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No excuse for hitting crosswalk users – Vanterpool

pedestrian crossing

The pedestrian crossing near Flow

While noting that steps will be taken ‘very urgently’ to improve pedestrian crossings, Minister of Communication and Works Mark Vanterpool said motorists have absolutely no excuse for hitting any pedestrian using the crosswalks.

“Most of the pedestrian crossings are clearly marked. Now, how motorists handle pedestrian crossings is another thing. When you are coming to a pedestrian crossing, you should not be coming at any speed. You should be looking for the pedestrian; the pedestrian has the first right.”

‘They (motorists) don’t have any excuse for not yielding at pedestrian crossings; there should not be an excuse once they (the crossings) are marked and they are there,” Vanterpool said.

“That is something that I believe we as motorists need to be more careful about. When you are coming to a pedestrian crossing, there should be an expectation that somebody is there to cross, and you should be slowing down.”

The minister also raised concern about the number of accidents unfolding at the pedestrian crossing near Flow’s flagship store in Road Town.

“There is one (pedestrian crossing) that we have had a few accidents at over at the Flow building area that I have got some complaints about how they are, and why there are so many accidents there. I will take a look at that to see if there can be any improvement there in terms of highlighting them (the pedestrian crossings),” Vanterpool said, adding that steps will soon be made to also have the pedestrian crossings better lit at night.

The issue surrounding pedestrian crossing has returned to the fore after a vehicle struck a resident of East End, Kishona Crosse Smith, while she was using the crosswalk near Flow a few days ago. She was treated at Peebles Hospital.

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  1. inquiring mind says:

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    Indeed I agree with the Minister’s response every driver should know that when approaching a cross walk one should be vigilant and slow down,driving with due care and attention,pedestrians have rights to the road too.And there is the matter of speed limits as well within the city.

    • Agreed says:

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      I agree with the Minister. I also would say that there is no excuse for putting a cross walk in that location.

  2. Horse *&*^ says:

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    There are no upright signs/warnings of an approaching Pedestrian crossing. Can a motorist (who doesn’t know or remember a PDX is there) see a faded paint mark on the road? the Govt is lax!

    we need – 1) lighted vertical PDX signs. 2)brightly painted PDXs. 3)tickets issued to drivers who park or stop in traffic on PDXs.4) PDXs relocated to sensible crossing points.

  3. Yolo says:

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    But wake up yes I understand that the person on the crosswalk has the frist right away yes but that mean they just can’t walk into the tola like that….. but there is a blind spot for drivers the mirro and the metal between the windshield and the driver door …… and if place correct you can’t see the person coming near the crosswalk…….

    That why is good to get eye contact … wait until the car come to a complete stop before crossing….. because if not it’s just as bad as j walking

  4. Suga says:

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    The pedestrians need to also be educated on the PDX.

    Often times they just walk out into the road and not use the crossing (sometimes the crossing is a few feet away) Perfect example is right by Flow.

    I see persons leave the gas station to cross over to Flow and walk in the middle of the road when there are two (2) pedestrian crossings in the area.

    Yes they have the right of way but I feel when using the crossing, eye contact must/should be made(driver/pedestrian) before proceeding to cross.

  5. Bull says:

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    But what kind of nonsense is he saying. Sometimes you stop look both ways and as you are driving off these people get on the cross walk and willfully walk fast on the cross walk as if wanting to collide with you.

    Mr minister it is the responsibility of the pedestrian to make sure that the driver sees him before he crosses the street it is Law.

    Especially where the cross walk does not have traffic lights. Some of The pediatricians in this country has no respect for the motorist they go on the cross walk sometimes when a vehicle is just twenty feet away approaching.

    • For real says:

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      You say 20 but I have had people do that to me less than 10 feet away
      . Then they want to cuss you out like they have no sense

  6. but says:

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    These cross walks are placed at the junction of very confusing intersections where persons are busy trying looking left, looking right, looking up and looking down then pedestrians just pop out of no where. the crosswalks should be placed away from that busy point of the intersection.

    • devon says:

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      You are right,, Pedestrian crossings should not be at the roundabouts and junctions, they should be further away from them.

      Also people overtaking, dropping people off and parking on crossings should be fined. These crossings are interfering with traffic flow at the roundabout in town.

  7. Political Observer (PO) says:

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    Agree that there is no excuse for motorists hitting pedestrians at ctrosswalks.

    Motorists should exercise due care, vigilance and caution.

    However, pedestrians too must demonstrate due care, vigilance, caution……. etc taking sensible risks, using good judgement and crossing safely only at designated crosswalks.

    A wireless solar crosswalk light would be helpful in controlling pedestrians crossing, avoiding accidents and injuries.

  8. Tola govt behind and try throw blame outside instead of taking up the blame says:

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    Now I say all this, let’s look at the crosswalk at the last stop light. They have controlled lights to govern the flow of traffic. But in tola we do things backwards.

    Crosswalks should have a light to help govern the flow of traffic.

    And these people must know just because you see a crosswalk means you can out on it with due care. Right there by lime you have to make all sorts of sight checks before you enter the intersection.

    And as one said blind spots are a big factor as well.

    So Hon. Mark needs to revamp that statement buddy. Because school children anywhere and anyhow I’m the street crosswalk or not sadly adults doing it now to.

    They jail walking and walking slow like they got ishh up their butts

  9. Commonsense says:

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    I agree with the minister concerning the fact that the pedestrian has the right of way at a pedestrian crossing but placing a pedestrian crossing at a roundabout and an intersection that is not regulated by stop lights is just downright dangerous.

    Come on Mr. Minister, pedestrian crossings are supposed to help pedestrians cross roads safety.

    As it is with these in Road Town, these ill-placed crossings are doing the opposite. Move them a little distance away from the roundabout and the intersections and it will make things safer for all stakeholders.

  10. Concerned. says:

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    Mr. Minister, I agree with you.

    There should be no excuse for hitting someone on cross walk but why on earth have you placed those cross walks at some of the most dangerous points on the road way: the roundabout ant busy intersections?

    Please Mr. Minister, have the technocrats in the ministry do a little research on where are the most appropriate places to put pedestrian crossings.

    After all, in today’s day and age our decisions should be governed by research and facts. Not opinions.

  11. das says:

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    The location of the pedestrian crossings at the main roundabout in road town is one of the stupidest things that I have ever seen.

  12. Concerned. says:

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    Mr. Minister not getting the point. The lady was hit at the cross walk in broad daylight so him talking about highlighting cross walks etc is not the solution.

    The crossings are located at dangerous spots and need to be relocated.

    My God, even the babe on the breast could see this. Let’s not behave like we are related to Trump.

  13. Think again says:

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    Even though they have the first right I have never seen a motor vehicle inside the hospital crying for pain so. Pedestrians need to learn how to properly utilize the cross walks

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