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UPDATE: Alvera Maduro-Caines joins the VIP! Fahie is a productive leader

Opposition legislator Alvera Maduro-Caines has joined the governing Virgin Islands Party (VIP) on the same day that she tendered her resignation to the National Democratic Party (NDP).

Maduro-Caines — a former longstanding member of the NDP — made the announcement during a press conference with Premier and VIP Chairman Andrew Fahie on Monday, January 20.

“I tendered my resignation from my former political party and have decided to join the VIP and become a member of the sitting government in the House of Assembly and to pledge my support to the Honourable Andrew A Fahie and his government in the furtherance of the vision of transforming the Virgin Islands into a leading regional economy and to the uplifting of Virgin Islanders across the territory,” she said.

“I wish to emphasize that this decision has come out of deep thought and prayers over a prolonged period,” Madiro-Caines added.

Premier earned my confidence

The new VIP member said Premier Andrew Fahie earned her confidence in the past 11 months as the leader of his party and of government business.

“I have known Premier Fahie for many years, and I believe he is firmly rooted in his philosophy and his values. I believe he is a genuine productive leader and that he is serious and committed to the transformation of the BVI and the local economy,” Maduro-Caines said.

Maduro-Caines continued: “Over the past several weeks I have been in deep contemplation and prayer over the challenges facing our territory and our people, particularly in the context of the international business climate. I am convinced that our territory needs all hands on deck, working together to overcome these trials. Having considered the vision for the territory that has been laid out by our Honourable Premier in his 2019 budget address, I believe that this is a plan that can make strides in positioning the BVI where it needs to be to secure the present and the future for all Virgin Islanders.”

I support VIP ideas for development

She stated that she was also in support of the VIP ideas for development and made it clear that she has not been promised anything, nor will she, in turn, ask.

“I simply want that which is best for our territory,” the former NDP legislator said.

Maduro-Caines also mentioned that she spoke to some members of her Sixth Electoral District and her family who gave her their support.

The legislator said she has not received any feedback on her resignation from her previous party.

Premier Andrew Fahie, who also addressed the public, said: “I say welcome to the Honourable Alvera Maduro Caines.”

He added: “Your government is willing to work with anyone who has good intentions and who is willing to work with us in our pursuit of our resilience and a prosperous Virgin Islands.”

Previously-published story

Opposition legislator Alvera Maduro-Caines has joined the governing Virgin Islands Party (VIP).

Maduro-Caines — who is a longstanding member of the National Democratic Party — made the announcement during a press conference with Premier and VIP Chairman Andrew Fahie on Monday, January 20.

Maduro-Caines said she made the decision after ‘deep prayer’ and said she believes she will accomplish more under Premier Fahie’s leadership.

She also made it clear that she was promised nothing from the Fahie administration to cross the political floor.

Maduro-Caines served the last two terms as a legislator under the Dr D Orlando Smith-led NDP government, which was voted out of power during the February 2019 General Elections.

More to come.


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  1. Common Sense says:

    Good move Mrs. Caines. You have effectively taken your political career off the “life support” machine. We are waiting on Mitch to switch and start to rejuvenate his political ambitions if he desires a third term in the House of Assembly.

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  2. Gage says:

    Congrats Hon. Maduro, good move???

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  3. D 6 Voter says:

    No surprise here as the NDP currently has no leadership

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    Dislike 9
  4. Mmmmmm says:

    Trojan horse

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  5. Check ... says:

    She in she green …

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  6. Coalition Government says:

    Bad Move! VIP a one term Government! A Coalition Government taking over next election. Party Government is done for!

    Like 37
    Dislike 37
    • Haha says:

      You dont even know who will be around at the end of this month yet alone who will be running next election but you here talking about coalition government.

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      Dislike 4
    • SMH says:

      We shall wait and See. Our biggest traverse to Our Territory is Negativity and Hatred.

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  7. Marriage says:

    The Marriage just start he say .. poking

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  8. Really? says:

    This is her last term in office anyway. Good bye.

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    Dislike 25
  9. Country 1st says:

    In the long run the positive this will have on our country will be amazing. It’s a good move and good timing. Let’s continue to build our country.

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  10. ndp heckler says:

    The NDP has disintegrated

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  11. vip heckler says:

    So she is a spare tire for when flax is fired?

    Like 27
    Dislike 3
    • VIP JUDAS says:

      Violet stop calling up flax name

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      Dislike 1
      • Yes Girllllllll says:

        Hieeeeee Ms. V, girl we know it’s you because it smells like you and written all over you to throw off shade like that. Girl when are you going to read Paragraph 1 in the MEMO advising you to stay on your side of your toxic shady lane.

  12. well sah says:

    Girl you aint tired being used by these men????

    Like 19
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    • For real girl says:

      I wish you the best and you have been in Politics a while now. But why let the boys in Politics use you? It is time for the Women to form their own Political party and do their thing. Time to stop letting these men in Politics use Women as numbers to better their gain.

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  13. Another says:

    Another political MARRIAGE ! good tactics

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  14. Righteous says:

    Good move Honourable Maduro-Caines. God don’t like evil. You’re a good woman. Make the NDP them stay over there.

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    • Political Intelligence says:

      This speaks volumes to who Alvera is, she took the carrot. How could she side with Fahie and his evil group of cronies?

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      Dislike 8
    • Most Currupt Ever says:

      She is one of those who bad talks Fahie in public and private then turn around and join him? The both of them are the same, so it is a perfect match made.

  15. Bless says:

    VIP VIP VIP VIP VIP VIP VIP VIP all the way! Forward ??

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  16. Look says:

    if that is her choice then so be it but, there is a big why now. Suppose she is the one that is going be RDA CEO. In due time will tell. Mitch is going to be the next one jumping ship.

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  17. z6ne says:

    was sold out for 10 ganja trade licenses

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  18. :) says:

    There is no real difference in philosophy between parties in the BVI like there is in the USA.
    In the BVI, Opposition members have a much harder time getting anything done. The only district that gets above average attention whether in the opposition or government party is the 4th because that is the capital and it still dont get enough.

    NDP was famous for putting their back benchers on the back burner. Everyone from Delores, Hubert, Mitch and even Alvera herself have made comments in the past that suggest that they were not receiving enough support in their projects. NDP also took away funds that were budgeted for Marlon to fix the sewage problems in the East and put towards the Pier Park. That alone shows that NDP was more focused on their ministers.

    I remember Fahie praising Alvera recently in the HOA saying that she was the only one that attended all of the meetings for the Standing Finance Committee. The others show or late or not at all so I’m sure that would rub anyone the wrong way. Imagine being party members with people that sued to get in the HOA only to be absent and late. I think she made a good move since it seems like the opposition lacks the fire that the 2 man opposition had years ago.

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  19. Muff says:

    I believe she beat Mark to the draw…

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  20. Kitchen Table Panel Group says:

    you Guys think the last election was dirty? Next election is going to be brutal, everyone is stocking their Political war chest.

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  21. Yagga says:

    Please nobody else jump ship because I dont want to see one more resignation video from Mark.

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  22. Diaspora says:

    Hon Alvera Maduro-Caines crossing the floor as a member of NDP to becoming a member of VIP is no surprise; the surprise, if any, is that it took so long. Prior to the Feb 25, 2019 election, Alvera was recruited by several parties. Nonetheless, in the end, she stayed loyal to the NDP. However, loyalty is not a one-way street; it swings both ways. In the NDP, she was just a number in a lopsided 11-2 majority. Some may argue that her strength was being a back bencher. Moreover, in the unraveling of the NDP just prior to the election and when it had no other option, she was appointed a junior minister. It is important to note that she was 1 of 2 women in the NDP 11-2 majority; late Delores Christopher (D-5), the other. Both had no key role in governing; Hon Christopher was Deputy Speaker.

    Moreover, Hon Maduro-Caines (D-5) was elected to represent the people of the 5th District. IMO she sees crossing the floor as the best opportunity to bringing more services to her district. It is all about self-interest. To the victor goes the spoils. In the West Minister model, though it is despicable, opposition members struggle to bring services to their districts. Constituents in opposition districts exercised their constitutional/democratic right to elect a rep of their choosing and should not be punished for it. Territorial resources should go where the greatest needs are. But politics is politics. Was it Churchill that says politics is worse than war. Wow! Nuff said. Wish the Hon Maduro-Caines well.

    Like 11
  23. Musa says:

    1500 news vote for vip soon

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  24. Dust storm says:

    That’s the end of the road for her.

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    Dislike 4
  25. Resident says:

    I will continue to maintain that British Virgin Islanders are still new to party politics. The idea ofparty loyalty has not taken root.

  26. Netflix says:

    A Fall From Grace

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  27. Spare says:

    A spare for the Flax tire…

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  28. VIP/NDP heckler says:

    I guess she wants to continue the food catering for the house of assembly

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  29. Deceitful says:

    After Punta Cana – then comes this!!! WOW, I’m in shock with the dirty politics. Fahie DON’T look nor sound appreciative! Pictures DON’T lie!!!

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  30. z6ne says:


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  31. look trouble says:


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  32. My two cents says:

    She wait long

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