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Woman gets $20K bail for allegedly assaulting females, one knocked unconscious

Seanna Jack

An unemployed Brady Ghut woman who allegedly assaulted and injured two women was granted $20,000 bail when she appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Wednesday.

Charged with two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm is 27-year-old Seanna Jack. She pleaded not guilty to both charges.

She was granted bail in the sum of $10,000 per charge. Of that bail amount, $1,000 is to be paid in cash for each charge. Effectively, she would pay a total of a $2,000 cash component and $18,000 signed bail.

First alleged offence

The court heard that on June 17 last year, she allegedly battered another female at a well-known nightclub in Baugher’s Bay.

It is alleged that the reported female victim was with a male friend at the location when Jack began to instigate trouble with the couple.

They allegedly ignored the accused woman and started making their way out of the club when the accused began pulling on the man’s arms.

The other female intervened and an altercation ensued between the two females. The court heard that the accused woman punched the female in the nose and about her body.

The reported female victim had to receive sutures for her nose injury, the court heard. The matter was subsequently reported to the police who then charged Jack.

Second alleged offence

The court heard that on Valentine’s day this year, another woman was at a bar in Fat Hogs Bay when Jack entered with a male companion.

An argument ensued between the two women who were mutual acquaintances with the male companion. The argument escalated into a physical altercation, at which time, Jack allegedly kicked, grabbed and punched the female until she fell unconscious.

The battered woman reportedly suffered swelling to her head and was brought to the hospital for medical attention. A report was made to the police who subsequently charged Jack for the second time.

Attorney at law Ruthilia Maximea represents the accused. Her matter was adjourned to February 19 for trial.

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  1. strupes says:

    deport her

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  2. God don't Sleep says:

    Them suh never got them c——-n but be out here making all kind of trouble with people! Welcome to Tortola where UNEMPLOYED people got the most S H – T we—– and thing eh eh !LMAOOOOOOOOO

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  3. Lol says:

    Real Jack donkey

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  4. Oh says:

    This is so dumb! What is she fighting for?

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  5. Well Well says:

    27 yr old? ah yo mistake the age why she look so 0–.

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  6. Question says:

    So how come she didn’t attack the w———- man if he was straying?

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  7. Badchoices says:

    27years and look so hardD!!???????.
    These females are so s——–. His actions tells you where you stand. If you have to continue fighting for this man (assuming that’s the position here), I personally think you needs to take a seat. He evidently don’t care about your feelings cause if he did you won’t have to be in a fight over him every other week/month/year. Step back, take a look, evaluate your position and get a moving on in the opposite direction which is AWAY from him madam. Come on now, you making yourself look bad and putting bad and negative words in people’s mouths. You should ALWAYS remember to put yourself FIRST at all times. Regrets and sure to come later watch and see.

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  8. Question says:

    Can anyone please tell me since when worthless is a rude or dirty word, because I notice they blocked it out earlier. Am only seeking enlightenment so I hope they won’t block this post too

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  9. Well Well says:

    27 Years old? you got to be kidding, she look old rass, sweetie he ain’t worth it look where you end up and where is he.

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  10. Disinterested says:

    She hard. Real thug.

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  11. umm says:

    why are they allowing people to take pics in the courthouse. i assume the pic is in the courthouse.

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  12. When says:

    When a woman have to fight over a man,he is not worth S**t. Bet he is still snuggle up with the girl she fought untill the next one comes along.

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  13. Only saying says:

    She should stay out the Bars and Clubs

  14. 2 Grand says:

    Wow the struggle is real good loving will mess u up smh

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  15. Haha says:

    She look like she was 27, 27 years ago.

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  16. Builder says:

    Wat a Mug shoot Lol < Them do u bad gyal

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  18. Whoiiii says:

    Seanna!!!!! Lmao u still fighting? Why u don’t grow up? Smh u going have to spend money u don’t have now. And u know who to pick fights with. You only fight people u know da ain’t bout da life. Girl u need prayers.

  19. admirer says:

    way better dudes out here my girl aint worth fighter for. ☝?❤??

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