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Woman’s fee urgently covered at HLSCC

Dr. Sylvia Simmons (File photo)

While expressing gratitude to members of the community who previously helped a distressed mother to cover her fees at H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC), the Family Support Network made a similar appeal hours ago on behalf another mother.

The second mother whose appeal hit social media less than 24 hours ago would have been blocked from sitting exams today, said Director of the Family Support Network Dr Sylvia Simmons.

She said the young mother, up to a few hours ago, owed HLSCC $695 and was told to pay up.

Dr Simmons explained: “The Family Support Network has a young mother of a six year-old who is in need of help from the community. She is enrolled this semester at the HLSCC and is doing well. This mother is working very hard to enhance her skills; and find herself not having sufficient funds to pay her balance in order to take her exams.”

“She is currently unemployed – and not because she has not been diligent looking for a job. She has not been able to collect child maintenance for the past seven months. This week [marks the start of] her final exams and she is told she will not be able to write her exam until she pays the $695 balance. This has left this mother feeling helpless because she does not want to fail her classes,” Dr Simmons said.

Members of the BVI Community Board (Facebook), where the appeal was posted, quickly responded to Dr Simmons’ request. “The young lady took her first exam this morning and is scheduled to take her second exam later today,” Dr Simmons reported moments ago.

She also said: “For those who assisted, the other mother who received assistance is scheduled for graduation this semester. Because of your financial help, she will be graduating with her associate. She said thank you.”

A section of H Lavity Stoutt Community College

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