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Bank of Asia donates over 10K medical items to fight COVID-19

Not the exact protective equipment mentioned in the story

The Bank of Asia has donated more than 10,000 medical supplies to the government of the Virgin Islands to aid their fight against the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

A media release from the Ministry of Health said the items included medical N95 masks, isolation gowns, gloves, eye-protective equipment and thermometres.

Chairman of the Tortola stationed bank Carson Wen, said with the advent of supplies becoming rarer as COVID-19 continues to impact economies across the globe, it was only fitting that the bank assists the BVI in getting some well-needed items.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is now a global crisis. Medical supplies have become very difficult to source as the export has been banned by many countries facing the spread of COVID-19 domestically,” Wen said.

“Bank of Asia has worked hard to find these materials of donation. The first shipment of masks has arrived in the BVI and the remainder will follow in coordination with the Government of the Virgin Islands,” he added.

Continue to practice proper sanitary measures

Meanwhile, Deputy Premier and Minister for Health Carvin Malone thanked Bank of Asia for the donation and urged residents to continue to practice the instructed sanitary measures daily to help contain the spread of the virus.

He said: “We advised you to wipe surfaces, wash your hands, use hand sanitizers, avoid touching your face, cough in your folded elbow and if you use disposable napkins you have to apply the one-use theory and throw out and use another.”

Minister Malone further advised residents to self-quarantine within their homes if they begin to show any symptoms related to COVID-19.

To date, the BVI has three confirmed cases and 143 persons of interest who are self-quarantined at home.


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  1. Caribbean Girl says:

    Thank you.

    • @Carib says:

      Is that a thank you for sending disease and pestilence to the Territory. Is this a thank you for playing with biohazard weapons in their Wuhan lab? Is this a thank you for shipping thousands of defective test kits. Is this a thank you from the sick and dying. Stop your bulls**t island people and wake up. They only want to help because they know they are the cause. Also, they have their money stuffed in the Territories offshore accounts. Don’t be naive

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    • Remember says:

      The Mainland Chinese don’t do anything from the goodness of their heart. When something is done it’s either to repair something they did or they will expect something in return in the future. A gift? Absolutely not.

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  2. Appreciative Individual says:

    Please Please use WISELY. No waste, no hoarding!

    Thank you Bank of Asia.

    Can other companies donate too? It is for the benefit of all. Thanks

  3. good says:

    Big up to Premier Fahie People Man He Take after our Hon Omar Hodge

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  4. BVI under lockdown says:

    Thank You

  5. Political stunt says:

    Chinese Flu and Bank of Asia helping. Hmmmmm. Perhaps they feel a bit guilty or using the opportunity to rid the negative light on them now. How about a $100 million donation to the people. Let’s call it reparations for the death and misery caused by the Chinese.

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  6. Phone man says:

    Only that they donated to the people! when is them was cost of this problem. Asia people who bring the trouble here now.they know about the problem from sin mid November 2019.People dying , donot have any work , can pay they Bills,ect.. Ya righ.Thank U.

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  7. Ausar says:

    How about being cautious that the country that began the pandemic, is now the donator of these masks..

    Hmmm..not quite safe to me, if you asked!

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  8. @Political Stunt says:

    You take a bitter pill this morning?

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    • No. says:

      I took a reality pill. Perhaps you should do the same. I see a problem when a bank who does virtually no business in the Territory donates. Why? Guilty? Want to look good? Wake up man.

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  9. Give Thanks says:

    Thank you bank of Asia and those in government who helped make this happen. Please Minister Malone don’t give them all out to the Bishop for his congregation. Be fair…just saying.

  10. LOL says:

    Thankful but didn’t know that this bank still existed in BVI?

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Bank of Asia. The people of the BVI say thanks.

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  12. Musa says:

    Thank god for this

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