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Christian Council appeals court’s judgement in same-sex marriage case

The building that houses the High Court in Road Town.

This story has been updated.

Justice Gerard Farara has granted the BVI Christian Council’s ‘recent and urgent’ application to appeal a judgement made by Justice Adrian Jack, who is presiding over the High Court matter involving a same-sex couple.

Attorney General Dawn Smith had requested an adjournment for a hearing currently listed for yesterday, September 29 and today, September 30, stating, among other things, that her chambers had difficulty obtaining instructions from its clients, the BVI government. However, Justice Jack was not satisfied with the explanation so he denied the request. 

Following that denial,  the Christian Council went to the Court of Appeal — where Farara serves as a judge — for redress. It filed a certificate of urgency to have the Appeal Court’s decision expedited.

The Council sought for the Court of Appeal to halt proceedings in same-sex case until an appeal hearing is had and a determination of that hearing made.

Justice Farara ruled that “the applicant (the AG) has a realistic prospect of success and therefore ought to be granted leave to appeal [Justice Jack’s judgement].

The court therefore granted the application for leave to appeal against the judgment of Justice Jack. It also granted an “interim stay of proceedings” pending the aforementioned appeal hearing and determination of the application to seek an adjournment.

Meanwhile, the overall court case concerns the validity of the marriage between Kinisha Forbes and Kirsten Lettsome and whether any prohibition against same-sex marriage in the BVI is contrary to the constitution of the Virgin Islands. 

The couple entered a civil partnership in 2011 in the United Kingdom (UK), and was later issued a marriage certificate once the UK’s same-sex couples law came into effect. 

Both the Christian Council and the government are interested parties in the case.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley recently commented on the court matter, suggesting that no judge or external government should be allowed to make a decision on the BVI’s laws on same-sex marriage.


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  1. Buju says:

    “boom bye bye”

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  2. Wasted time says:

    VI is struggling to articulate its position on gay marriage! Don’t waste the people time and money!

    Don’t change definition of man and woman! I suggest the young leader come forward and renounce gay marriage and promote natural reproduction and life.

    Europeans love gay business but we are not on same page. Everyone quiet in the place but to me it’s simple, reject gay love and promote man woman love.

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  3. The Attorney General and says:

    the Premier are fighting a losing battle. Even if the AG wins the appeal, imo, it will not change the outcome of this case. The plaintiffs marriage will be recognized in the BVI after all is said and done.

    The AG is just trying to save face by running to a favorable court to save her embarrassment after having her original request denied by Justice Jack.

    As for the Premier, I now understand why he is being labelled “Slowande”. For him to assert that no judge or external government should be allowed to make a decision on the BVI laws relative to same sex marriage tells me he simple does not understand the constitution, the separation of powers, nor accept the fact that the BVI is an overseas territory of the UK.

    I continue to be amazed that there are people in this country who think and act as if the BVI is an independent country on to its own whereby it does not have to answer to anyone. Its the I “born here” mentality on steroids.

    The Premier is in no position to dictate what the UK or the courts can or cannot do. As it currently stands, his premiership is hanging by a thin tread that can be clipped any day by the same ‘external government’ who he claims cannot make decision on the legality of gay marriage in the BVI.

    He should be reminded that his unity government is unpopular and he could be out of a job soon.

    As for the AG and her appeal, if her performance before the COI is any indication of her success on appeal, Imo, she has her work cut out for her. Her effort here will prove futile imo.

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  4. Fig Newton says:

    The AG can appeal as much as she like which is her given rights but, same sex marriage will become legal in the BVI. That deal has already been John Hancocked. The comments on this topic will be interesting today.

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  5. Hope says:

    Let us stay out of the people’s business. If they want to get married, let them. It is up to them and God, who is the ultimate Judge, not us sinless saints on Earth

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  6. is that essential ??? 🤔 says:

    the country is in a state of limbo , and we should be focusing on rebuilding the country ( mr STOUTT ) did an excellent job of promoting and putting the country first , and this new generation of aristocracts should of been emulating him and others like him , but here we are experiencing the side effects of these set of WANNABE ARISTOCRATS, who think they know it all / heaven help us

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  7. ???? says:

    @ Buju In a dutty gyal head.

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  8. Trouble says:

    World is trouble, everytime Buju Banton come

  9. Stups says:

    Farara is a total wa$+e so i didnt expect any better

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  10. Rubber Duck says:

    Rotten politicians, rampant gangsters, roaring corruption, and this is what the justice system wastes its time on?

    Welcome to BVI.

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  11. Have to accept says:

    @Fig Newton, correct, that deal has already been inked. What is the big deal anyway? I am not gay but it is not a problem nor is it any of my business.Everyone knew it would only be a matter of time. You guys are nothing more than hypocrites anyway. It is okay to allow whore houses, strip clubs, rum houses ETC: but it is not okay for a same sex couple to be legal in the BVI. You all are really sick people.

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  12. LOL says:

    Pure wickedness by the AG, these ladies are BVI citizens in a long term loving relationship. Their marriage should be recognized. The Christian Council is pure evil.

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  13. ? says:

    Leave the people them on their bottom have yours

  14. strpss says:

    They so worried about who marryin who when there are so many other things that require their attention rn…. all u can do is laugh mehson. Alot of the man and woman married have downlow activities goin on, they goin get involve in their marriages too? strpss

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  15. Christian says:

    When Corruption was/is rampant in the Territory did/do we hear anything from the Christian Council?
    Christian Council for who or for what? As someone said, Let God be the Judge. He won’t ask you about no one else but yourself. Besides the Couple already has their marriage certificate so what is the big deal? There are more married same sex couples in BVI besides them. And beside them Barn Hey so who can deport them. It is alleged that suma dem same Christian Council members have married same sex couples before.

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  16. lol says:

    This whole fiasco is a waste of time and money. Christians do not have a monopoly on the word marriage nor the philosophy of persons who do not ascribe themselves to their faith and teachings.

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  17. Lol says:

    1 woman in a marriage is hard enough to keep happy never mind two, good luck to them!

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  18. LMAO says:

    @LOL, Christian Council? You mean the ones that walking around here trying to be all dignified? They are evil to the core.They are one of the reasons I don’t attend church. There is to much fakery in the churches and I don’t want to be around any of them.

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  19. Choosing battles... says:

    This is the best thing they could find to fight for on behalf of women in this little place, of all things? If it is not recognised, it is not recognised. They knew that all along when they went to the UK. Nobody against anyone for their personal choices but keep it personal or go somewhere else. What a ridiculously selfish agenda when there is so much that needs to be done in the place. Jesus is coming soon. Signs and wonders everywhere.

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  20. vg resident says:

    It is not the business of the BVI government, courts, churches etc. The folks got legally married in the UK. Leave them alone! They are not causing any problems for other folks.

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  21. Christian Council Members List says:

    Can we please have a full list of names of this council so we can verify how Christian they are? let’s make sure they have paid all their bills, are not sinners, have not cheated, have not broken any earthly laws and can fully claim to be Christians without sin..(throw the first stone concept)

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  22. Go way! says:

    When Andrew was doing all manner of things they said nothing. In fact they had him on their pulpit. But they have strength now. Go way from the place with your hypocrisy.

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  23. Im confused as to the Attorney Generals role in this case. says:

    Her client should be the BVI government. Why is she involved in a case brought by a non-government organization?

    What am I missing here?

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  24. HHMP says:

    You Christian Council need to stay in your lane and stop being hypocritical hypocrites. Suppose I start releasing some of the hours of surveillance Video showing you same undercover freaks getting down with each other.

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  25. Guess What? says:

    Nobody is stopping anybody from doing whatever they want to do with their bodies. You want to marry a goat, go ahaead its your business once I dont have to bear the brunt of the consequences of your choice through NHI. You want to sleep with a monkey, it is your choice once it is in the confines of your bedroom or living space. In the case of the rainbow folks, its a global agenda.Its parrt of the new world order. It is a social movement. It is also a political movement. They want to deternine the shape of humanity. They are out to fling moralty through the window and turn the entire world into banana republic. The word moral would be redefined. To them, walking naked on the street, having sex in the open, bestiality will become the new norm. Captain of the new world order boat, sees christianity as obstacle to modernization. To them, human cloning should be explored as a pathway to eliminate death. Very soon, humanity would be valueless. This would end in sodomy and canibalism.

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  26. Most high help us says:

    Let your fire fall on this mighty one our people have gone back to sodom as in the day of no’a so shall it be there were eating and drinking and giving into marry

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  27. Jim says:

    Day is coming when gay marriage will be a thing here. Either we approve it or it will be forced upon us by the UK.

    Embrace it and your fellow human

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  28. The Holy Bible says:

    Just know Jesus Christ is coming soon. Get your houses in order because Jesus said that men would resort to all these wickedness and those who defend them are even worse. Get ready and stay ready

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  29. I will be hated for this says:

    But you see this WOKE generation just like to force their will on everyone. You got married UK in a place that acknowledge same sex marriage. Why come to your land which you know those law do not apply and try force to change the law. If you want your marriage acknowledge so much go and move where you got married.

    I do not care if you hate me statement. But not a soul would of known if you both were married or not, better yet no one would of known if you even got married in UK. But now you both want to put your business out there looking others side with you.

    If a married couple can not reproduce and bring life it’s worthless is my sight.

    It’s an insult to those who took time to create you.

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  30. Is true says:

    Simple, if you choose to steal,go ahead but don’t say I send you…

  31. Two type of Christians.. says:

    One is responsible for the action and promotion of the Gay culture and behaviour. The other one is trying to fight it and distance themselves from it..It’s a confused religion .

  32. No to BVICC says:

    Marriage is not wholly a Christian rite. It’s a civil rite. Moslems, Hindus, Rastarafians, and yes, atheists must have the civil liberty to celebrate this rite within the confines of their cultural norms. The BVICC has neither the right nor authority to impose their will on the whole society. They can only speak for their members. The Marriage Act of the Territory does not single them out. They need to deal with the many internal problems of adultery, fornication, fraudulent activity, multiple partnerships, and even closet homosexuality.

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  33. Hypocrites says:

    Sad brothers and sisters born of long ago discriminated people, and now happy to do the same to others if the book tells them. Book, white man ? Do what they tell you fools. White man book you walking with.

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  34. HHMP says:

    I should release a teaser and see exactly what kind of reaction I will get. Keep testing the water to see if it is warm, hot or cold. I don’t like hypocrites, the hypocrites is doing all kind of dirty things and then want to pass judgement. I bet this Christian Council is 50 and older ones that is set in their old fashion way of thinking and doing things. Those are the ones that had to marry a woman because she got pregnant on order of their parents. Who is to say the woman you got pregnant is the person you want to be with or love. Now you set yourself up to live in misery because you were to damn soft and stupid to stand up for yourselves.

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  35. Go ahead says:

    Release it. They either wish to come out the closet the hard way or the easy way. Whatever you got on these hypocrites, air it out in the beautiful Caribbean sunshine for all to see/hear.

    Expose these hypocrites one by one. Drop those receipts. I intensely dislike hypocrites who are out there doing things under the cover of darkness then turnaround and pretend they are holier than thou at sunrise. Expose them.

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  36. Man2woman says:

    Ask a same sex who bring them here on earth, case closed.

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  37. Crazy Joe says:

    Guess What, I know a few people married goats

  38. Not a public concern says:

    If a woman marries a man in the UK, will she come to BVI and say she wants it recognized here? No. They married already. What is the real problem? May God have mercy on the lost sheep.

  39. Calm says:

    This is sick. Gay marriage.

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  40. Road Town Rebel says:

    All houses need to be put in Order.

  41. @no to BVICC says:

    Marriage was never between same sex when you look at the foundation of the institution and where it originated and what principles it is based on. Stop making up story. That’s like a white man who been in the BVI for years fighting for rights to reparation to apply to him because he has a bvi passport. It does not apply to him. He was not been a slave or the descendant of a slave. If reparation becomes law, he cant say he has a bvi passport now and he been in the bvi for years so he is entitled to it. He might look a bit loco. The very foundation on what reparation is based excludes him. So to the very foundation on what marriage is based on excludes them. Call it what you want but it is not marriage by definition of what is recognized on this country. Any other country may do as they please. Keep black and white, black and white and stop making up grey areas. Welcoming the spirit of the anti christ to bring curse on the land. They are free to live in peace and harmony. NOBODY absolutely NOBODY discriminated against them. More like people wanting attention for the wrong reasons.

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  42. @have to accept says:

    Bvi cc does not promote where houses and the like the last time I checked. Why is this irrelevant topic being pushed into society as the new narrative. What the heck is really going on behind the scenes. What is the hidden agenda?

  43. @hope says:

    They already got married in UK, where it was allowed. That’s why it makes no sense what the foolish argument is about. After all these years, did anyone trouble them with the lifestyle they chose? No. So what is this story all about? Is this their legacy? Not because someone wants to break the rules means it should become the norm. No is no. Struupes

  44. @Christian says:

    I’m asking the same thing. They already married so what the jolly rancher they making noise about? When spirits lurking around the place, is a bad thing.

  45. @I will be hated for this says:

    I could not agree with you more. They starting to be annoying. Anybody in the media about themselves at a time like this is annoying. Sort of like CSC on most days (not every day lol). Like, be gone! So many people going through so many things right now that needs to be resolved. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

  46. To no to bvicc says:

    Is same sex marriage a thing in hindu, Muslim, rastafarian societies? Will those ladies have been able to insist on what they’re insisting on in those societies? I bet you not. The point being raised seems to be as pointless as the debate going on right now. I wonder if those ladies have a habit of making things everybody’s problem when they do not get their own way. I have a sneaking suspicion that they have a history.

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  47. @@No to BVICC says:

    Unfortunately your understanding of history is very flawed. Same sex unions existed in antiquity and particularly in the Roman Empire around the time of Paul’s ministry. The Emperor Nero was married to Sporus. In addition Jesus addresses the Issue in a very direct way in Matthew’s gospel. The conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch also has it origins in Greco-Roman himosexuality.

  48. MUGARBE says:


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  49. Ms. Know the dirt says:

    @HHMP, there is some buddy stuff on the surveillance tapes on these people and the smut they do under the cover of darkness. The intent is to bring these people to shame, how is it you are going to sit in judgement of gay people when your S**t you are doing reeks. Damn disgusting hypocrites, I hate hypocrites with a passion. Get use to it, deal with it and get over it. GAY MARRIAGE WILL BECOME LEGAL IN THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS.

  50. Mike Oxlong says:

    There is nothing Christian about the Christian Council.

    Do we have to remain in the stone ages?

    Live and let live.

  51. Mike Oxlong says:

    There is nothing Christian about the Christian Council.

    Do we have to remain in the stone ages and return to our donkeys?

    Live and let live and just be kind, it’s not difficult. No religion needed.

  52. Ha says:

    I already tell ya’ll that woman ain worth much! I still don’t understand how she became AG. She does not impress me and her knowledge is very limited!

  53. At @@no to BVICC says:

    Same sex unions and same sex marriage are two very different things. Explain the issue with sodom and gomorrah.

  54. @crazy joe says:

    Haha. Let us hope they do not jump on band wagon and ask for their “marriage” to a goat to be recognised.

  55. Amazing. says:

    To suggest that it is ok because it was around at the time of Paul’s ministry is not an argument. What point is being made here? 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 talks about who will not inherit the kingdom of God and it includes same sex relations. 1 Timothy 1:9-10 describes people who were viewed as lawless and rebellious and it includes same sex relations. This is at the time of Paul’s ministry. If we really want to talk about history, the purpose of marriage was to give a woman to a man to bear his children. She became his property and the children she bear was seen as his without question. If she could not bear his children, he might give her back to her family or take on another woman as his wife. When it became a religious thing, it became about treating a woman well and not as property. It became about what principles should guide a marriage, being equally yoked and the limited circumstances when a divorce (putting away of the spouse) should happen. It is amazing the theories that will spread when people want to prove a point.

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  56. exactly says:

    ..that the taxpayer will end up footing the bill for more waste of millions of legal nonsense

  57. No respect says:

    People go to church on Sunday , they preach God word . Have lunch with their family . They go to a bar , swear, use expletives , visit dem sweet ting commit adult Ty and nobody says anything and the cycle goes on . Isn’t that sinful ?

  58. Dear conservative folk says:

    I hope my brothers and sisters of the conservative stripe can use this advice: this is a tourist economy it’s also offshore finance from the rest of the world and both segments are you so stupid to not realize that running your jack ass mouth which should stay in your kitchen imperils the tourism industry of which the gay community is a big big spender it also imperils funds and companies location because they don’t wanna be in a place that discriminate so shut up get on with the future unless you want to go back to slave days

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