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Another shooting on Monday, another man killed

A second person was shot dead on Monday, October 22, police have reported.

This second shooting happened in the Fahie Hill area of Tortola during night hours.

Circumstances of this second killing are not known nor is it clear whether the shootings are related.

Thirty-year-old Tyrone Thomas was gunned down before daybreak on Monday. A woman was also injured during that first shooting.

Investigations are ongoing into each of these October 22 shootings.

BVI News will provide more details as they become available.

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  1. Hmm says:

    I wonder how much more before the Premier figures out that he needs to at least issue a serious public statement against these crimes? Or are we still going with crime is low? Where are the guns coming from? What has rottened the hearts of people that they can take another’s life then walk comfortably amongst us the next day? Something is not right. I do not care to compare bvi to other countries. I care to compare bvi now with bvi then. It is truly not the same and the problems really and truly start from the top. Change is needed from the top. Look at the state of the place. Hmm…

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    • ? says:

      Everything is Government, meanwhile people out on the street know who commit these crimes and don’t say a word. We always have to find a way to blame Government for our f–k ups! The Premier doesn’t need to say a damn word, we the people need to stop f–king around and start turning in these people for messing up our little island. Further, we need to stop acting dumb and blind to certain situations, not saying anyone has the right to be gunned down but when people are involved in certain things, certain outcomes should be expected and that’ just the reality.

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    • Guns says:

      The guns are coming from the U.S.V.I. obviously…. ferrys and boat owners…they come on them….west end and other areas….night time….

    • Pleeese says:

      How does that solve anything. Jesus could come down and lecture the wayward greedy copiers of Black thugs of America and not a thing would change. Black women need to tighten their game. They are the ones raising these wayward wannabees. Stop the baby making until you have found a real man for fatherhood. These fly by night churches and associations of these countries should be the ones publicly addressing their constituents in attempts to teach civility and reverence for lives and gratitide instead of using the BVI to bolster their familiar home away from home crime statistics.

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  2. real talk says:

    Before people start lamenting about how much the BVI has changed let me say that killing is nothing new around here. We are part of a global village and we get a taste of the good and the bad. I hope they catch the murderer and bring him (or her) to justice

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    • Well says:

      Weren’ we always? What happened? You give the impression that u are another undeveloped brain dead black man with arrested development and functioning like a 10 year old.

    • Well says:

      I dont know how long you been around here but as someone whose ancestral ties go back centuries in the VI,the proliferation of murders and every other crime known is a new reality,eventhough people had guns,machetes,knives,poison at their disposal. One or maybe two policemen who doubled as immigration officers. One thing we did not have was a proliferation of people from updeislun and the necedsity of a few thousand policemen,also from updeislun.

  3. Now says:

    Now is the time to bring in help to soolve those murders ASAP while the incidents are fresh FBI Scotland Yard not when its a cold case, Admit ya’ll need help in solving these murders.

  4. Justice says:

    Sad to say shootings are nothing new to the BVI just last November 22nd we saw just how evil some of these shooters can be when they took 2 lives- 1 being an innocent child

  5. The Observer says:

    Another one Down! Another one Down! Another one Bites the Dust! Oh Yeah!

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  6. Wow says:

    Bvi little secrets:
    Who as a gun
    Who did it
    Who,S next

    No more nature little secrets

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  7. Tiara fox says:

    The BVI needs to bring back Hanging as a punishment.Peiple will think twice about killing other people.

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  8. Richgdgy says:

    Get REAL people!Drugs are causing these killings.The permissive attitude of the BVI on drugs is the problem.I feel sorry for the good people of the BVI.Stand up and fight these LIBS and make tougher laws.

  9. Olie says:

    Welcome to nature little secret lot of ssecret

  10. yup says:

    Unfortunately, I fear this will go down as yet another unsolved crime. Please get help from trained investigators, stop trying to be so proud. Make a call for the UK to send in some bigger players before it is too late. RIP to both people who lost their lives. Please use their demise, as the BVI’s catalyst to fix the situation.

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