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Woman charged for allegedly spending $20K erroneously deposited to bank account

A Jamaica national living in the British Virgin Islands is facing a criminal charge after she allegedly refused to come up with a plan to repay $20,809.51 that Scotiabank had erroneously deposited to her account.

Charged with theft is Kerron Fagon. She was not required to plead when she appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Wednesday.

This is because the matter is indictable and triable before a judge and jury at the High Court.


The court heard that on March 28 this year, the financial institution made the erroneous deposit into her bank account.

According to reported claims by the accused woman, she contacted the bank’s call centre in Canada to make inquiries after noticing the sum reflected in her account balance.

The court heard that a call centre agent reportedly told her to keep the money.

It is alleged that Fagon then went to an automated teller machine on April 4 and reportedly withdrew $1,000. She later went inside and withdrew $19,000, without making any inquiries about the origin of the funds or how the money came to be deposited into her account.

Notably, the accused woman does not have salary deposits or any other form of automatic deposits going to her account.

Major investment

The court heard that after receiving the money, the accused reportedly gave friends various sums of the cash to send abroad on her behalf.

It is alleged that she used the funds to start constructing a house and buy a vehicle. It is further alleged that she used the remaining funds to order items online to maintain her pig farm in her home country.

The court heard that the bank recognized the money was missing on September 3. After conducting an internal investigation, they contacted the accused woman. During a subsequent meeting on September 5, she was given up to the 9th of that month to come up with a solution for repayment.

The court heard that the accused did not comply and the matter was subsequently reported to the police.

On September 19, members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force met, interviewed, and then charged the woman for theft.

Her matter was adjourned to December 10 when the question of her bail will be handled.

Attorney-at-law Reynela Rawlins represents the accused.

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  1. Oh come onnnnnn says:

    She is just a bold face thief.We know exactly what is in our account.To date, I have $3,900.50 in my account.If extras shows up in my account I know a error or mistake was made and it is my responsibility to report such to my bank.I don’t believe the bank told her to keep the extra money. She is just a plain out thief. Another one inducted into the side eye look hall of shame.This is the BVI,not Jam down where the lottery scam is the norm.

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    • Error says:

      She contact every bank except the one here. When she went inside to withdraw the rest, she did not even say anything. This reminds me of people who find a wallet with your ID but keep it because they want the money. Smh

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    • Unknown says:

      Who is u fi a call her thief. Weh u knw bout Jamaica. Kmt

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  2. Seems like says:

    The lottery scam that the Jamaicans is doing to the elderly in the United States. Preying on the elderly and cleaning out what little bit they have in their accounts to live on. I hope the bank go after her full force. And I hope she don’t get a chance to leave the Island like they do when they commit a crime in the BVI.

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  3. lol says:

    Look at God!???

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  4. Anonymous says:

    The lady didn’t break any law… Both banks are to be blamed. The sending bank and the receiving bank. The sending back should pay for their mistake. The receiving bank should have reported the matter ASAP…Theze banks need to accept respinskbity of failure and pay the damn money back and leave the lady alone…Why the police had to get involved. The receiving bank is the one that really break the law the were suppose to report this large deposit. They are the one that needed to be arrested… And the sending bank repay the monies for their careless ness. Set the lady free….

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    • LMAO says:


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    • Guest says:

      I pray to god that you don’t have any children to pass on such warped values to.

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      • @Guest says:

        Stop putting the name of God in the mess.I hope the praying that you are praying for other people children downfall don’t fall on your spawns and their future generation.Wrong is Wrong.She stole money/embezzle a bank and that is ok to you? Hey, maybe you was in on the scam and is angry your free meal came to an end. Be careful when you pray for things to happen to people children because your dose of medicine is about to be dispensed on yours. Keep people children out of the mix you twit.

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      • Pray to you stinking mother says:


    • Trustworthy says:

      Anonymous, You are a big thief yourself. She knew the money was not hers but she withdrew all of it with her thieving self. She needs jail time for this.

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    • @anonymous says:

      your her friend who help send aboard the money huh you get your share to right?

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    • lol says:

      you have to be her friend who was helping send the money aboard.

    • @Anonymous says:

      No wonder your co-scammer of Scotia Bank got clipped. Ha Ha THEZE AND RESPINSKBITY. WELL ANONYMOUS YOU NEED TO ASSIST YOUR CO-SCAMMER WITH HER LEGAL FEES. BY THE WAY,the bank is going to get their money back.You can count on that.

    • Forward ever Backward never says:

      You are a dumb criminal. What school did you attend? My best guess is none.

    • strupes says:

      this comment sound like her big teacher friend who the tagged her in everything..You like give encouragement speak positive you enjoyed the money to about set free.

  5. Very good says:

    That is what you all get for keep letting all kind of trash from down Island into the Country.

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    • Technically says:

      Technically she’s from up island as Jamaica is in the greater Antilles located north west of the BVI.

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    • Online Now says:

      @Very good – hey, idiot, Jamaica is up Island.

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      • What diffrence says:


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      • @online now says:

        You are the idiot that needs to go suck on a sweet polish sausage and call it a day. Who the H*ll care if crime ridden Jam down is up or down Island.

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    • Proud Jamaican says:

      Now you stepping too far, seems like a Jamaican take away your man or woman why you hateing on us, let’s reason it’s not our fault why you have a big poxy leaky island down between your legs you uncivilized germs , this land belong to God not u are anyone so shut your stinking mouth , You see people like you ! Hmmmm SMFH .

      • No Better says:

        This is why things will always be a struggle for some Jamaicans because of this very behavior. Why is it always slack nasty behavior from most Jamaicans? Why is it always this route? You referring to GOD in the same paragraph with your nasty behavior. And you all does be wondering why your people suffer so much. Change your behavior!

    • Clarity says:

      Let us not be fooled to think that there are no thieves and low lives here in THE British Virgin Islands.

      Oh Dear Island of many little secrets!!

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  6. MISS_NOSEY says:


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    • So true says:

      She bought shame and disgust to the hard working Jamaicans in the BVI that mind their business and stay out of problems that just want to live as law abiding citizens in another man’s Country. I am going to say it. Let the law do their part,punish her and deport her backside back to picking Ackee.

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    • Say What? says:

      Kerron Fagon is the accused not the Island of Jamaica. Why then should it or its people be ashamed. Please explain. Person are to be judge based on their OWN action not on that of others or the place they were bore. Shame on her for not reporting it herself and on the the Bank for being sore careless.

      Stop the nationalistic nonsense!

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  7. Onlooker says:

    Best ah dem too lie and beggy beggy

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  8. Slackass says:

    Well she was definitely wrong for keeping the money and the bank was quite slack to only realize the money was missing MONTHS after. Lady,the bank gave you time to come up with a way to pay it back, but you made it worse for yourself

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  9. X says:

    They told her to keep the money and then after almost 6 months they ask for it back? Something just don’t add up.

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    • Wrong says:

      How you so sure they told her to keep the money? Let her play the tape. She too darn lie. My mom use to say a liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer

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    • @X says:

      Like seriously. No bank will tell you to keep the money when you call and make a complaint about funds on your account. Stop being dotish like the woman. Jeez man…..

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  10. true says:

    Bank error in your favour……nobody ever play Monopoly

  11. give her a break says:

    She thought her prayers were answered…lol

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  12. Nothing New says:

    From these Nationals. Let her repay THEN Send her home to work her pig farm. want all get non tal.

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  13. Scam says:

    She good well know why she call Canada’s Call Center instead of contacting the local BVI Bank. The woman had plans.

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  14. Lol says:

    When ain’t people man and husband they thieving it’s money lol deport her a$$

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    • smh says:

      I don’t think anyone can actually steal someone’s man or husband if they really loved their partner/wife. So, stop the foolishness.

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      • @smh says:

        You ever heard about the JEZEBELS.

        No matter how good a woman or man is to their UNFAITHFUL spouses, the WICKED JEZEBEL knows how to handle that bad-a$$ spouse.

        But God got news for the JEZEBEL. That’s a fact, not a myth or a lie. And one thing is for sure, a guarantee, the JEZEBEL cannot pray to God. No matter how men of the cloth try tickle your ear that you can when you with a man not yours.

        The joke on you, JEZEBEL

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  15. Anonymous says:

    The government rob 7.5 million n no one was charged for it

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  16. Well... says:

    I’m not going to even judge her, the only thing that confusing me is the fact that the bank gave her an opportunity to sort out the matter directly without police/court now she is facing serious charges and have to pay Lawyers. Some people are not too smart at all it seems.

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  17. LMAO says:


  18. Very hard to believe says:

    That a bank would tell a customer to go ahead and keep extra money that accidently turn up in your account.

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  19. WellSa says:

    6 months??? Scotia you all are careless

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    • @Wellsa says:

      Why is it that you people in the BVI is so damn stupid. All you all are doing is making it look like people in the BVI is scamers. The woman commit fraud and most of you is upholding what she did and blaming the bank.

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      • Anonymous says:

        How she commits fraud??? Its the bank mistake. She confronted one of the works about the amount money that she didn’t put in her account and asked was it ok for to withdrawal and he/she gave her the go a head to withdrawal the money. Once she approached the worker and told that he/she should have told her no and look into the matter,but they didn’t instead they gave her the okay to withdrawal. All a unuh over a wicked unuh feel unuh can tek Jamaicans strip. Mi feel seh unuh set up the girl. A gweh unuh fi gweh?

  20. Mistakes says:

    It was the bank error, I wouldn’t of paid it back just do the lil jail time and enjoy your home an pig farm when released from prison

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  21. Dan says:

    The bank screwed up, so let it go, she has nothing to her name, so write it off as a loss, is called part of doing business, ao leave the little defenseless people alone

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    • Here is how it works USA says:

      The scam artist would have a dummy company process a legit looking check in a person’s name.The person would deposit the check in the bank and the person would get the money deposited and cleared in their account.That is why when she called the bank, the bank Rep was able to tell her it was ok to go ahead and use the money. The reason it took 6 months is because the bank had to complete a investergation once the scam was detected in the system.If she was on USA soil she would be in Federal custody for scamming a bank which is run by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

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  22. :) says:

    Nobody from any bank would have tell that woman to keep the money. She probably never even call the bank. She know that the bank don’t just give money away. It’s a shame that she doesn’t have any friends with common sense to tell her that it is still considered a crime if you spend any money that doesn’t belong to you even if it just pop up in your bank account. If she woke up one day and her account had less money she would have been sleeping inside the bank trying to get answers. She’s a thief and it would have been nice if when she decided to keep the money that she used some to book a one way ticket out of the BVI.

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  23. OmG says:

    Y can’t this happen to me in these banks lol I promise I won’t use up all of it but a would pinch out a piece just to pay my Ridiculous light bill I have here since Irma and up to now can’t finish and trust me before they realize I would of done put it back lol lol

  24. 2 Cents says:

    It is always good to be honest. Almighty God blesses one immeasurably when they are honest. I know for I have been there when a bank teller gave me more money than I was supposed to get. I was tempted not to let him know but, my conscience told me he will get in trouble so I let him know and he thanked me. I felt good in the end that I didn’t went with the cash and I have been blessed by the Almighty many times since then.

    However, DISHONEST people get nowhere. Sooner or later they are caught and when they are caught, they are shamed big time. Sometimes, I wonder why God take so long to let others get caught and others get caught on their 1st try. But he knows why. The harder they climb (the more & longer they thief & lie), the harder the fall. People, God does NOT like WICKEDNESS and STIFFED NECK people … get this in your arrogant greedy heads & hearts.

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    • Luvz says:

      Oh I love this comment. Best comment on this story. The lady had an opportunity to make things right and she play fool fool. She exposed her heart condition and that is she is evil and wicked. What a big arse (sorry to say)! Honesty is always best.

      Thank you again poster in reminding us all to practice honesty in all our dealings on this earth. Remember, what we sow we reap.

  25. Interesting says:

    that women is a BIG T***f

  26. Rock man says:

    That’s a lot of money in Jamaica

  27. Hmmm says:

    Tell the banks in the continent of the BVI to answer their phones.

  28. Scotia Bank Listen........ says:

    I hope it ain’t my money the bank giving away eh.
    I’m stopping by tomorrow, so start counting…….

  29. ???? says:

    Hello it happen to my son and yes he is a jamaican . He bring the money home and gave it to me told me that the bank gave him too much money I asked him witch bank and I take it right back to them that’s the time they realize that they make a mistake. So black n***er keep off my sweet sweet jamaicans out of many one people.

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  30. @Wellsa says:

    Why is it that you people in the BVI is so damn stupid. All you all are doing is making it look like people in the BVI is scamers. The woman commit some fraud and most of you is upholding what she did and blaming the bank.

  31. SO DARN SHAMEFUL says:


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    • Unknown says:

      Nothing no wrong with planting cabbage and okra,its called farming stupid,she’s so welcome to her country we nah refuse her. She didn’t do nothing wrong a di ediat weh unuh have a work in the banks. True she a Jamaican unuh feel like unuh blahs her well unuh have a next guest coming damn fools blame unuh people cause dem know weh dem have up dem sleeves for the girl. Time u tek a run up u mouth u go and get u fact straight

  32. Anonymous says:

    It’s the bank mistake all you people whose talk you would have done the same thing she didn’t ask for it she checked her account and it was there be reasonable ” if you find a bag of money in the bushes what you would do”

  33. Asian sister says:

    Both the bank and the lady at fault. However, the lady had a right to reach out to the bank once she noticed the error but inside she went and cash out everything. Therefore, her intentions to defraud the bank was clear. NO BANK will never tell you to keep the money if you explain to them what happened. The bank on the other hand should have make sure all transactions processed accurately on a daily basis. So they was negligent to only noticed this 6 months after. All in all this lady should be pushed to the full extent because she was given a chance to replay and refused.

  34. lol says:

    Ackee, plant okra and cabbage…

    Jamacians Savage for real. cannibals XD

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  35. Mike says:

    She first did a test withdrawal when she made the first transaction. She then decided to clear the full balance off her account.Just a dishonest woman.

  36. All of you guys just go all you mother says:


  37. Guy Hill says:

    This woman is dead wrong.

  38. ???? says:

    Hey if she was smart like me when she went inside the bank then she should asked the que stoion y much money is in her account. Now all jamaican been disresped woman you wrong that’s the bank you are dealing with damn it

    • One World says:

      You expect us to take disrespect no we don’t and I’m not going to sit back and have these people disrespected us as Jamaican well if a Jamaican has done a crime leave the law to deal with them but stop disrespecting innocent people that is not guilty of any crime who are you guys to keep calling us down iland this and down island that is totally wrong I am reading all the comments and it makes me cry that is so disrespectful and I’m not going to sit back and take any disrespect from anyone I’m going to stand up for my country ,

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  39. Yardie says:

    There are dishonest people everywhere, I’m not condoning the wrong my fellow Jamaican did but after making that bad decision of taking what is not yours just plead with the bank and set up a payment plan. Pay back the money and call it a loan. You so stupid gone get lawyer that money you use to pay lawyer please pay the bank and leave the country. I’m a Jamaican and not taking no shame for no other Jamaicans I’m sorry. Just do the right thing , you can’t be wrong and strong.

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  40. Anonymous says:

    This is not the first time this has happened and it’s a crime. Some people don’t know the laws and some are just thieves. You find money and the real owner know it’s you that found it and press charges you will be charged with a crime. The only way you get away is when there is no evidence that you went with the money. Maybe they should start posting ads about finding money and spending money placed in your account by error. Some people really think it’s finders keepers when the law says if it does not belong to you and you keep it you stole it.

  41. life says:

    I know of a case where a man took money from first Caribbean the same way and refused to pay the bank after 5 years they took him to court. his from right here. came to me begging for help I did and now I have to take him to court for my money.

  42. vi says:

    all she need is to get a good lawyer from jamaica fi beat this case and she good the bank make the mistake

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  43. Clarity says:

    It was very wrong for this woman to withdraw and spend money she knew did not belong to her. If she called the Bank like she said she did and they told her to keep it, that is exactly what she should have done. Keep it in the account for when the inevitable happens.Not spend it!! OMG! Surely the bank would eventually figure that the money went to the wrong account and she would have to give it back.

    BUT…. Why did it take so long for the bank to realize the error? They really need to hold themselves partly responsible for this gigantic mess.

  44. Let Justice Serve says:

    Good lawyer from Jamaica? I don’t care how good he or she is, they cannot win this case for this i***t… Them Jamaicans love money too damn much and the Bible talks about the
    “Love of Money.”…Them other Jamaicans that are siding her and giving them rude comments need to go back to Jamaica too. Here we get the rejects who can’t get work in their own country. They’re aren’t nobody in their own country but come up here with their nasty, bad behavior.
    BVIslanders, stop sponsoring people just for help. If you do not have work for them, do not do it. It is totally wrong and it need serious attention. Lets clean up the country.

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  45. Long and short!!!! says:

    If some of them Staff was paying attention to what them doing with people money instead of broadcasting to the Public how much people have in them account. This would of never happened….

  46. Jane says:

    This bank is attrocious. The sum in the grand scheme of things is tiny. The bank messed up. I kind of feel like they should have just sucked up their error and avoided the bad publicity. This is hardly making them seem like a solid financial institution.

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  47. Lisa says:

    Listen up people, Institutions make mistakes. No one is perfect, Years ago Social Security Administration sent my husband a check for $20,000.yes twenty thousands dollars. He spent the money. A month later they sent him a letter informing him that the money was sent erroneously and they wanted their money back. Of course you don’t mess with uncle Sam’s money(USA). The money was repaid in full.

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

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