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Women told to get off their ‘high horses’

Reverend Dr. Melvin Turnbull (File photo)

In a Father’s Day sermon mainly promoting mutual respect in the household, head of the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church Dr Melvin Turnbull commanded men in his congregation to stand and declare that they are the heads of their households, adding that they should not surrender that role to women.

He said women should get off their ‘high horses’ and accept that they are not the heads of their households regardless of their net worth or educational backgrounds.

“God set the man in authority, and brothers you ought not to be fighting for a place in your house as the head of the house. This is not a hotel; God has placed you head of the house – not one of the heads; you are the head.”

“You sisters need to get off your high horses talking about ‘I own’ – I don’t care what you own… I don’t care how educated you think you are.”

“Brothers I want you to stand up and declare where you are standing that ‘I am the head of my house; I am the man of my house!” Dr Turnbull trumpeted.

He also urged women to stop comparing their man with other men.

“Sisters ought to be careful how they treat the brothers. Some call the bothers dog. And please stop comparing your man with some other man. Sisters, stand by your man,” the clergyman further preached.

Women should be protected

He, in the meantime, told the male congregants that part of their responsibility as the head of the household is to protect and respect the woman.

Dr Turnbull encouraged the men to declare: “I will protect my wife; I will protect my children; I will protect everything that is connected to me and everything that I am connected to because I am the man, and I will not allow any other woman to think she can compete for a place with my wife.”

The clergyman also urged men to choose their male friends carefully. “Come on brothers, you need to check your circle of influence. Who do you hang out with? Who are your friends? Do they love what you love? Do they honour what you honour?”

“We got a lot of brothers who are married that keep hanging around with a whole lot of single men. That’s not so bad, because I would like to influence all of them. But the one bad thing that happens, I see a lot of married men hanging out with single men and trying to be single,” added Dr Turnbull.

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