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Woman charged with human trafficking! Four victims rescued

A woman has been charged with various human trafficking offences following a police search warrant executed on last Thursday.

The woman has been identified as 37-year-old Pockwood Pond resident, Genette Colastin.

She was one of three persons arrested but the other two were released. According to a media release from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) on Saturday, four persons who are believed to be victims of human trafficking from another island were rescued. They are now in the hands of the Immigration Department.

“Human trafficking also known as modern day slavery is a problem all over the world. If you have any suspicion of human trafficking, I urge you to call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 800 8477,” said Police Commissioner Mark Collins while commenting on the arrest.

Meanwhile, the RVIPF said these latest arrests and charges are part of a major investigation into human trafficking in the territory. It comes weeks after former Speaker Julian Willock was arrested by the police on suspicion of the same offence.

His communication devices were seized as police investigate the embattle former Speaker.


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  1. Reparations ? says:

    Modern day slaves demand reparations !

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  2. Oh Nooo! says:

    The woman mentioned in this article is a sweet person who would not do such horrible things! They have got to be mistaken, that is not her character! I’m praying for you and your family Genette.

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  3. Fish guys says:

    Human trafficking was a ting you hear on the news in other countries . Now it is practice in the BVI . We have gone to the dogs However, check
    Out the perpetrator’s last name? Nothing is said because perhaps she is working for locals and they perhaps are the benificiary of the sex or money

  4. sensi says:

    I thought the same thing also, the only thing i can think is that coming from Haiti she genuinely believed she was helping her country people get a better life without the full knowledge of the money trail involved. Can only imagine she is low ranked, but others close to her are a lot more involved.

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  5. Hmmm says:

    Wonder how come this one nationality isn’t in the headline….

  6. @ HMMM says:


  7. AReminder says:

    Mathew 7:6

    BVI must and will pay.

    A do over in its future after the crumble.

  8. Hey says:

    Any local sighting of the Asian balloon?

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  9. better life says:

    this most likey has nothing to do with sex… just people trying to get to a better life

  10. Jello says:

    How sad. A nation whose people knew of the horrors of slavery yet steps backwards doing the same thing.

    A shameful repeat of history.

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  11. Lol says:

    Because she in your church?

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  12. lawyer says:

    Haitians as well as other countries whose nationals are seeking a way out of their impoverish and violent countries, are exploited for large sums of money. Haitians and locals are making alot of money from these victims of circumstance.

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