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World-class | ‘BVI has the Rolls Royce of bathrooms’

Inside a restroom at the Tortola Pier Park

Public restroom facilities at the Tortola Pier Park are the best in the Caribbean, according to representatives from the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association.

“A lot of people judge where they are by the bathrooms … I’ve got to tell you (the BVI) — you’ve got the Rolls Royce of bathrooms right there in the Pier Park,” said Russell Daya, an executive director for the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.

“I’d even go as far as to say Bentley as well … You’ve knocked it out of the park for the number-one bathrooms in the Caribbean”.

Rolls Royce and Bentley are two of the top luxury motor vehicles on the planet.

Daya made the comparison while speaking this week at a media conference at The Moorings. The conference was about discussing the BVI’s readiness to accept major cruise lines back into the territory.

First-world facilities

While concurring with Daya’s conclusion about the quality of local public bathrooms for visitors, another Disney Cruise Line representative said, overall, the Pier Park is also on par with facilities in first-world countries.

“Our guests are very satisfied with your port … It’s compared to one of the ones in Europe that have had one of the top ratings; and that is something you should be very proud of as an island, honestly.”

Disney has not decided when it will resume calls to the territory. It said the BVI has more preparations to make in order to accept large cruise ships. However, following their assessment this week, Disney said the territory’s current progress is ‘encouraging’.

In the meantime, representatives from the Norwegian Cruise Line said they are confident they will return to the territory by October.

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  1. Outsider says:

    Two thumbs up, we are best at at creating the best s*^t ????????????????

  2. nick says:

    rolls Royce bathrooms,thirld world country roads.

  3. thanks says:

    Very proud moment for the BVI WOW!!!!!

  4. Devon says:

    They are only in good condition because they are brand new and no one has used them much ! Give it a bit of time and zero maintenance then will be same as the one in Noel Lloyd park !

    • Hmmm says:

      The park has been there over 2yrs and its clean becausw its the only place in the BVI with rules that are enforced consistently. God bless the berthing agreements and those heavy requirements. Why cant we be happy when something good is said about the Territory. If you guys travelled yoy would know that our pier park is far superior to majority if the others around the world. If he said the park was horrible then we would be singing his praises. He has commended us and we are upset. We must be the stupidest ppl on the planet.

      • Time to realize..... says:

        There are those who live among us who have access as opinion makers who do not wish us well, and use every opportunity to diminish our efforts or accomplishments.

        They trivialize or ridicule the important while giving exaggerated prominence to casual or flippant remarks.

    • @DEVON says:

      The bathrooms are well maintained regardless of how busy it is. I noticed this long before Hurricane Irma affected the Tourist season. Even the grounds are well maintained.

      Perhaps the same cleaning company responsible for the Tortola Pier Park, should also be hired for the upkeep of Noel Lloyd Park.

    • Unknown says:

      You come here with this negative energy… smh

  5. Reality says:

    Craptastic result! despite having debris littered all over the island, sewage running through the streets, blocked ghuts, derelict buildings, burnt out and abandoned cars, roads that can’t be safely navigated and unsafe beaches – but apart from that award winning loos at a Pier Park that is deserted wow – totally underwhelming!

    • Um hello... says:

      It’s not like the cruise lines that are commending us been here since the natural disasters. These are obvious results from since before the BVI took a hit. As someone who frequents the Pier, I noticed the same before and after. In fact, once I’m in town and need to go, that’s where I go!

  6. Wow says:

    A first class bathroom to run to after being infected by food poisoning. If one is lucky enough to make it ????

  7. Hmm says:

    We drive in sewerage. Wee need a Rolls Royce sewerage treatment plant.

  8. SNAFU says:

    The whole of Tortola is a world class s**thole.

  9. daniel says:

    they look so grand one would hesitate to shi…………in them ha ha

  10. Sky says:

    I hope they continue to be kept clean.

  11. I concur!! says:

    I completely agree!! I have raved about them from the very beginning. Kudos to the staff responsible for keeping them clean.

  12. KillBill says:

    Some people are so negative, there’s just no words to describe. Here we have someone from a reputable internationally renowned entity with vast expertise in hospitality and tourism giving us these high marks and people find a way to make it negative. Then we expect people to respect us and this Territory? Unbelievable!

    • Sam the Man says:

      I guess its perspective Kill Bill!…all good that we have some nice clean toilets but its embarrassing when we celebrate such mediocrity! no doubt the No Direction Party will arrange an award ceremony and give out certificates to the cleaners next!….I suspect most contributors here are using humor to make a point! quite sad really that these toilets were the only aspect Disney complimented – says it all really….time to step up and improve on all fronts really not just on Nr 2’s!

  13. Roar says:

    Too bad near every other bathroom tourists may use on island are abysmal!!! They are places that exist in nightmares.

  14. paid for by the people... says:

    They should be, considering how much the project cost and the overspend that was never accounted for. BVI locals and residents we paid for them. Maybe this is where we should all hideout when the next hurricane comes. I doubt our shelters are anywhere near as nice and our children sit today in crumbling makeshift schools and are breathing in toxic air West. PRIORITIES!

  15. MommaM says:

    Unfortunately there’s no wheel chair accessible bathroom

    • Time will tell says:

      Not true. I’ve seen a handicapped sign on the bathroom door close to the atms. I must give kudos to the pier park authority for the upkeep of that place.

  16. Good Job! says:

    Very pleasant and helpful cleaning staff, so good job SPS! This may seem like a mediocre achievement for the territory as a whole, judging by some comments, but it shows that you are doing what you need to do to make a difference in your area of expertise!

  17. ??? says:

    Oh Thank you so much for this wonderful compliment. So I get to crap in Rolls Royce style, then jump in my Honda Civic and drive through the same crap that spilled out in the street. You have to love this place messon.

  18. Stainlessbloke says:

    Too bad about the airports toilets.

  19. WTF? says:

    Oh goodness. Cancel the trip to the UK. We no longer need to worry about the economy. Tell all the tourists to *$@# off. We have reached the ultimate achievement and need go no further. We can not bask in the glory of having the ultimate bathroom. The rest of the world should bow down before us and beg to use it. We can, of course, now demand ridiculous taxes and fees in order to allow people to use this bathroom and remind them that they’re not from here and no matter how much they contribute to the community, how much they invest, or how long they stay, it will never be their bathroom and they are subsequently inferior. We should name a school after whoever commissioned this bathroom, likely at an astronomically inflated price and likely took a ridiculous kickback to build it. At least now we know we got our moneys worth for the overruns on the cruise ship. The rest of the world will be trying to mimic our amazing pooping facilities for years to come. …Ever wonder where that sewage goes?

  20. Not news. says:

    1st off ALL public restrooms on island should be of similar cleanliness and standard which they are definitely not. So yes, these are the only nice public toilets in Tortola …….but who is the giant that installed the paper towel dispencer that I have to stand on my tip toes to reach. Lol

  21. My2Cents says:

    BVIslanders and the ppl who migrate here and adapt the same nasty habits, truly make me sick. This post will be a bit hypocritical but it’s with reason. You all are parasites living inside your own bodies. Why is it that you all insist on coming on to these news sites with these comments laden with negativity and disgust???? If you who live here don’t appreciate what you have you think ppl from outside will want to come here???? This is the WORLD WIDE WEB. Anyone from anywhere can read what is being said about this country by its own people! It wouldn’t kill y’all to find and exercise some discretion before you come online typing. Think about our image for ONCE in all of your lives and stop being ridiculously petty. And for the ppl who want to respond to me as if I ain “bawn here”, think again. Born AND RAISED.

  22. NezRez says:

    The bathrooms are clean and very attractive. I hope nasty people don’t mess them up.

  23. JYD says:

    PERFECT bathrooms but the cruise ship passengers dont stay at the pier park them go to cane garden Bay and low and behold the bathrooms there are not fit for a RAT so come on dont blow our whistle and leave out the horn lets do all for all of us to be happy and comfortable when we go to the beaches

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