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A local was ‘never intended’ to head RDA — Turnbull

Melvin Turnbull

While commenting on talks from the Fahie administration about the possibility of a local becoming the next CEO of the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA), Opposition legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull has said the qualifications for the post indicate that a local was never intended to fill the position.

The RDA is seeking a new CEO following the resignation of New Zealand native Paul Bayly a few weeks ago.

“I did not support the RDA, unlike the current Premier. I said to someone that I was having a conversation with, when I looked at the job description that was set for the CEO of the RDA, you would realise that there was never intended for the BVIslander to qualify for that position,” Turnbull said during a press conference last week.

He continued: “Now hearing [that] because Mr Bayly has resigned, we can make way for a BVIslander, the Premier has the opportunity, if he so wishes, to do that. But why was the RDA set up? What was the RDA supposed to do? The last administration and this administration is operating in contravention to the law that passed that I voted against because the RDA was supposed to be set up to deal with the recovery and development of the Virgin Islands after the devastating storms of 2017. Where we are now is a lot of fast talk, a lot of things shifting, and things operating as if we are trying to get it together.”

Turnbull said his reasoning for voting against the RDA back in 2018 was that the BVI should be rebuilt by the locals, “just as it was done 50 or 60 years ago”.

Requirements for the post

Before Bayly’s initial appointment more than a year ago, a February 7, 2018 post on the RDA’s website said the successful applicant for the position of CEO was required to have senior management experience with a demonstrated ability to oversee, motivate and collaborate with staff.

He/she was also required to have “transparent and high integrity leadership in an intercultural environment, able to convey a vision of the Agency’s strategic future to diverse staff and stakeholders, and ready to lead as an agent of change. 

Sound organisational skills including planning, delegating, programme development and task facilitation are other requirements for the post. Additional requirements include having excellent social and intercultural communication skills, methodological competence for facilitating participatory processes, and strong public speaking ability in international settings.

Notably, there were no educational requirements attached to the advertisement on the website.

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  1. Online Now says:

    The territory is still a mess. Yes, it was a bit of a mess before the storms but we had the opportunity with first class project managers and skilled engineers and a pot of cash to make the territory A class.

    Instead, we messed around, argued about who was in charge and who was getting the contracts and settled for the “same old”.

    Schools are still unfinished when they could be state of the art. Roads falling apart when engineers were available to sort the issues once and for all. Derelict vehicles and houses remain as eye sores.

    I guess you get what you want in this world.

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    • Going down says:

      The Territory is heading for complete financial disaster. Once again, no guarantee of kind if a kick heads the RDA period. You are a crooked people and you will get no assistance. The Territory is going to lose its tourism sector. Antigua is becoming a major powerhouse port with Royal Caribbean investing millions. They don’t even come to the BVI. The financial sector is gone and yet you are all in denial. Only when the treasure is empty will you acknowledge it. However there is still a few dollars for politician consumption so it’s all good. You waste your time sitting under trees talking but doing nothing. Just remember, the politicians are filling their pockets and will leave the Territory wealthy people when things get worse.

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  2. standing ovation says:

    I am proud of the late Delores, Mitch and Fraser for standing up for what they believed in and not being flip-floppers like the others.

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  3. Democracy says:

    Sounds like an easy job for any Tom, Dick or Harry

    Belonger applicants must be familiar with using a hammock and sipping cocktails while wearing designer shades and Gucci shoes.
    Please send your CV to the Ministry of Fun in the Sun

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  4. Ausar says:

    Mr. Benito Wheatley, is extremely qualified for this position!

    And, I think that, that is where we should be looking!

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  5. MY Heart Weeps For Us. says:

    And i repeat, ” a local was intended to lead the RDA.” That is a golden fact.

    But, the colonial and neocolonial, brainwashed, bamboozled, suckerups, don’t know and don’t care about history, and as a result do not know about the people that has shaped the current eco-politico realities and its current effects on thier thinking and their current eco-politico circumstances.

    They are basically still, for the most part part, educated degreed, colonial house servants. They look out for the offsprings of theie former masters more than they look out for their own.

    Yet, a six figure job is existing right here in their own country, but it is off limits to them. And, they are totally ill-prepared politically psychologically, emotionally societally to challenge such a condition.

    What a blind people we still are. My heart weeps for us!!

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  6. @On Line says:

    I disagre with you partially.

    No, we get what we deserve when we value the minds of the offspring of our former enslavers, who have not our interest or that of the territory at heart, other than to suck as much from it as possible, more than me value our own peoples minds, skills and intellect..

    We, are our onw worst enemy in this here 21st. We had better get our act togther soon or we will be re-taken and severly down graded and ruled.

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    • You are says:

      You are your own worst enemy because you are racist filth and a crooked criminal people. You haven’t risen two steps from your time of enslavement. You can no more take care of yourselves than that of a Country. Your best aptitude is making unwanted offspring and stealing. Don’t be rude to your past enslavers. At least they took care of you.

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      • @You are says:

        Present your facts to support all five of your (false) suppositions, then let’s debate.

        Meanwhile, we might be our worst enemy, but you and your kind are our greatest enemy, and has been for centuries. Your commentary tone illustrates that clearly.

      • @You are says:

        Racist, repugnat boy, GTHOH with your hate. The BVI was peaceul beforw you came along.

        You are incapable of defining our people, because we are not definable through lies and untruths. You never define us. Not ever!

        All you and your ancestors, and today you, their offspring have brought to civilization and the rest of the world are disease, death and destruction, among other woeful ills. But don’t take these for truth, go read your own peoples’ history scum bag.

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      • Continue as .... "You are" says:

        “Blessed are the pure in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Zion.

        Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

        Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, and possess the heathen under their humble feet”

        You will regret mocking the Children of Israel.

  7. bykr55 says:

    “transparent and high integrity leadership”…Skills that you want from a BVIslander for this position? It’s fundamentally impossible to have these skills and still be non-partisan in this country. Anyone with any visibility is either on one side or the other of our political spectrum and unfortunately then the ‘other side’ doesn’t trust them.
    Sad that with a population of about 31,000 people that you can’t be successful without taking a side.
    Then again…how else would the 10%ers make an honest living?

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    • @bykr55 says:

      Not one BVIsander nor Belonger (looked at as one people in our VI) can not be impartial with “transparent and high integrity leadership?” Can not be? Just read a posted by “Truth,” under BVINews article with Cindy Rowan-Jones upcoming new talk show. Took 2 readings to fully digest, but their understanding of the issues (seems to be connected to inner sources) and justifiable enough in their assessments. Maybe we can debate some possible names without getting personal or reverting to characters’ assassination. We should all know about at least one who can qualify or meet most of the criteria for the RDA CEO position.

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    • bykr55 says:

      Not one BVIsander nor Belonger (looked at as one people in our VI by those who are opened to ethno-relativism) can not be impartial with “transparent and high integrity leadership?” Can not be? Just read a posted by “Truth,” under BVINews article with Cindy Rowan-Jones upcoming new talk show. Took 2 readings to fully digest, but their understanding of the issues (seems to be connected to inner sources) and justifiable enough in their assessments. Maybe we can debate some possible names without getting personal or reverting to characters’ assassination. We should all know about at least one who can qualify or meet most of the criteria for the RDA CEO position.

      • Impartial, but first start inside our territory says:

        Everyone has their flaws, even those sourced from outside. We know our own, but we don’t know about the others, even with their cvs’ and references intact. So once the compliance and procedures are in-place and followed, a BVIslander or Belonger who can meet most of the criteria, should be able to do a good job in the position.

  8. No surprise says:

    This should come as no surprise given thar the govt has not audited its finances for at least 8 years.

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  9. Missed Opportunity says:

    We missed a golden opportunity to asked for the British army Corps of Engineers to assist with the design and construction of high quality infrastructural development while we haggle about who should lead because this will determine how the fat is distributed. It is obvious that a group of experienced structural engineers are needs to guide this recovery. Not the daily paid workers and fly by night contractors that patch a hole today and next week it is back. Even if Britain is not offering money, ask for the Technical expertise and utilize it even if you do not have the money now there is no reason while a survey and structural design for Roads, Bridges, water and sewage is no being undertaken.
    It may have taken 60 years to reach pre Irma but at this pace and with this expertise it going to take another 100 years to get back to pre Irma.

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  10. we want a no nonsense person says:


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  11. Diaspora says:

    The RDA is an alternative government that clearly questions the competence, governing capability, trustworthiness, effectiveness…..etc of the duly elected government, a supposedly self-governing entity. Furthermore, it was/is an embarrassment to the people of the Virgin Islands, the leader of government business…..etc. Would this same nonsense happen in Gibraltar, Falkland Islands or even Bermuda? We know it happened and would happen in the CI, TCI, Anguilla, Montserrat and VI. What is the commonality among these OTs???

    Moreover, the Hon M. Turnbull noted that the CEO of the RDA was not intended to be filled by a local or belonger. Well, the Hon Turnbull is not just braying at the moon. In many organizations, advertised jobs are earmarked for a specific person(s). Many job advertisements are just for show, to check a block, to satisfy some requirement and just exercised the community.

    Further, to ensure that the targeted person is the only person(s) that can qualify for the position, the job description/roles and responsibilities are structured so that only the targeted person can qualify for the job. Furthermore, to ensure that only the targeted person can qualify, a lot of fluff, qualifications that are not needed to do the job is added, eg, requiring a Master’s degree when only a Bachelor’s degree or less that all is needed.

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    • @Diaspora says:

      The job description was created so that a local could not get the job. It was purposely done because the locals are corrupt and can’t be trusted. Any money flowing through their hands would disappear. This is all fact and if a local is appointed to the position there will be no loan guarantees. Unite simple to understand even for the Belongers. Have a nice day

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      • @@Diaspora says:

        @@Diaspora, if you are local, you self hating and telling the world you are corrupt. Because you may have corrupt tendencies, does not mean others are corrupt. Then again if you are local, you may longing to and pretending to be something you are not. Be proud of who you are; no one sprinting to be who you are regardless of who you are. Further, if you are not local, it may be some jealousy and the pot calling the kettle black.

        Bet your home country is more corrupt than the BVI and that you are here. And if your home country is so wonderful, why are you are? Do not want to hear the lame excuse that you are to rescue the BVI from itself. That dog is not going to hunt today. Don’t get me started, for I’m just warmed up. I’m a Virgin Islander to the bone and proud of it. So where are you from? Are you an Uncle Thom?

        • Can not says:

          be a BVIlander or genuine Belonger living in the Territory. This is what we have given allowed access to, to come in and live among us. This one is probably a business owner as well. Our choice of words are much different, even if we are talking about ourselves. This here is pure hate, and where there is one, there are more. Not every smile means well.

        • My my says:

          This is the World Wide Web people. Get a grip. Allow logic to set-in at times and not emotions. Any anonymous blogger can make comments posting opposing views with words utilized by another blogger(s) to escalate division and confusion among the masses. Be careful. There are some in all cultures, ethnic groups, or supposed “race” living among us and abroad, so do not fall for the trap. Some may even be living in the territory smiling in your face, in high positions, own businesses, who been silently waiting for the opportunity to spread their hate for years, sleeper-cells of hatred. Be careful people of discerning minds.

  12. @@Diaspora says:

    My, my you are bitter. Be careful you might hurt yourself.

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  13. To says:

    all of the prejudice and racist Black people hating living among us, please take note: Our spirit is stronger than any filth you can think of and throw at us.

    We are the offspring of the strongest people on earth. Centuries of brutality, rape, slavery, murder and other unspeakable atrocities committed by yours have made us super strong.

    And, thie is why you are so envious and jealous of us.

    Last, you fear us becaus your guilt has crippled your psyche. hence, you think if we come into real power, we will do to you what you did to us.

    Maybe, just maybe, revenge is a part of that equation, but Black people are not like that. So go and get healed. Youare very sick with hate, envy and jealousy.

  14. Saying says:

    Now do we see the important of the media. We would have never known how deep some of the hatred goes for possibly other ethnic groups on the islands. Let them keep posting, it will get worst overtime and their counterparts will join their rants. Stay posted. Ya think we got problems; they are right here once living as silently-smiling sleeper cells.

  15. when says:

    Mr. Turnbull, when are you going to start representing the second district instead of just looking attention?

  16. Agree / Disagree says:

    I agree with Mitch that there is no need for the RDA in the first place and it should be gotten rid of.

    I disagree with Mitch that locals would not have the skills to head or chair the RDA. It’s just that locals who have the skills already run their own businesses or they are abroad competing in their fields on bigger stages.

    It is not that locals like Cortez Forbes, Amorelle Newton or Lavina Liburd, Cassander Titley-O’Neal, Coralie George, Adrian Persaud, Avrad Penn, etc. can’t run the RDA? Rather, they have too much purpose in their own enterprises to go and work for the RDA which is more about politics than it is about redevelopment and construction.

  17. Don’t be fooled says:

    A local wanted to be part of the RDA team . That individual has the profile to now be able lead the RDA but because of the political affiliation did not get there . Stop the discrimination. Can’t burn candles at both ends We are all BVIslsnders not to be pushed on the side because of our political affiliation

  18. What.... says:

    Reading all the blogs so far. What is the criteria to be an RDA CEO. It appears that you don’t need much to be an RDA CEO.
    Point, the gentle man that was here that headed the RDA came for a purpose. I’m sure that the board that is put in place. Oh yes, we forgot that tidbit too. Yes, the board of the RDA makes decision too. I don’t know why we are beating a dead horse when they are measures put in place for the RDA on the whole to operate.

  19. Expat says:

    A local wouldn’t have the brains to run such an organisation.

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