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Works Ministry: Xmas promises lots of work opportunities, cash

Photo by Davion Smith/BVI News

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication and Works, Anthony McMaster is projecting a lively Christmas season and an even busier 2019/2020 in terms of employment in the territory.

McMaster told BVI News several construction projects such as repairs to the Central Administration Complex in Road Town will begin by then.

In April, government received an $11.4 million payout from NAGICO Insurance to renovate the complex because of the damage it sustained during last year’s hurricanes.

“We are hoping that within the next month, two months we will be able to start sending out some of the tender documents for consultants, for actual construction works where designs have been completed already,” McMaster said.

A number of other Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)-funded projects are also in the tender process stage, McMaster said.

“Realistically, the summer is going to pass where we will be putting everything in place and hopefully by the last quarter of this year, we should actually see projects rolling out.”

Cash-filled Christmas

He said persons in the local construction industry can anticipate a cash-filled Christmas.

“I think it will be a bright Christmas in terms of activity for the country. We are going to have a lot of activities ongoing which means a lot of money will be flowing into the economy as a result of these works.”

“Going into next year, we will be kicking in another gear because, by then, a lot of the other designs will be finished and those will also be tendered … So, I expect a very, very, busy next two years,” he added.

The CDB loan

This year, the Dr D Orlando Smith-led government borrowed some $65.2 million from the CDB for hurricane recovery.

The funds are expected to be channelled through various projects over the next three years.

Projects will include repairing the road network and sea defence wall in Carrot Bay, Tortola. More than $4.5 million is expected to be dumped into that project.

Another $5 million was set aside for the Road Town and West End ferry terminal repair and reconstruction projects.

Four million will go towards the development of a brand new building for the Department of Disaster Management and $8.75 million will go to the education sector.

The road network and sewerage projects around the territory will also receive attention, according to the government.

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  1. v.g man says:

    whats for us in V.G ?Nothing have to rely on Yates Johnson Bronson Keller etc.Poor VG not a part of BVI.I assume

  2. nick says:

    ok but Christmas is in 6 month. What about fixing the roads now.paraquita is a nightmare again.

  3. Bright for whom..? says:

    Yeah riiiiiite!! Boss man we done see ayo plebs and paper pushers for what ayo really are – PIRATES! Never have I seen Government ran so inefficiently and haphazardly as y’all current crop. Now we done know ayo going make backdoor deals to ensure the facilitator fees are paid. The same generic contractors are going to get the works and the pipeline to campaign $$$ going flow again! Remember we ALL are aware of the impending elections around the corner. Over-priced civil and architectural works with little to no value for money. Only to be left afterwards to die a slow death of neglect, such is the fate of ALL government ran/managed projects!

    We on to ayo….!

    • Sam the man says:

      I agree “Bright for whom” name and shame – this “No direction party” is a total disgrace . After 10 months all West End has is a tent as a ferry terminal ! Unbelievably inept and I wouldn’t believe one word this i————- s—- d——– says as — is way out of h– depth and is like a puppet having h– strings pulled in the background…

  4. Charnele says:

    Don’t you see government does not see Virgin Gorda has part of the BVI. The Admin. Building, the Ploice Station and the Fire Department in VG need repairs too.

  5. Here we go! says:

    The Christmas bribes right before election. Stay Woke people.

  6. Brad Boynes says:

    Is he for real?

  7. lol says:

    But he aint a factor so no need to worry NDP don’t want to say he can’t run this year because the Higher Powers….Just this the work and vote as you feel like

  8. Observer says:

    Christmas season is a long time away especially when you have to go through the hurricane season first. Lets hear the shorter term plans please.

  9. Want2Kno says:

    So, is he saying the plan is to rebuild after another possible storm? Thought Government ‘had a plan’

  10. CW says:

    Wow talk about unappreciative and total ignorance. Please commenters, tell us all about how to make the insurance money come quicker. It can’t. Please expound further about how to hurry up cat 5 storm proof construction before that money arrives. If you helped as much as you hated, the BVI would have an awesome recovery like all the other Caribbean nations hit by Irma/Maria. Comments like these truly show how little you understand about the world. The comments also show why the UK has to fix everything themselves. Go ahead though. Keep tearing each other down and being foolish. I’m sure that’s the ticket to a great economy and

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