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Younger males breaking traffic laws ‘all of a sudden’



It is not unusual for him to appeal for especially scooter riders to desist from riding recklessly on the territory’s roads.

But, during a House of Assembly sitting a few days ago, Government lawmaker Archibald Christian had a new twist to his complaint.

He said he is concerned about the apparently young age of the scooter riders who ‘all of a sudden’ have joined older ones in breaking the traffic laws.

“All of a sudden now, I see a bunch of youngsters – young men on motorbikes. The milk is still in their faces [and they are] riding motorbikes without helmets. They run through stop lights; they bob and weave through traffic; and when they get injured the 13 of us [elected representatives] – at some point in time – get called to provide assistance or help,” Christian further said.

He noted that he has ‘appealed to them and begged them’ to start riding carefully, adding that he had ‘gone to funerals and cried here and overseas’ for the scooter riders.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, persons must be at least 18 years old to obtain a licence to drive a motor car, and 16 years old for those who want to obtain licences for motorcycles.

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