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54 y-o accused of raping friend’s step-daughter

Andre Stedman being escorted from court

A 54-year-old security guard has been hauled before the Magistrate’s Court for allegedly raping his friend’s stepdaughter.

The man accused of rape is Trinidad and Tobago native Andre Stedman.

He was not made to plead to the charge in the Magistrate’s Court because the matter is indictable. That effectively means that the case will be heard in the High Court.

Allegations are that Stedman called the complainant’s stepfather and proposed a social meet-up.

On the day in question, Stedman reportedly visited the family home where he met the victim’s stepfather.

The two men watched sports on a television while the stepdaughter remained in her room.

The stepfather retired to bed later that evening.

The court heard that the young woman exited her room and noticed that Stedman was asleep on the couch.

She later returned to bed, the court heard.

It is alleged that the young woman woke some time later to find Stedman on top of her, penetrating her.

The matter was reported to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, and the Trinidad native was charged.

Following a bail application by Stedman’s attorney, Stephen Daniels, Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards offered the accused man $80,000 bail. She ordered him to make a $15,000 cash deposit of the bail amount.

The senior magistrate further ordered Stedman to surrender his travel documents, and to report to the Road Town Police Station three days per week between 6am and 6pm.

He is scheduled to return to court on October 2.

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