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Amnesty coming for those who owe property tax

A section of the main island of Tortola. (BVI News Photo)

Amid the economic pinch the community is feeling because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cabinet has decided to ease the burden on some residents who owe property tax.

During the February 3 Cabinet meeting, government decided to grant a period of amnesty of interests accrued on property tax.

It’s unclear when the period of amnesty will start but according to the post-Cabinet document, it is set to end on August 31, 2021.

With this amnesty, property owners will be required to pay the outstanding principal tax or agree to a payment plan with the Inland Revenue Department to pay off the principal tax within the amnesty period.

Cabinet also decided that the Ministry of Finance will provide an update of the outcome of this amnesty on accrued interest by November 30, 2021.

The government will also be collaborating with the Inland Revenue Department to launch a public education campaign to educate property owners about the upcoming amnesty.

Since the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, the government has granted a number of relief packages and grace periods to assist struggling residents and businesses with meeting needs and obligations such as food and utility bills.

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  1. Yessss says:

    Now this is something for the people
    Much welcome at this time
    Thank you

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  2. Fly says:

    This stinks…

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  3. what? says:

    This sounds much better than it actually is,why give anyone this benefit with property tax being slow,it must be cronies again with last names who never bother paying the government for anything and keep getting,the gift that always comes.

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  4. How says:

    How about setting up an online method to pay property taxes with a credit card so that a visit and a long wait isn’t necessary as we watch the Government workers move in slow motion. Dare you say anything and you’re screwed. Try entering 2021 and removing your arses from 1950. It makes you all look so Turd World and we all know you hate that.

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  5. this is 2021 says:

    Totally agree. USVI and Puerto Rico all have a simple web site to pay property tax with a credit card. Any programmer could write a program in a day.

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  6. LG says:

    if it is to help the poor and the people with no income that is fine. Anyone who can afford to pay or is unpaid from before Irma that is not ok.

  7. Resident says:

    It removes infractions tax from the review of the CoI too, because they are wiped clean. That could come in very handy for some people.

  8. HELP says:

    How about amnesty for income tax from Irma to now.
    Lot of people still hurting

  9. P**syduck! says:

    And why you in the Turd World Country? It’s time you haul your Maka-zee-ma out of our country. You still can’t find a better turd-world country that has granted you so much. ‘HOW’, how about going to volunteer and help the Government workers? Didn’t you endorse JF Kennedy’s slogan: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country?” Just full of white p**s, in your a**e.

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  10. Avoid Evade says:

    Great news!, We have a business in St Kitts that legally allows you to avoid paying property tax in the BVI!
    Or Payroll tax. Or NHI and SS!
    Yes, the St Kitts govt has made a special law for it to be ok for you to hide money that should go to BVI govt in taxes. BVI can’t do anything about it. Can’t prosecute you or find where the money went. It definitely can’t get its hands on your money to use for things like road maintenance, hospital beds, paying civil servants etc.
    You get 100%. BVI gets 0!
    We also have legal facilities for helping large amounts of drug cash disappear, corporate structures so complex that supercomputers couldn’t decipher who’s money is truly behind a company in 100 yrs, and of course, we only ask questions we know YOU can answer. All completely within the law!
    Come sign up! Don’t let those extra 100s of 1000s get wasted on the Adina Donovan old people’s home, or the poor, the sick or some stupid shipment of vaccines supposedly sent to “save lives” (?SMH!).
    Remember our slogan:
    “Keep it! Hide it! Get away with it”.

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