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Word on the Street: Should expat looters be deported?

Uric Callwood shares his views with BVI News Online.

Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering announced recently that following discussions, it was agreed that expatriates who were convicted and sentenced by the court for post-hurricane looting would be deported.

Under the law, the governor may order the deportation of any non-Belonger convicted of an offence that is punishable by imprisonment of three months or more.

BVI News Online took to the streets to find out from residents whether they believe looters should be deported. These are some of the views expressed.

Dominican female resident: “They really overdid it. Some people want to be going with big fridge; where are you going with that? They also break and open places that [were not] open. It’s wrong.”

Frenchman’s Cay female resident: “I didn’t know they were sending them home not to come back. But they must follow rules of another man’s country.”

Taxi Operator: “Some leniency should have been done in the matter. Show them that they made a mistake, don’t let it happen again and give them a chance.”

St. Vincent native living in Greenland: “The looters are the ones who did most of the damage. They hindered a lot of businesses from reopening so they deserve what they get. My jeep was parked up Huntum’s Ghut they took out my two lights.”

Female St. Kitts and Nevis native: “Only one thing I want to tell them, all who they find looting, wherever they go and loot, make them go there, clean up the place and help work on it without a dime. They don’t have to deport them.”

Ulric Callwood: “If they wrong let them go. They have no cause to be mashing up the place like that.”

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