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An NDP in pieces

Speculation is growing about the current fitness of the Smith administration and its ability to properly govern since it is being described as a government that is no longer united.

Opposition legislator Julian Fraser — who is among those questioning the administration — made comments about the governing party in a recent sitting of the House of Assembly.

“I told the Premier that, to be honest, he presides over a government of thirds. One-third of his government ain’t coming back, one-third has left, and he has a third. So, why is he pushing a [recovery] plan like this at this time?” asked Fraser during the debate on the recovery plan, which has now passed.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith’s government currently comprises 10 legislators – himself, Mark Vanterpool, Myron Walwyn, Ronnie Skelton, Dr Kedrick Pickering, Melvin Turnbull, Marlon Penn, Alvera Maduro Caines, Archibald Christian, and Dr Hubert O’Neal. The eleventh legislator would have been the late Delores Christopher, whose funeral service was held at the weekend.

Given Christopher’s untimely death, she is now counted alongside Vanterpool and Christian who, according to reports, will not be seeking re-election when the territory next goes to the polls.

Skelton, in the meantime, is reportedly breaking away to establish his own political party and unconfirmed reports are that he has the support and following of Dr Pickering and Turnbull. That trio would, therefore, be considered as the third of the Smith administration who are breaking away from the NDP.

Walwyn, Penn, Dr O’Neal, and Maduro-Caines will then be the sitting NDP legislators who, so far, plan to remain with the party, BVI News understands. Dr Smith is now on his final term as Premier and party leadership is in the hands of Walwyn.

Meanwhile, opposition legislator Fraser is not the only one that has been raising questions. During the governing party’s latest of a series of radio shows, residents made call-ins to inquire why a number of NDP legislators such as Skelton have consistently been absent from the show.

There is yet to be a direct answer.

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  1. My 2 cents says:

    No one wants to run with ball head, its public knowledge

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    • Hmmmm says:

      Vip had the same problem so wha. Fraser vs Fahie. Fraser beat Fahie. Rajah, Zoe and Willock them help Fraser… Fahie vs Fraser Fahie beat Fraser. Fahie isolates now dem back wid he. Something smell stink. Any party except them loony.

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      • @Hmmmm says:

        The country need a new party with new people. NDP and VIP carry too much baggage. Who ain’t under investigation I don’t know.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Looks like B—- S—- don’t have the voodoo.

  2. Abraham says:

    “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” James 5:16

    You will be healed but not re-elected. You must repent for our $7.2M in losses and confess to everything.

    Then thou shall be forgiven.

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  3. Outspoken says:

    You forgot Penn, district 8

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  4. ndp heckler says:

    The family broke up

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  5. Lb says:

    This is exactly why Party politics is bad! You mean to tell me that the individuals elected can’t run the country and do what’s in the best interest of the people of the country, unless they are with the same party? This is why I vote for people and not party! Based on Frazer thoughts, we now have a coalition government! Deal with it until next election!

    But Premier Smith is Premier and he has the support of all of the factions who are united under him right now. So there still is no issue until next election! So go have a seat Fraser. Do we have two different Oppositions now since you won’t be with the VIP at next election?

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    • Hmmm says:

      You have to be one of those contractors that got hands in that 7.2 million dollar wall that still ain’t complete!

      For the love of money is the ruth to all evil! Especially those strong NDP supporters! But sorry we are not sitting back and allowing the likes of you people to continue to take bread out of our family, our future children and the stray dogs and cats mouths anymore!

      The people have awoken!

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  6. Faith says:

    The sitting Government (NDP) split in thirds and The Opposition split in half. What a thing to tell the King.

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    • L says:

      Nothing is wrong with the opposition being split in half. Two, or three, or even four different parties can make up the opposition.

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    • Jacperlance says:

      @faith. Don’t try to shift the focus here. The focus right now is the Sitting Government, the NDP Government and how a whole party broke up over leadership issues. We all will agree that the VIP had their rocky path but look at how Andrew has rebuild the party without Fraser. But look at the NDP and their infighting. In the long run they are hurting no one else but the electorate. The people of the VI should open up their eyes and vote every single NDP legislator out of office, trust none of them, get the rid of them for good

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    • Creek says:

      Vip split but still have plenty confusion and snipers.

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  7. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Though the territory is not yet in a failed state, the NDP government is in a state of disunity, dysfunctional and underperforming. This dysfunction is unhealthy for the territory; let’s stop the pretense. The territorial ship has taken on water and is tilting to the starboard. Therefore, if Dr. Hon Premier Daniel Orlando Smith (AL) truly put the people and the territory first, he should call election now. Instead, it looks as if he trying to milk his tenure as Premier to the bitter end.

    The territory is in a dysfunctional state, the economy needs to be rebuilt, the territory needs to be rebuilt post Hurricanes Irma and Maria……..etc. As a Virgin Islander, it pains the heart to see the state of the territory. The territory needs a united, stable and functional government to grapple with its tun ah problems. Call election now and let the people vote.

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  8. Bong says:

    Exactly. And I also want to know who will be Premier and Deputy in Ronnie’s party? NDP in pieces? Stay tuned.

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  9. Want2Kno says:

    Those Ministers who sat & decided to give way tax payers hard earned $$, approve costs overruns on numerous projects, now coming to us wanting us to put them back in?

    To do what? Where is the accounting? Transparency? Why has no Minister EVER declared their assets though repeatedly asked to do so?

    Is this really “Government in the Sunshine?”

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    • @Want2Kno says:

      Not one Government official will declare their assets, NOT ONE! Further everyone always making it seem as if only NDP people are involved in business and/or the investment club when VIP candidates/supporters and many others are also part of these groups and businesses.

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  10. I was there says:

    Lol the pic need be a lil more forward tomuch to the side. Pico n andrew sitting. U cant have a in war so bad u sit with opposition.

  11. They don't have to says:

    They do not or should not have to disclose there assets.

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    • To Many Cooks Spoils what? says:

      @They don’t have to, I agree they shouldn’t have to disclose their assets; but what they should disclose is the business/es (companies) they own or have shares; reason being the Conflict of Interest issue. Policies, laws, etc, could be introduced/passed in favor of the said businesses/companies in which they have an interest. For example we don’t know why we can’t get a price control bill introduced or passed; possibly rental properties and supermarkets etc would be affected.

  12. Ausar says:

    Sadly, a government has lost it’s place among its own people. And all for the company of one. A “one”, who just couldn’t wait to be King.

    And it all comes to a grinding halt. A party, founded by a group of men who intended to put this country right. And today, the country is no longer; Self sufficient, functioning fractionality of politics, all lost to a “me, my, and oneself” kind of a guy.

    Truly, a sad state of events for the political future of these islands.

  13. It's time says:

    When will you all start helping people with their houses. no one is talking about that, it’s time for the people in the BVI to get some sort of housing recovery plan going. People are hurting and still getting wet. we talking about financial services, Tourisim, the Law system, what about proper living conditions for our people, them you want us to go to the polls and vote for this and that come on BVI we can do better. HELP, HELP

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