his return.

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        • @Record setter says:

          I read the link but saw no reference to any of Mr Thornton’s beasts burdens…such as horses, mules cattle and hunting dogs. All necessary staples for a tropical plantation and which would include
          the primary beast of burden, the African slave.

          So record setter, what is the purpose of suggesting the link.

      • Interesting says:

        No tribute from good old AmerKKKa.
        Wonder why.

        Perfect place for the William Thornton tribute.. A word from their orange chief,who is a passionate twitterer in defense of how the

        great architect of their capital is being booted about and becoming homeless.
        Maybe an invite to berth in Florida or one of the other numerous coastal locations of the USA…ha ha ha…Putin would love it.

      • Brad Boynes says:

        Bring born here does not make of here.

    • Don’t forget says:

      It’s really frustrating how every time there is a discussion, it gets nasty and heated and slavery gets thrown in everyone’s face. Before the African slave trade really got rolling, the English were inslaving the Irish and shipping them to the West Indies. It’s a fact, it’s history. I am almost 100% Irish, I could choose to be angry at every English person I know, and use that as an excuse for everything that goes wrong in my life, or I could Juarez be a better person and not let the past define who I am. One final note, with everyone talking about slavery, have any of you done anything at all to try and help the people who are actually slaves TODAY ? Slavery and human trafficking is alive and well ! Let’s try and actually do something productive now, instead of bringing up the past and trying to drive a wedge between the races. Let’s love one another, let’s move on !
      Have a Blessed day !

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      • BuzzBvi says:

        You are the best. Great comment.
        If you were enslaved, survivors of slavery or descendants of slaves. Use your feelings to help people going through that today. You are not. But you are now in a position to help others who are.

  46. Reality says:

    Unfortunately BVI tourism pretty much revolves around alcohol and deposits at the hairy bank. Truth.

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  47. Lb says:

    If only we cared this much when indulge businesses and people are negatively impacted by outside business interests!

    Bomba, Tropix, B&F Medical, Paragon, Havers Development, Smugglers Cove vendors and the list goes on! Barely a stir from the populace!

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  48. Q says:


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  49. steven Delgado says:

    Move to Puerto Rico, much better!

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  50. Eyes says:

    Everything gone down the drain with the NDP everything!!!! How come not one politician ain’t say or mention anything to help this touris destination.

  51. a Sad BVIslander says:

    I didn’t realize there was so much hate and resentment and lack of kindness and caring…This is so very, very sad. It is not as it was in 1959 when first I was here and in 1974 when I permanently moved here…for always.

    • UhUh says:

      Sixty years hence my dear,education,wealth,exposure via telephone,tv and travel of these natives has taken a toll on the comfort of us the unfortunate expats.
      Oh my.

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  52. Anonymous says:

    Move it to Culebra , PR

  53. Laz Diaz says:

    Move it to Culebra Island, Puerto Rico! I am sure you will do a lot better. Btw: If you apply for act 20-22 you could get 20 year US tax exemption.

  54. Really... says:

    I understand you are running a business and making a profit off of in business no one has to do you any favours…have you contributed to the growth of the bvi, after the hurricane have you donated/sponsored any entity providing a much needed services to the people if you care so much about the islands, we haven’t heard anything but noise about finding a place to make more money…

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  55. Jennmd says:

    Move to vieques or culebra island in Puerto Rico ????????

  56. Unfair to Willy T says:

    I saw this coming from a mile when the NDP Government made them move from Pirates Bight…it is a shame that the NDP rich friends have such power…this is real sad be cause Willy T is a popular attraction for the BVI…such a shame…now they put them in a long expensive battle for some kind of estoppel claim. The Government owns the sea-bed and Willy T is occupying the sea-bed unless the Government rent it to someone else…or unless they are creating a nuisance…the courts should decide…but I don’t blame Willy T if they decide to move to another more welcoming and appreciative jurisdiction….Governor Mapp might welcome you in St. Thomas or St. John…or maybe Anguilla might or may Bequia in the Grenadines… this is a shame on the NDP Government…Hope Andre Fahie can help

    • Crap says:

      The wealthy developers have had and will continue to have power no matter which govt is in. Do you think any other govt will side a floating bar over an entity like Peter Island Resort? It seems unfair yes but lets not make this a party thing. Further so many of us are selling off our prime family lands by the hundreds of acres then expecting government to stop developers from protecting their investment. Lets get real and stop the foolishness.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      You seem to have it right. It is for the Government to decide.
      In fact they already decided in the last 35 years. A seabed licence and Trade Licence so that the Willy T could do its own unique thing.
      Enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Whatever people say about a slave owners name. Many locals have slave owners names as part of their own history. Stuff about the name is a red herring. Many businesses and people have names from the past slave trader era.
      The thing is that the Government of the BVI controls the seabed of the BVI and waters up to the high water mark.
      It is the Government that is pushing the Willy T from one place to the next and no one else for it is they that have the power, not the owners of Norman or the part owners of Peter.
      The true question then is why is the person in power in the Government that controls the decision making,making them move.
      The answer can be personal vendetta, religious belief, a greater plan for the good of the people or that they have been incentivised to make the decisions they are making.
      Time to find out why the Willy T is being moved from a place the Government for the last 35 years approved of (Norman Island) and now is having to move from a place that is not even owned by the people wanting to have them moved from.
      Government has an agenda here that has not been explained. It is certainly not good for tourism, the islands, or the people who live here.

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      • Oh phipsh says:

        Stop the nonsensical drivel,for chrissake.
        Where on this planet can this bar operate with its moniker.
        The statue of Christopher Columbus is being toppled in developed nations along with rednecked heros and flags,and u are here defending a white business owner and his tribute to a slave owner in the Caribbean?.
        You are adding a nail to the coffin but that is a good thing.
        Carry on,mate.

  57. Me says:

    if the problem is the name, change the fantastic name and put it back by Norman and that’s it.

    • I believe says:

      The name should stay firm as it is evidence of the owner and his unapologetic kiss my seat know me for what I am.
      Let it remain as evidence to the international community about the toxicity visited daily on locals, by some of their brethens even today.. Let it serve as an introduction to any country that would consider having this barge near their shores.
      I believe in truth.

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      • Con Cur says:

        Not a good look at all.
        Tainted legacy will always follow, along with the Karma.
        Articles on the internet is permanent.
        Hurricane Irma was a cleansing from my experience,personal and by observation of surroundings and the after effects.
        Willie T has not yet accepted its fate.

  58. Well says:

    Well Sa!!! Look at Knockabout……here you have one of the BVI’s world famous tourism related businesses whether you believe so is not here nor there up and running contributing and this is how you treat them? Im a cynic so the quid pro quo has been done…..Elections coming and funds are needed!!!

  59. I smell mullah gwop... says:

    All of ayo can’t see it for wah it fah and that’s sad ????. Elections time are nearer and nearer every day. Funds are needed to support campaigns- where do you think they’re going to get it from? Not one of them going use ‘personal’ funds to run their campaigns. Ayo see any ‘fund-raising’ going on? Don’t be naively blind to the situation unfolding. Like we say ‘money make the mare run’. Deeper pockets and bigger hawks (lawyers) and forces unbeknownst to the common folks are at play. Sad to see another VI business have to suffer and employees and families lives disrupted. Hope Mick & Annie don’t take this on; brighter days ahead.

  60. Sheeshh says:

    Willie T?… What is that? I frequent these Islands and has never known anything about it. Apparently, based on these blogs, this busineess has a cult following that is atypical of conservatism laced with plenty alcohol,drugs. me me me and insensivity to the natives and their legacy of slavery.
    Self inflicted ugly publicity. Frankly,I am embarrased.

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  61. LB says:

    If only we cared this much when indigenous businesses and local people are negatively impacted by outside business interests!

    Bomba, Tropix, B&F Medical, Paragon, Havers Development, Smugglers Cove vendors and the list goes on! Barely a stir from the populace!

    But the expat “belonger” business is having a tough time and 100+ comments later, we are all up in arms and ready to march. SAD!

    Do we hate our own so badly?

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      All of these are also disputes. But they are not like for like.
      Bombas alone for example is about use of family land. Smugglers is about people maybe doing business where they have no rights.
      All have their own unique issues. They are not the same issues.

      To try and make out this is “belonger” expat or “belonger” belonger” or not is another red herring.

      There is right and there is wrong. Not hate on own or favour on others. There is only right is it right.

      If it is right that Havers should be developed. It should be. It should be developed if it is right – by a” belonger” a “belonger expat” (where did that term come from and what is its legal status), a foreigner or a BVIslander. If it is wrong that Havers should be developed it is wrong that it should be developed. By anyone.

      Why is this so difficult for everybody?

      If it is right it is right if it wrong it is wrong it does not matter who you are.

  62. Why all the hatred on all sides? says:

    When will we innerstand our programming and work towards appreciating our differences? Are we befitting from all the hate?

    We are in the tourist industry and the Willy T is part of that industry, unless there are plans to change it. The operation should be allowed to operate like any other establishment in the industry once the operation meets the required standards to do so. If the establishment is not up to the prescribed standards set out by law to operate, then the assigned agencies should act, be it health department or otherwise.

    We will never get beyond the ultimate advancement of the human race if we do not get beyond the superficial barriers that keep us in bondage: white, black, and any other nationalities we wish to be labeled under.

    There is only one race- The Human Race- and we are all assimilated into various systemic programs which keep us destroying each other.

    There is beauty in our country but all this surface tolerance will eventually destroy us. Let us seek knowledge to innerstand from all sides, only then we can truly address our problems.

    There can only be “one love” if we truly love ourselves- for we
    ALL came out from the same Source.

    Let us seek for deeper innerstanding. Might be better explained from an expert in the study.

    Signing out.

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  63. Struggling Man says:

    Shame on the Minister for Natural Resources and Labour. Gave the operators until the end of December to move on and is currently holding up the business work permits.
    KP as a man of God you need to pray more for wisdom and fairness to all mankind regardless of race, creed or colour before you act.

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  64. dj says:

    They don’t like black people around here. Heard this from a Jamacian (black man). My family and I put up with the “local” not appreciating our business. We tried to be polite and kind and contribute to some local family’s income.
    Had to stop. After hurricane saw how you people on the island just hate everybody. Now you have guns- selling dope– killing each other and strangers– hope you “belongers” get what you deserve.
    Got a laugh out of the post Willy Thorton owned slaves– many many did– it wasn’t and isn’t right— but how about the black people who sold there own kind into slavery.
    You are some terrible people in BVI. Think on it say say how bad the St Vincent is– your in it’s foot print.

    • @dj says:

      “We tried to be polite and kind….
      Tried?.. You couldn’t do what should come natural to a human,you had to try…
      Nuff said.
      Wish that you could find a happy place .
      Hint: Look inwards.

      • dj says:

        Yes we tried as has so many but you locals– your rudeness still came through– no matter how hard we try.
        I am in happy place. I tell wife after 25 years of going to BVI and chartering and owning boat there we done with you all. She say praise god thank you.
        Yes tried….. say hello! say thank you! say good day! say goodbye!! leave good gratuity for waitress and staff and what you get back– you read here what you get. Hate speech. Name callin.. You need old days back? Big Poop in water– need good POOP on land what you need.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Move under ocean. That’s the test place for that kind if business that flushes filth into pristine waters; that pays slave wages and hates the melinated populace because it is melinated.

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  66. The Bee says:

    It’s two things…
    The BVI has absolutely no idea what their tourism product is, and…
    The trumpist D—– family shakes a handfull of dollars and says jump, and the spineless Premier asks, “How high?” on the way up.

  67. Urrgghh says:

    Urrgghh why are ppl on here talking about the willy T being a tribute to slave owners why don’t yall go change your last names then cause that’s a living tribute everyday you sign with your past slave owners names for example Hodge (recorded as one of the worst slave owners in the Virgin Islands) are you paying tribute??? No one is saying to forget your history but don’t live in the past. The Willy T is an awesome place to hang out for both locals and tourist. One less place to go one less thing to do in the BVI.

  68. jail says:

    I guess everyone should just go to church…BVI getting worst and worst… you old farts just stay home

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