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Two cruise ship calls cancelled

Two cruise ship calls scheduled for August 15 and 16 have been cancelled as a result of the tropical wave that caused widespread flooding and landslides in the territory last week Monday, August 7.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith said his government made the decision after careful consideration and consultation with the Recovery Advisory Group and industry stakeholders.

“While the territory is open for business following the rains on Monday, cleanup and recovery efforts continue to address damage to critical infrastructure in the short-term, while continuing the long-term strategy of upgrading key infrastructure throughout the territory.”

“After considering the volume of visitors expected from the calls, we agreed that our infrastructure, key attractions, and beaches needed additional time for full restoration,” Premier Smith explained.

He further stated that the territory hopes to welcome the affected ships in the near future.

“It is important that our recovery efforts continue to ensure that we provide lasting memories of the BVI for both visitors and residents alike. Our agencies and residents are committed to a stellar BVI guest experience, where we meet and exceed expectations in Nature’s Little Secrets.”

“We look forward to welcoming the ships back to our shores on their next calls scheduled for August 29 and 30,” Premier Smith said.

He continued: “I thank all the government agencies, private contractors, the private sector, volunteer organisations, and members of the public for their collective and commendable efforts as we continue as ‘One BVI’ to make significant progress with finalizing our recovery and returning this part of paradise to a state of normalcy.”

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  1. Concerned says:

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    If you didn’t turn away the help offered the territory would have been restored on time to accommodate cruise ship passengers.

    Mr.Smith stop creating blunder with your poor decisions, by the time you’re through with your reign the BVI will be poverty stricken.

    Please step down and hand over your position to someone who is capable,you were a great doctor but you seem like a reckless useless selfish position stop it Please!

  2. THINK! says:

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    If the 400 sailors who wanted to help had been allowed to assist we would be further ahead especially as more rain is coming. Just sayin’.

  3. Townie says:

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    Great- so you denying us a right to earn much needed money over the summer months

  4. Come on says:

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    The roads are not safe people for those safari buses to be up and down full of tourist.if and just if something had to happen with one of the bus load of tourist what are you people going to say?Mr premier you made the best decision and most other leaders in the Caribbean would have done the same.

    • Hmmm says:

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      So why did they spend $80mil on a pier park and ships will be turned back because tour roads are not safe? Thats it?

      So f** every other business that benefits from cruise tourism? They could have cancelled the tours and host the ship guests in the city providing a much needed stimulus to the small businesses in town that were hard hit but reopened and need the business.

  5. Come on says:

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    And you people think that a ship carrying 400 crew members ,all 400 was going to leave the ship to come and clean your yard .maybe and just maybe 150 might have left the ship.what is wrong with we people don’t want to clean our own surroundings. We want someone else to do it for us.

  6. Marcus. says:

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    Pleased to see other people quickly making the link between the Premier dismissing the help offered from Mounts Bay and the subsequent cancelling of cruise ship arrivals. The man’s pride came before his fall.

  7. Harold says:

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    Cruise ship passengers dont just visit Cane Garden Bay, what about the two long bays? You have denied tourist that likely will never come back anyway the opportunity to dive, sail, shop at the pier park, swim with the dolphins, zipline, visit VG, JVD, Norman, Peter.

    This is a ridiculous decision. You have denied the many people that are relying on cruiseships the opportunity to earn money to put back into this country.
    Poor and wrong decision and not necessary

  8. Just Wrong says:

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    I’m not sure this was the wrong decision. Now on the other hand the offer of help from the UK with 400 crew members is a whole other story. Look at the picture. “No” He says to the offer of help. And then a day later says: “NO” to a scheduled call by two cruise ships. Why am I confused?

  9. E. Leonard says:

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    Premier exercised sound public health and safety decision and judgment on cancelling the two cruise ships call. Protecting life, safety……….etc must take precedence over other issues. The territory is in the midst of a recovery effort from a historic and disastrous weather event and may not be ready for cruise ship calls.

    Moreover, the decision supports and protects tourism, the work horse of the BVI economy, protecting the health, safety, well-being and experience of visitors. Long-term interest must trump short-term interest.

    The decision is in the best long-term interest of transportation providers. The short-term loss though painful will yield and sustain longer-term benefits.

  10. Might says:

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    They might call back Mounts Bay as they should’ve anticipated the tropical wave by tomorrow.

  11. Old says:

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    Mr smith you is a doctor. Not a premier

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