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Working committees in UK & BVI set up to move ganja bill forward

Premier Andrew Fahie’s recent visit to the United Kingdom (UK) may have brought new hope to the government’s now stalled Cannabis Licensing Act.

Speaking at a press conference recently, Premier Fahie hailed the establishment of working committees as a possible solution to the impasse that caused government’s medical marijuana plans to come to a grinding halt immediately after the legislation passed through the House of Assembly (HOA) more than a year ago.

Premier Fahie said while there was a difference of opinion that saw the bill being stalled, it had gone through a rigorous process before getting HOA approval.

“What we have agreed to is set up working committees from in the UK and locally,” Premier Fahie said.

He said meetings have already started among the groups; the outcome of which is expected to be reported at the ministerial level.

According to the Premier, these meetings should allow the BVI to get past whatever issues that have arisen and will allow the legislation to receive assent from the governor, and by extension, the UK.

He expressed that the current status of those talks is a work in progress.

Denied assent

The bill was first denied assent by former governor, Augustus Jaspert, who suggested that necessary safeguards such as a licensing body, were not in place to properly administer the sector once the law had been passed.

The bill was then sent to the UK’s Foreign Secretary, where it was expected to receive the attention of both UK and BVI officials.

Jaspert had argued that before the legislation can receive assent, the BVI must work with UK officials to establish into law, a Cannabis Authority that will monitor the local industry.

At the time, Jaspert said the UK Home Office acts as the licensing authority for narcotics in BVI, including medical narcotics. The Cannabis Licensing Act would change that, meaning the BVI would take over this responsibility from the Home Office.

“For this to happen, BVI and the Home Office need to work together to take preliminary steps to transfer the authority and enter into a Memorandum of Understanding, which is a binding agreement between the two governments,” Governor Jaspert had explained.


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  1. what !!! says:

    Yet another one of those fancy lies

  2. BS! says:

    UK not going to give hey, hey, hey access to any more revenue streams. When he gone they will let this happen. Sooner the better for all a we.

  3. AGRICULTURE ? says:


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  4. wow says:

    This man is determined to sink us!!

  5. LOL says:

    Do you really think if marijuana was that economically viable the bigger Caribbean Islands with vast land and much better soil etc. would have been on board? This will have the same outcome as the Green Houses that Irma ate for breakfast.

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    • Secret Bear says:

      Legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana is a true and noble goal. However, thinking it’s going to be some kind of cash cow export for the territory is madness. They’ll hand a sweetheart contract to some shady fly-by-night scam artist who knows nothing about growing marijuana and the BVI will never see a dime; meanwhile they’ll still be arresting rastas left and right for doing what they’ve always done. The best way to make money off ganja is to go the Netherlands route: encourage “weed tourism” and allow visitors to legally smoke a blunt on the beach under a coconut palm. No other Caribban country can offer that. But of course the geniuses in charge will never go for it because that won’t allow them to line their pockets as efficiently.

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  6. Sigh* says:

    What about halting the arresting and prosecution of persons with small amounts of vegitable material on their person until all the formalities are sorted? She BVIslanders still be charged for mariguana when we are indeed moving towards decriminalization? Nations the world over increasing revenue with the herb and we are still prosecuted! HOW IS THIS HUMANE?

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  7. spoil soil says:

    the V.I should have done this YEARS AGO, they would have had some much revenue coming in

  8. PR says:

    La Isla Encantada is already growing cannabis by the ton and marketing it’s products very effectively. The large Caribbean islands have a huge advantage over the small islands when it comes to any type of agriculture.

  9. Tommy Chong says:

    Recreational and not medical is where it will be at for the VI and wider Caribbean. The EU, Canada and USA already have the technician and financial strength for this industry and have it on lock!

    Recreational will boost the tourism product more so than this pipe dream of medical!

    Get y’all heads out the sand nuh!

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  10. Freedom 1 says:

    Free up the herb for everyone. Big tourist attraction yes but to be honest we all need the herb. Stop the control and Legalize it the right way so everyone can benefit.

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  11. Yo says:

    we need legalization for the sake of freeing the people from an injustice! Money is second.

    If you hold it too tight it won’t work as effectively and be more of the same. Let the people grow their own. Creating more avenues for entrepreneurs. Many will gladly step off the ship smoke a gram before their buds I mean buss tour.

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