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Woman accused of forging $2K cheque from charter company

Sheynela Smith

An unemployed mother of two was brought before the Magistrate’s Court after she allegedly forged a $2,000 cheque belonging to a charter boat company.

Charged with forgery, obtaining property by deception, and uttering forged documents is former supervisor at a security firm, Sheynela Smith of Long Trench.

Smith was not required to plead when she appeared before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards on Tuesday.


The court heard that on March 19, the complainant in that matter attempted to make a payment at a local hardware store using his Scotiabank debit card when it was declined for having insufficient funds.

Puzzled, the man made queries at the bank where he was informed that a cheque of $2,000 was recently cashed by the accused woman for ‘cleaning services’.

Bank officials then provided him with a copy of the said cheque and a copy of the identification used during the transaction.

After reviewing at the documents, the complainant informed the bank that he had not issued the cheque and he pointed to his forged signature.

A report was subsequently made to the East End Police Station and investigations led to the arrest of the accused woman who was known by the complainant.

When she was arrested, she reportedly said: “Officer, I just want to get this over with and I am going to admit to what I did.”

The court heard that on Sunday, March 17, the complainant attended a beach party at Long Bay on Beef Island where he left his vehicle unsecured.
It is reported that he left his cheque book and other documents on the back seat of the vehicle.

After the incident, he realized that two cheques were removed from his cheque book.


In court, the woman was granted $60,000 signed bail.

The accused, who is represented by defence attorney Reynela Rawlins is scheduled to return to court on July 17.

Other offences

Notably, Smith was recently brought before the court for handling stolen goods. However, her bail was not revoked because the forgery matter reportedly happened before the stolen goods incident.

Smith’s boyfriend, Glenroy Fergus, is currently on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison after he was denied bail for allegedly burglarizing three homes. It is alleged that during the burglary, he made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of jewellery and gifted a portion of the stolen items to her.

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  1. granny says:

    “birds of a feather always flock together”

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  2. Woman says:

    As a mother, I have to say you are a piece of work, when you are a mother, you never do things like that. A lot of stupid things enters my mind when things get tight in the pockets but I think about my children and about the damage that I am putting my children through.

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    • @Woman says:

      If all women will think of the damage that they are putting their children through, the world will be a better place.

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    • Agree says:

      No mother should be doing what this woman is doing. Granny always Saïd,their should be a law as to who should be mothers. If you needed extra money why not use your brains and figue out a way to make extra money the legal way, don’t help yourself to other people money. Out side of the BVI, girl you would be sitting with the FEDS on forgery charges and denied bail.

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      • So true says:

        Forgery is a serious crime. For real,if she was on US soil, she would be serving some serious FEDS time. The FEDS don’t grant bail or parole. If they say ten years, you are going to spend the full ten years.That is why I am always telling the young men and women don’t get caught on US soil doing stupidness because Uncle Sam is going to throw the book at you real hard.

    • You don't get it. says:

      Mother…whatever don’t touch what don’t belong to yah…look wuk.You was a supervisor where? poor dem.Y’all to damn fast..

  3. Corrupt judges.. says:

    Notably, Smith was recently brought before the court for handling stolen goods. However, her bail was not revoked because the forgery matter reportedly happened before the stolen goods incident.

    OH REALLY…lets find out what else she did prior to the stolen goods incident

  4. Listen little girl.... says:

    I feel sorry for the kids. As far as you are concern, you deserve a grown woman beat down for being so d**n ratchet. Shame on you little girl in a grown woman’s body.

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  5. W.T.F says:

    Wait her child father ant the one who stole the Jewely from the ppl them house to gave to her! ?‍♂️. Cheaper she had go up jail with he! Girl u should be working hard to take care of ur kids not following in ur child father foot steps

  6. Stripper says:

    Go crystals an get a job

  7. One eye fowl cock says:

    Bonny and Clyde look out balo Hollywood coming

    • @one eye fowl cock says:

      Bonny and Clyde was a bad A** duo. These two is low-level Mutt and Jeff. A true mother will never do S**t that will affect her kids. Just saying — have to do some jail time. It is going to affect the kids. Sorry to say this but, as a woman and mother, I really want to beat some common sense in her.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Greed starts and ends in the mind.

    From the bottom to the top of every where there is money flowing there are thieves

    Unfortunately, in most instances only the small fry and small thinker usually become overwhelmed with greedgets caught, but not always.

    Know how many houses here and the Eastern Carribean are and are being constructed with employers money? Many, many many.

    Greed, bad economic circumstances and thievery are common to all man as breathing air.

    If in business government and other, trust but verify.

  9. wize up says:

    live within your means

  10. Shameful says:

    What it is she gah dey ontop her head?

  11. :) says:

    Has any thief in recent history gotten away with forging a check and lived happily ever after? Why do they keep trying. You need ID to change a check. You give the bank teller your real ID to cash a fraudulent check. You cash the check, spend the money then get caught eventually and the whole world will see your picture on the news. You will then be labelled as that “thiefing” girl forever. You try to find a decent job you will be called the girl that forged the check. Somebody take a chance and hire you your coworkers aint leaving their bags near you. When your children get older their friends will say my daddy say your mother is thief.

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  12. LOL says:

    maybe she miss her man

  13. Hmmm says:

    Deport her.

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  14. Just saying says:

    Girl no man is worth the drama.HONESTLY,he could care less about your kids. Some of you young women will put a D**k before your kids. I agree,I feel bad for the kids but not for her ratchet chicken head behind.

  15. Hmm says:

    Then we wonder why locals (black) people find it difficult to get a job etc. can’t people in 2019 just work and earn what they get? Not enough? Look for side work? Each day in the news it’s always something that make us look bad.

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