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Any concerns surrounding BVI’s COVID-19 fatality ‘will be addressed’

Health Minister Carvin Malone has said government will address an concerns relating to how the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) handled the incident in which a single COVID-19 patient died at hospital last month.

Malone gave that assurance while responding to questions during a press conference on Tuesday, May 12.

“This place is always going to be long on rumours and short on facts. The fact is, we had a person who passed. We have sent condolences to the family, and we want to make sure that we respect the person in all regards in this,” the minister said.

He continued: “If there are any issues that are unknown, unresolved, it will be done in a professional manner. Surely, it would not be done here in a press conference.”

When questioned about claims that the now-deceased patient was turned away and whether the BVIHSA is to be blamed for the death, Malone condemned the reporter who raised the issue.

“You are the press and a grown adult, what kind of question is that? If the hospital is to be blamed, if there were any concerns, they would be addressed,” Malone stated.

The dead patient was a 52-year-old female native of the Philippines.

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  1. Yup says:

    “This place is always going to be long on rumours and short on facts. The fact is, we had a person who passed. We have sent condolences to the family, and we want to make sure that we respect the person in all regards in this,” the minister said.

    Thanks Minister

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  2. But Malone says:

    The press have a right to ask questions. You poor people don’t even know how to address the press when asked a question. You are the press and an adult, what kind of question is that. Media training and how to answer the press is seriously needed.

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    • Observe says:

      Mr Malone you are behaving like Donald Trump you as the minister fully well know that the hospital did not deal with that situation properly the woman came twice just admit it should have been dealt with differently than it was. And get off your high horse stop insulting these reporters it’s their jobs to ask questions and seek answers. Remember we put you in and we can take you out.

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      • @ Observe says:

        Well put.

        Our Government whichever is sitting at that time, Departments and bodies-alike are known for covering things up, not handling pressing matters, hiding things under the rug wishing it would be forgotten and disappear.

      • Facts says:

        @ observe, well said. Far to often ministers of government try to belittle and fool ppl thinking they alone went to school. From the get go they make excuses for their lack of better judgement and doing nothing but feeding us what they make of the truth. I not for person who hide the truth and speak about facts. This minister is known for solely relying on Statistics or data that’s base on mare could be,projection and never facts but he want to speak about facts when he is caught with his pants down. When u admit to a mistake and own it, it’s always better than covering up and then insulting ppl intelligence.

      • @Onserve says:

        What the heck you expect from a bunch of back water men holding position in Government. Crab foot and hangers men. They get into to Government for power and to make a name for themselves.They sit and watch CNN all day and try to copy the American political system way of doing things.My opinion? no one is fit or have the brains to run Government in the BVI.

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    • Mr. Health Minister says:

      Please be TRANSPARENT, what is really going on? I agree, the press is doing their jobs, they have every right to ask questions. Are they under some type of GAG order to only ask questions and get answers when it is convenient for you guys? Well damn, hostage of the media?

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      • Good one says:

        Hostage of the Media/ Holding the Media hostage. Yes I believe the Government have some type of GAG order over the press. Watch what you say, don’t ask questions unless we allow you to ask questions or we will have you reassigned somewhere else.

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  3. Good says:

    Good going Hon. Malone too much Fake news circulating.

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    • Eyes says:

      Shut your a** about fake news if it was your family the woman went twice not because she is a Philippine, to hospital is supposed treat people not send them away without proper diagnosis .

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      • @EYES says:

        Thank you, correct, who know knows. She went to seek help on two occasions and they send her away without checking her. I already told my family members if they are feeling ill and they go to the ER and they refuse to see them and try to send them home, lay on the ER floor, don’t move and demand someone sees you. I will be right behind pulling up to the Hospital with my Attorney.

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        • I agree says:

          Drop in the middle of that ER floor if they try to send you home without seeing you. I bet they will start taking things more seriously if people start laying on the ER floor and demand to be checked out.

    • @ Good says:

      There is nothing fake news about this. They can’t cover up the fact that the woman made two trips to the HOSPITAL and was sent home, the second time she showed up the Hospital should have seen her.

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      • Daffy Duck says:

        Just because the lady was from the Philippines, the r—–ts n—y attitude people at the h—–l took one look at her and r——- to treat her, bunch of baskets of d——-s they ALL are.

  4. 2020 says:

    The individual asked a normal question but received a rude response from a grown adult.

    TIP: Before you meet with the public particularly the press try and anticipate certain questions taking into consideration past incidences. Try to have general responses available. A good response would have been – we are looking into such allegations and let you know in due time.

    Too much WH briefing watching on CNN and the like when Trump giving his responses.

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  5. Government please says:

    This government lacks transparency.

    They give no answers or updates on the horrible disaster at Pockwood pond. Nobody is responsible for the terrible state of the roads, government buildings, social security. Budget overruns are plenty and nobody is held accountable. The government departments are the worst in the world but nobody is interested in making any improvements.

    So government. Stop your nonsense. Start answering questions and provide transparency and accountability. Maybe then and only then you can complain about rumors.

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  6. Hmmm says:

    We all know government will not tell us the truth

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  7. Um says:

    We have a silver tongued gentleman in the highest office who is very good at talking around things and not actually answering and then another here who goes defensive. The question was spot on and the whole BVI Government needs to remember they are only here for a little bit. Some maybe hero worshiping right now to gain points but A LOT are staying very silent. BVI People don’t shout and scream but they remember.

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  8. FACTS says:

    She was told that Covid 19 hospital Team does not work on Saturday so she was sent away..check your facts

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    • WTF??? says:

      The Covid-19 team does not work on Saturdays?????

      During a global pandemic?? That team should be on call and someone should have come to the hospital and dealt with the individual.
      Stop with this third world s**t man!!!!

      I smell a lawsuit coming, just sayin.

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    • Well damn says:

      COVID 19 team should be on site 24/7, Don’t they have rotating shift?

  9. Concern BVI says:

    I would like to know what the orthodoxy say she died from and what was her health condition before. Did she really died from Corona we have a right to know

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  10. Resident says:

    Mr Malone Be very careful how you respond to questions by the press. You are not Trump and this is not the US. It was a legitimate question. All you had to do was answer it with a professional answer. Not an opinion. Thank you!

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    • Another resident says:

      The way he answered the question was like he was talking to someone at home or in a private setting. The press were in their right to ask the question. He did not know how to answer the question in a professional manner so therefore he went into defense mode.

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  11. Too many lies says:

    Hon. Malone, you need to tell the people the truth around this fatality. That lady followed all the requirements and the system failed her. And what is even worse is that you made the public believe that she was sick all along and never went to the hospital. I see why you don’t want to talk because you are expecting a law suit which you very well deserve

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  12. Irritated says:

    It is a disgrace how these bullies are on here blogging and by the tone it is clear who they are. Fast track. Now we can vote.

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  13. The General says:

    We have sent condolences to the family.

    Not enough I am afraid.

    Answers need to be given. It has been long enough.

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  14. Oh Mr. Minister says:

    Another FAUX PAS. Your answer to the reporters was so unprofessional.

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  15. Good says:

    This is who you guys elected and who you continue to cheerlead with their immature actions. This is only the beginning! The display yesterday was shameful and anyone from the BVI should be ashamed of the way the Premier and that Minister behaved which was totally unbecoming. The press didn’t want to ask anymore questions after that hoggish behavior.

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  16. Wow says:

    So the press wants a possible legal matter to be discussed loosely and publicly?

    Good answer. There are boundaries for the press as well and they should learn them.

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  17. Namesake says:

    Nice photo of the hospital where she died that reads in big letters at the top ‘Peebles Hospital’ Even the photos of the hospital can’t tell the truth.

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  18. The Nation says:

    Yes Carvin…while the media phrased the question in a deplorable way…the Government does need to hold an investigation into the handling of the Filipino lady’s death and bring it before the House of Assembly..because it has been circulating that she contacted BVIHSA twice on her symptoms…and that she also went to the hospital about her symptoms and was discharged…was not tested and was misdiagnosed – allegedly of course. This is of great public concern because we need to know whether the people and systems at BVIHSA are effective or not…and if not effective they need to correct what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again…so YES there needs to be an investigation done and an answer or some assurance given to the public that if things were not handled well…that they would be…we the public don’t need no false assurance that all is well and we are safe if BVIHSA not handling covid-19 cases properly and unleashing them on the un-suspecting public. BVIHSA is the FRONTLINE of this fight…but the media need to get their act together…

  19. The Nation says:

    My second comment is the media need to start doing their job…they needed to have interviewed the family first. Did they do that? Where the heck is investigative journalism??? Does the media expect Government to spoon feed them with information???

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    • @The Nation says:

      And the media would have been stopped. The media is not allowed to fully investigate anything in the BVI.

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    • Secret Bear says:

      Believe me, they tried. The woman’s family refused to talk probably because of, guess what, fear of government retaliation!

  20. Hmmmmmmm says:

    It will also be a good to know where in fact the deceased caught the virus.It was said she did not travel.

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  21. And says:

    This is our second in command. Not been confirmed yet but he is.

  22. Read says:

    Just wonderful and we should trust the information and measure they put in place now. I am always of the view the worst group of ppl to associate your safety with is a politicians. I question a serious question.

    If all islands in the region is is getting expertise advise from the same source why the government action different than most?

    If what persons are saying comments I read about the lady being turn away and tell the team (covid19) dont work on Saturday is true then the family of this wonderful sweet quite lady will need to hold the department and the minister of health accountable for her death. They miss up and rather than admit a mistake the minister is trying to cover up the truth by all indications.

  23. Westman says:

    Ain’t no whitey questioning me messon.How bvi of you.

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