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Anegada, JVD getting 24-hour doctor four days weekly

The government has assigned a resident physician to the sister island of Anegada and they will commence duties this Friday, May 28.

A doctor will be available for 24-hour service four days per week.

“This will be extended within a month’s time to the island of Jost Van Dyke. It is time our sister islands do have a doctor on island 24-hours a day,” Premier Andrew Fahie said.

Fahie, who was speaking at a press conference Wednesday afternoon, did not specify what days a physician will be present on Anegda but said the government intends to eventually have a doctor present every day, 24-7.

The absence of a resident physician has been a longstanding deficit both the aforementioned sister islands have had to contend with.

“Your government continues to stretch our limited resources to make sure the needs of our people are taken care of during this worst pandemic,” Fahie stated.

“For years through successive administrations, our sister islands have been without the regular services of a doctor on island. Your government has taken the decisive step to correct this situation,” he added.


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  1. Hmmm says:

    When he wants credit, it is his Govt. When he wants to lay blame. It is a Statutory body over which he has no control.

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  2. To Hmm says:

    You are a real hater

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    • Observing from the sister island says:

      This news was posted
      To Anegada chat and
      All the main chatsters
      Silent. No gratitude
      Cause they all caught up
      In their feelings about
      Postponed boat ride
      Greed, selfishness and
      Ignorance will be de
      Downfall of many

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      • um says:

        what do yall expect from small minds

      • reply says:

        yes Danny most if not all were quiet, but hey they don’t have a government job and are hurting , but at least now if they get hurt there will be a Dr to help them!

        • Says I says:

          You are definitely a hater gator. Poor thing. And why you calling that guy’s name? This site should not even allow your posts calling people’s names. Wonder why some people now hating on govt workers wow .where the big moneymakers on the rainy days? No savings??? Ok well

        • DanNY says:

          lol This is actually the real Danny and I’m laughing at you who keeps calling my name. At first I was annoyed but now I’m amused cause I know that you’re actually one of the money hungry hurt losers on the Anegada chat that I obviously offended when I said what I said. Lmao. Sad part is I know exactly who you are based off of your level of work offense but don’t worry my pretty, at least you have a Govt job too (for now) I actually help a lot of folks who aren’t as fortunate but you? You’re just a venomous b**** lmao

  3. NDP supporter says:

    I commend the VIP on this one.

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  4. Movement says:

    Long overdue, excellent news!

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  5. Trurh says:

    Thank you Hon.Fahie, for making this need a reality. JVD is awaiting this great news which is the right to every people

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  6. Crazy says:

    You all cannot bad mouth the VIP government enough to convince we to vote them out and put back the NDP government. We had them before and we know exactly how they does do things

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  7. Anegada says:

    This is a step in the right direction.
    Anegada has a lot of potential
    And a lot of needs. This is
    One of them
    Thank you

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  8. Thank you says:

    You guys did 2 great
    Things for Anegada just
    Advise a doctor coming
    And postpone the
    Poorly planned boat ride
    Mini lobster fest type
    Potential event. Nothing
    Against a boat ride
    But proper measures needed in place.

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  9. Haters says:

    Are to be ignored
    Thank you. A doctor is needed
    And proper equipment, supplies, medivac system, paramedics, pharmacy digh
    One thing at a time. The
    Doctor will say what he or she

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    • indeed says:


  10. heckler says:

    if we could afford to pay barges and bodyguards then we could afford to pay doctors

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  11. Ungrateful says:

    ….people can never be pleased. Press on. They did not like measures, they do not push for better education, they complain about the youth but do nothing to help them
    let us not be hindered by the small minds and big mouths. a doctor is finally coming and more improvements will happen, ignore the background noise and press on..thanks and God bless

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  12. Judith says:

    This is wonderful news stop complaining and be grateful everything takes time To God be the Glory

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