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$16K for new Skelton Cline consultancy? What for?

Second District Representative Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull

Questioning Pastor Claude Skelton Cline’s role as a government consultant, Opposition legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull has claimed that the government is now paying $16,000 to the clergyman.

The VIP administration had hired Skelton Cline’s company, Grace Consulting on a $144,000 contract which was scheduled to run from September 18, 2019 to August 17, 2020, as stated by Cabinet.

In a recent interview with 284 Media, Skelton-Cline revealed that he was being retained by the government to carry out two additional projects. However, he didn’t reveal the value of the latest contracts and what specific projects he is working on.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on September 29, Turnbull said Skelton Cline’s latest contract is valued at $16,000, as he asked for reports and updates on the work Grace Consulting is doing on behalf of the government.

“… Let’s call $16,000 because that’s what his contract is now. But what is being done? Where are the reports on this consultancy contract? Because the only time you hear him is on the radio on Tuesdays and Thursdays. God bless we are in here now because he would have been in there [on the radio] prancing up,” Turnbull said of Skelton Cline who was present for that sitting of the House.

“You know what I learned? No matter what you do in life, once you got a problem with money, money is always going to be your problem,” Turnbull said.

Brings up past

Turnbull also mentioned the 2008 Virgin Islands Neighbourhood Partnership Project which then Education Minister, Andrew Fahie hired Skelton Cline’s firm Claude Ottley Consulting Limited to deliver.

In 2019, a leaked report from the Auditor General’s office concluded that the project yielded no results.

A year ago, Opposition leader Marlon Penn questioned the contracts awarded to Skelton Cline and other government consultants, saying it is unclear what they’ve been hired to do.

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  1. Justice must be fair says:

    The BVI has a corrupt system of accountability from what I am seeing. We seem to go after who we want to go after for whatever reason and we sweep other things under the rug for other people based on family ties etc. The neighborhood project which involved Claude Cline and the now Premier Andrew Fahie really needs to be looked into. All that money spent yielding no results and the report I understand reveals a lot of falsehoods and unaccounted money. Why was that report no made public? Why was there no investigation into it? Now Claude Cline has the biggest mouth in town and Mr. Fahie got a big promotion. Now here we are more than ten years later and the two are back together. Claude received contracts totally close to 250k over 18 months with no evidence of what he has done or is supposed to do. Contracts that were not tendered. Purely political rewards for spreading l— and p———– on VIP opponents. Yet nothing has happened. Is it justice or just us?

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  2. New Flavour Needed!!! says:

    Mitch keep the pressure on them and while you are at it, please start working on your team for next election. We are tired of both VIP and NDP.

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    • Really says:

      Agree, his current team to quiet. They need to keep visible and viable if they have any hope for the next election

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    • JOKES says:

      You sleeping with your eyes wide open. LOL

      So you believe that Mitch the mice like $itch self c——d self-claimed Christ like will be any different??????

      Don’t forget school children say Mitch wanted to be Deputy Premier on the VIP and because he got a vague answer he called the now Premier a liar!

      Don’t forget that Mitch came from a r—-n self centered group that branch away from another c——–s group for this country.

      Don’t think that the people minds are shadow bossy. The cut deep TB cancer also gearing up but her intentions was for her friends from the get go. These guys playing baby cry because they lacking milk and although they are hired to do a Job of keeping the government accountable, don’t think that if they were to get in they would do any different.

      I challenge all bloggers to ask them when they come out with their report to also say what they will do differently.

      1. They will still hire consultants like they always do.

      2. They will pick the same circle of construction companies like the others.

      3. They will change laws that will convenient them and their families to not be in jail. NDP did it big time.

      4. They will still have club members.

      ETC ETC ETC ETC!!!

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      • @ JOKES says:

        please please go sit dung

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        • JOKES says:

          25 NDPs blogging on every online story. If ayo think blogs does win election you wrong. Especially when you can see as clear as Stevie Wonder that it is the same group blogging p**s all day. Baby cry baby cry.

  3. Ace says:

    The general public is also interested in what has borne out from the first contract and what are the terms of this second contract

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  4. My take says:

    I am not a fan of Claude but I am also not a fan of Mitch. The two of them are opportunist.

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  5. 2nd District man says:

    The people of the 2nd District know that Mitch does not tell the truth so while we may not be a fan of Claude we are certainly not a fan of Mitch. He needs to go.

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  6. Not again says:

    The people are suffering and all the Opposition is doing is trying to find any mischief to try to discredit the government. They are a waste of time.

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  7. You go Mitch says:

    Keep putting the pressure on them Mitch. I got your back on this, enough is enough. How the H*ll this man keep sitting back and reaping when this money can be used for something more important. THIS PREMIER IS SINKING TO A ALL TIME LOW. HE IS GETTING VOTED OUT NEXT ELECTION. He is not fit to run the Country. SICK OF SEEING AND HEARING ABOUT PREMIER AND HIS POCKET LINING SIDEKICK.

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  8. Balance says:

    Claude get his contract from the Government and Mitch got three hundred thousand dollars from the same Government so all is well that ends well.

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    • @Balance says:

      See this is where you lose focus. $300,000 was given to the people of the 2nd district. Stay focus and stay woke!

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      • You are right says:

        And the HOA have records of how the funds were spent; for all members. This is not even a concern for the Audìtor General.

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  9. Lmao says:

    Mitch if you had this same attitude when your party was stealing and squandering money maybe they would have still been in power. You can try all that you can but I will never vote NDP. So keep doing you to remain relevant. I’m pretty sure your political career is over. You are to cocky. Short man syndrome.

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  10. THE VIEW says:

    Well said Mitch. I totally agree with you. This guy claude is a big f***d. He’s a good talker. And he knows how to C** and convince the VIP government.

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  11. Just STOP!!! says:

    I seem to recall this Premier promising that all of these consultants would be held accountable, that if deliverables were of no value – they would be FIRED! Another series of l— from Fahie to cover up g—, insider back-room m— t—-, t—- and c——n. The Loyal Opposition needs to demand immediate criminal investigations.

    No more lies, no more nonsense. We can see the trail of money falling out of your sack. So Just STOP!!!

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    • Speak Out, Speak Up! says:

      @Just Stop!!!, You are absolutely correct in quoting the premier regarding the so called Consultants we hire. People need not be afraid of speaking up and speaking out for our country and our children’s future. We are the real Bosses and the politicians are our employees and there’s no reason to be fearful of victimization with the Constitution to back us up; and platforms such as (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram +++) to take our case to the airways should it be necessary. The times have never been better for citizens to speak out in defense of their country and the future of their children.. At the rate the squandering and mismanagement of taxpayers moneys our country will soon be dependent on bank loans and Social Security to run our economy. Our country’s unchanging reality, at least at this time, is that its Tourism and Financial services are fragile and subject to outside shocks; earthquakes, hurricanes and now epidemics. Meanwhile BVIs is without exports, oil and minerals in the ground and unable to produce enough food to deed its people in the event of natural disaster or other world events or circumstance. As such, our leaders and managers of taxpayers resources should operate with the highest degree of Transparency and Accountability.

  12. Pressure says:

    It got plenty consulting going on for big money and no results. Tourism got a big one.

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  13. More money? says:

    More money to let us know how many blue cars driving around the Island? The Premier and the Pastor is a disgrace. Shame on you Mr. Premier. These two is nothing more than MOOCHERS. Your rein will soon come to a end.

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  14. Damn shame says:

    Every rope has a end. The VIP Government will soon come to a end. Keep putting them on blast Mitch. I can’t stand the sight of the Premier and his Minion. ROLLY POOLY AND MR. CLEAN.

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  15. $$???? says:

    Mitch, where is the money that government gave you to help your district? People been out of work since March and still no money to help D2?

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  16. Hmmmm says:

    Please note it’s $16K per month, that’s not the total value of the contract. This is allegedly being paid PER MONTH based on the amount of his last contract. This is absurd especially at a time when so many small businesses are struggling. These guys have zero shame whatsoever and it’s clear why they do not want the UK involved. If we were independent his salary would’ve probably been $40K per month with a house and a Rolls Royce.

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  17. Meanwhile says:

    Thanks Mitch. While you await an answer can the public please have a detailed accounting of how you spent your $300,000. Thanks.

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  18. Keep the Pressure On! says:

    Keep the pressure on Mitch. This government is out of order and by the way they going we will be broke by next year this time so. Please let us stop looking at what the NDP did and who Mitch is. The bigger picture is Andrew will always ensure his cronies eat and there are people out there that are hungry. How can Courage continue to rape the government and his neighbor is hungry. VIP must go. Please do not let Andrew come with his fancy and pretty talks. That is the reason why they are fighting for independence. They would be responsible to themselves.

    Mitch let’s get the party up and running. We with you (good or bad). Any thing come now is better than Andrew and his team.

    We with you! VIP must go.

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  19. Help Us says:

    This Administration got to go no if or but.

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  20. The Truth says:

    I don’t know what hold CSC has on Andrew. Ever since he returned to the territory he been attached to the nipple.

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  21. Watcher says:

    Hmm.The VIP Government is reckless when it comes to the public’s purse. On top of this reckless behaviour, it’s been less than transparent. Hence th reason why we as a Territory is far far from political maturity and self determination.

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  22. @ says:

    It don’t matter what district you are from once you from the BVI you know this is fact. SO Just accept the fact that Mitch is correct! Claude is getting favor money. It was the same when he was with NDP and when that didn’t work out and he made big public annoucement that he was now VIP. He used his gift of gab to get him contracts. He has no expertise in anything he is being paid for. Lets see the report please!!

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  23. Rubber Duck says:

    No surprise that these scallywags are trying to get rid of UK supervision. Lots of hands in the cookie jar.

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  24. VG MAN says:

    I can never believe a word Mitch said.

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  25. Yawn says:

    How ironic Mitch wasnt around for the Neighborhood partnership project but he remember that clearly because it was a VIP project but he was a member of the HOA when Claude received his consultancy project for the Ports valued at $96,000 a year in 2011. Somehow he have no concerns about that contract. Why was it good then with NDP but bad now with VIP. NDP had so much faith in Claude after the contract was up he got the job as head of ports.

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  26. 2nd District says:

    Mitch Turnbull need to ask himself why he is a representative for the 2nd District. the place is stink and the Government is talking about opening. Mitch clean up your district man and go to respect school. Dig the mote out of your own eye before you tear down other people. this is your family. When you tear down family you will kill your neighbour in cold blood. Lord Have Mercy on us all.

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  27. Doh says:

    The monies are to maintain a working relationship with God. We need a mouthpiece and microphone to Him and this a small price to pay for that, everyone know how Godless this territory is with witchcraft, evil cats, and hellacious potholes. Having a person with a conduit to the Almighty aids us in our time of need.

    Also, fake pastors have needs too. Mortgages, car payments, insurance, girlfriends, hookers, and blow is all Gods work. Please. Support this man.

    Carry on.

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  28. Patrotic bvi. says:

    Guys we see how corrupted this government are.that’s why they are trying to go independent to do worst.

  29. again says:

    we want the governor to look into this , chatting crap on radio is expensive

  30. Anonymous says:

    let the governor looks into it , because to be getting that kind taxs

  31. I Wonder says:

    I wonder why Claude panicked when he thought that governor was about to look into his contract? I wonder why the VIP Government has never explained exactly what the public should be getting for its money. I wonder why I should believe anything that the government says about limited funds?

    NDP/VIP……I am sick of both of them!!!!

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    • @I Wonder says:

      We might not have to wait to long with the departure of Gus and the incoming governor in January. I have no doubt that governor Gus will make sure the new governor will fill him in on this and other projects such as the “Hospital School Study and the Drag Race project study, at a cost of an estimated $1-mil plus.

  32. Wow says:

    That money can feed 40 families for a month and help with the rent . That is profiting one house No boy !!

  33. Local says:

    @ Yawn, M. Turnbull was not in the house in 2011.

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