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Young locals will be placed on each gov’t statutory board

Premier Fahie. (Photo by Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News)

While acknowledging the number of young voters who came out to participate in the recently-concluded general election, Premier Andrew Fahie is promising to provide them with avenues for professional development.

“We will start by ensuring that a young person forms part of the composition of each government statutory board and committees,” said the Premier who was speaking at the Praise and Thanksgiving Service at the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park on Wednesday.

“This will not be business as usual but business unusual — business unconventional,” he added.

Notably, while serving as Opposition Leader, Fahie had selected the Sharie De Castro as the Youth Representative on the Recovery and Development Agency more commonly referred to as the RDA. De Castro now serves as Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development and is the youngest sitting legislator on the VIP government.

During the campaign for the 2019 elections, De Castro often promised youth development and inclusion if elected.

District Councils coming

Fahie, in the meantime, is also keeping true to his campaign promise of implementing district councils across the territory.

He said the councils would provide an “organised and formal setting where the people can make direct representations to their leaders.”

“It will be a framework where representatives will be mandated to report directly to people and allow themselves to be questioned by the people. Our democracy must be deeper than asking people to come out and vote every four years.”

Premier Fahie also urged his team to “never be condescending or dismissive”.

“We must not sit on things or sit in the way of things which, if done well, will bring benefit to ordinary people.”

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Why we don’t give the young people the opportunity to grow properly. So that when they are placed in certain positions they could make an immediate impact. This could be one of the reasons that BVI is lagging behind in development. A better strategy Hon. Fahie is stop employing retired civil servants, this would ensure that everyone has an opportunity for upward mobility.

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  2. vip heckler says:

    So far fahie ain’t bring ah thing to the table. We haven’t heard how the country will raise new revenues. Instead, all he is talking about is prayers. All he did since gaining power is up and down keeping more prayer meetings than Pope Paul himself

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    • Faith says:

      You sounds so stupid and illiterate. The man in Office for 1 week and you expect him to move mountains in that short period of time. You need prayer with your salty NDP supporting backside

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      • Clueless says:

        This guy don’t have a clue what he’s doing. Like Trump he drain the swamp and had no real solutions to move us forward.

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    • Guest says:

      You sound like a bitter nitpicking NDP supporting jack $&@. It has not even been a week since swearing and you already showing you will not give him a chance. This is telling how objectively he will be viewed by some of you NDP leeches for the next 4 years….

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    • Lol says:

      He telling u all to pray cause he don’t want u all to no that the funds low NDP done drain the cookie jar so u better pray them just get in not even a month take it easy everything takes time????

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    • Omg says:

      Lordy , i click like by mistake, father forgive me .

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  3. Wonderful says:

    Now young people can be productive and be part of building this country.

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    • Not impressed says:

      There were young people on every board in government before so nothing new here. Fahie intends to play these emotional games all the time. Get down to some real work now please.

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      • Observer says:

        I am curious to what you consider young. Because that may be the exact issue at hand. What hard back conchs the previous government considers young verses what the new government considers young.

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      • Bienvenidos says:

        Stop telling lies. A set of old conchs who look like they want to retire on Boards. Some on 2 and 3 Boards. Nonsense. The Premier needs to dissolve all those Boards and start over his selection, before they run him aground. Dissolve them backside starting from airport come down.

  4. Goodsense says:

    There is still a young person on the RDA board because the make up of the board mandates that a young person also serve

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  5. CW says:

    It’s always disappointing to read comment calling out others when those typing the hate DO NOTHING THEMSELVES. To the first comment- this is EXACTLY why the BVI lags behind. STRUPES teach the youth that honest work has less value

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  6. Anonymous says:

    It is hoped that the Premier has began to build a culture centered on problem-solving. Because it has been said that some within the party are there solely for personal gain.

    However, a culture centered around problem-solving and not personal gain is an effective strategy for an organisation and prevents scandals and other political conflicts.

    Therefore, the honorable Primer should focus on surrounding himself with smart people, even those who he might not always agree with, in order to get all perspectives about the topic at hand, and not try to accomplish to much all at once.

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    • Legal says:

      Well they will be watched closely. Those who are there for personal gain that is. The years go by quickly. Government will be held accountable make no mistake about that. People are no longer prepared to stay silent. No more.

  7. REMEMBER says:


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    • Guest says:

      Well the previous government had the utmost experience in creating questionable controversial limited transparency projects. So experience should not be thrown at this point

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    • What Experience ? says:

      At first it was Educate almost or best educated government; now its about experience. Is it really true that the previous government were better educated and experienced? The please educate the rest of us about what happened. It certainly can’t be attributed to hurricane Irma, mainly. Guadeloupe and St. Martin were hit by category 5 hurricanes also..
      A member of the loosing party members shared with me that his government was earning from Financial Services over $200,000,000 a year; yet we are broke, schools not repaired, West End Port yet to be rebuilt; government administration building on Tortola and Virgin Gorda still not repaired, no sidewalks, no cargo dock on Virgin Gorda; New clinic still unfinished +++. Oh Please. Time to move on, but some things still need to be expressed

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      • Good sense says:

        What evidence have you seen that we are broke? The new premiere hasn’t given any indication about the country’s finances

    • REMEMBER TOO says:



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  8. Okay Now says:

    All well and good, but please make sure that they are prepared to work hard and engage in dialogue with other board members on issues to be addressed. This is not happening with some youths on boards now.

  9. Politico Nuevo says:

    On then 25 Feb, the people voted for a change; the people wants change; the people wants to see things happen; the people wants planned and effective change and production. However, Hon Premier Andrew A. Fahie (D-1), MoF, slow your roll; you seemed to be getting a little too anxious, IMO. Yes, it is the FAMU ( Florida A&M University) Rattler tradition that the Rattler Strike, and Strike Again and Strike Again.

    Nonetheless, my suggestion is to take a little time to grasp and observe the current situation, develop a consolidated and integrated plan, take a phased approach, roll out an execution plan, monitor plan and replanned the plan. The piece meal approach being employed may be counterproductive to both the short-term and long-term plans and desired outcomes. The voters have given you the mandate and want the right things done. Lots of action does not mean qualitative and quantitative work is being done. Seem as if you are trying to hard to impress us out the gate; haste makes waste; take a breather.

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  10. Policy Maker says:

    All statutory boards need people with the subject knowledge requirement, there are to many people on these board have seemingly absence knowledge and qualification to make adequate decision.

  11. locked up abroad says:

    Hon. Premier Sir, I agree rightly with you but I’d like to say to two pence here (it’s not much). Please don’t stick to young people who come from upper class families only, because if you ask me (and others) you will find that those who don’t, have much more sensible opinions and tangible ideas to lay on the table that can be taken into consideration. One thing I realise here in the BVI is whenever you see a headline about a position or something of the sort, it’s filled by persons who already have a full plate or belongs to a family of high class. There are young people in the BVI who have BIG ideas also and who can make solid and intellectual contributions same way. It’s really sickening to see our young people just sitting by the way being ignored and some can’t even get a job because of how they are rated. I know they themselves need to push forward and be heard but to speak and it falls on deaf ears and be overlooked all the time is disheartening. I know I will probably be beheaded for this but its facts. One set of young people getting ahead and others who CAN do much better is being pushed into the shadows. Those who work on the campaign trails aren’t the only ones to give a chance. Look waaay out and over their heads and the heads of the igh class, you’ll be amazed what you see and can come up with.

  12. Ausar says:

    “Observer”, that point given has been the crux of the vexing issue.

    WE NEEEEDD the youngest of among the young: 20-32, at most!

    The future of any country is it’s young and a move like this can bring only positive results!

    Keep up the good works, Premier, with your youngest from among the younger, inclusive strategies!

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