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Woman trailed, accused of cheating before murder

New information reaching BVI News Online from highly placed sources are that Jamaican native Sherika Nelson was murdered when she resisted efforts to prevent her from leaving the matrimonial home during a heated quarrel.

She was attacked and butchered with a knife while reportedly packing her belongings to leave.

Her 52-year-old husband, Lennox Franklyn Da Silva, who is a native of St Vincent and the Grenadines, has been charged with murder.

Further information is that the husband accused 27-year-old Nelson of cheating on him with two men who often transported her between her workplace in Pockwood Pond and her home at Greenland, East End.

She was a hairdresser.

Husband went to watch

On the evening of the tragedy, June 10, the husband allegedly went to Pockwood Pond and watched to see who was picking up his wife.

He then rushed home and waited until she arrived.

When the woman reached home, an argument developed.

She started to pack her belongings to leave the home, when her husband allegedly attempted to prevent her from doing so.

The woman did not back down.

That was when she was stabbed to death.

The incident happened in full view of two children who live at the home.

One of the children is the husband’s 11-year-old son, and the other is the daughter of the deceased woman.

Da Silva and Nelson have been married for three years.

Stab wound to neck – Man charged for murder of Jamaican wife

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