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Another acquittal! Aaron freed in case about $804K cash find

Son of a well-known businessman, Kalik Aaron has been acquitted of all charges stemming from an incident in which more than $800,000 cash was found inside a vessel on which he was travelling last October.

Aaron, a crew member on the vessel, and boat captain Anthony Anglo were charged with ‘untrue declaration’ and ‘failing to declare monies to Customs’.

The trial commenced on June 23 this year and concluded on July 1 when Aaron’s attorney, Reynela Rawlins made what is known as a ‘no-case submission’ to the court. This argument effectively states that there was no real evidence against her client.

She argued that the Prosecution failed in its duty to establish that Aaron had knowledge of the cash which was located inside a bag stashed in a hatch on the vessel in question. 

On Tuesday, Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards upheld the defence attorney’s argument; thereby resulting in Aaron being freed. A decision will be made on his co-accused, Anglo on July 31.


The court heard that about 2:30 pm on October 19 last year, the accused duo entered the West End Ferry Terminal on a 30-foot speed boat. 

They reportedly only declared some motorcycle helmets on a Customs declaration form and allegedly said ‘no’ on the said form in response to the question of whether they were in possession of cash amounting to $10,000 or more.

The court heard that during a search of the vessel, a black duffle bag was found in the bow of the boat containing the cash.

When confronted, both men allegedly denied knowledge of the cash, the court heard. The police were then alerted, and the men were arrested and taken to the Road Town Police Station where they maintained they had no knowledge of the cash.

During an interview, Anglo reportedly said they were transporting the helmets for Aaron’s father. However, his co-accused, Aaron, refused to participate in an interview.

Acquitted on an attempted murder charge

Notably, Aaron was similarly acquitted of a ‘conspiracy to commit murder’ charge and the attempted murder of Dhakeme Cheltenham back in 2016.

Aaron was freed after the nine-member jury involved in his trial returned with an eight-to-one majority verdict at the High Court.

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  1. this is how says:

    the corruption continues, m— l——-, d— running, prostitution continues. A lawless society supported by corrupt politicians failing to take a stand.

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  2. LOL says:

    The court has now become a circus for these clo*** SMH

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    • Of dear, oh dear, oh dear - who was prosecuting this case? says:

      The Magistrate found that the prosecution failed to adduce sufficient evidence to take the case any further – the Defence did not need to call any evidence because of the failure of the prosecution to do its job. If the prosecution did not have the evidence, the DPP should not have allowed the case to have been bought. If the prosecution did have the evidence, the DPP should have ensured that the evidence was put before the Court. Being DPP requires judgment!
      Sounds like something went wrong at the DPP’s office – hopefully not a mistake …
      Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

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    • Hmmm says:

      Them boys got more luck than sense, but the luck will run out eventually.

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  3. well meh boi says:

    He got to be working with the lawerence company

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  4. 2 strikes says:

    Time longer than twine

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  5. Ahhhh says:

    So once again if your a Belonger and from the right family everything is dismissed. Crime pays in the BVI. Just get a local to do the crime for you.

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    • @Ahh says:

      No, once again if you hire the right Lawyers you can beat anything, nothing to do with being a Belonger, it’s about understanding the laws of the land. His Lawyer put forward a good no-case submission and the Judge agreed with it.

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      • Father Time says:

        Reynela Rawlins is the “right lawyer”? Please.

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        • @father time says:

          Yes she sure is. Are you a lawyer? I don’t think so. She works for Patrick, the same lawyer that gets everyone off so please relax? If she’s able to see how incompetent the system and DPP office is then she’s good. Maybe you should cough up money to find a good lawyer to get you or whoever off since she isn’t so good

      • Deh Watcha says:

        The Lawyer might save them from jail but was somebody promised a payday?

    • Wellsaw says:

      Why you don’t hush many persons from the BVI has been convicted on less evidence. When the BVI had capital punishment every BVIslander who committed murder was hang and Caribbean national were never hanged.

      It helped that the judge and management of the force were not from here. Some of you all just come and don’t know the history of this place.

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    • James says:

      You don’t have to stay here u know nobody forcing u. U can leave I’ll even buy the ticket

  6. Easy says:

    He was not the captain, they didn’t prove he knew the money was there, so even if they found him guilty he would’ve appealed and win easily.

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    • @Easy says:

      True. He was just a crew member. The Captain has to make the declaration, and take responsibility for what’s on his vessel. Charges should not have been brought without evidence. Not to worry, eventually the law will catch up with the young man if he’s indeed a wannabe criminal. He won’t be able to skate forever.

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  7. Me says:

    God’s time isn’t our time!! The our has not come as yet.

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  8. CSI says:

    These type of cases needs further investigations not find and just lock up. Further investigations needed, DNA, who was his contact in USVI or America. Weak prosecutions and the police need to work with international partners. M—- L———- is BIG in TOLA.

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  9. x says:

    So where is the money?

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  10. Known teller says:

    Is he a known talker with the law?

  11. WOW says:

    This is a joke. These young lawyers for the Government side needs to be properly trained before assigning them to cases (not ready). This happens too often. Man found with that kind of money and is acquitted.

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  12. ? says:

    No body knowns where the money came from like really, congratulations to the government you all just got some free gs$$.The government gain

  13. Cor**** says:

    If you related to the DPP you will be free

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  14. lock em up says:

    … Always something with them

  15. Fresh water bvi islander.. says:

    That is really what’s going on In the court system,smh very disappointed. Dont worry its jus a matter of time

  16. Solution says:

    Black list BVI, CORRUPTION AFTER CORRUPTION. Drug dealers, Gun Slingers this is the wild wild west. Bought off and sealed deals behind the scenes. The system makes me sick to my stomach and the people that sit in these seats gives off a foul stench. Globally operations are going on locking up so called powerful elites. The BVI needs a clean sweep from head to tale…..intact anywhere there is injustice look all their a$$$ez up. Ok I finish ranting now.

  17. Musa says:

    Free them that what our leaders ask for

  18. shhhh says:

    Enough of their friends been sacrificed to keep them untouched for a while. #schoolchildrensay

  19. Hmm says:

    Well if they don’t know where the money came from or who it belongs to then its the gov’t own now. Lets use it to pay quarantine fees.

  20. Lodger says:

    Makes me laugh. Two men in a little boat and one has to be the captain, and one the crew!

  21. Lonely girl says:

    Question.. So it means i have a friend shes not local shes a victim of 2 BVIslander kidnap and rape 1 lesbian 1 man addict it was happened in that they she complain immediately to the police it proceed the evidence DNA to the survivor.. But until now shes waiting the the Prosecution decision.. My friend she always to updated and asking to the police it they result the police said waiting for the prosecution. This happened 5 months ago

    Some people say to her.. Dont hoping for your justice this country you are not local residence here…
    Sad story…

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