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“Boss Irma Dung Deh” – Calypso Monarch pens hurricane song

Eustace ‘Boss’ Freeman. File photo

Reigning Calypso Monarch, Eustace ‘Boss’ Freeman has documented the hardship poured out on the territory by Hurricane Irma in an uptempo calypso song titled, “Boss Irma Dung Deh.”

In the six-minute song which was released on Tuesday, Freeman tackled issues such as the high prices on gas, ice, food and clothing items since the Hurricane Irma struck on September 6.

The issue of some landlords seeking rents from tenants after the hurricanes was also tackled.

“Everybody run, everybody run, read it in the news, that Irma coming, category 5, 200 plus winds…” the first verse of the song says.

“…People predicting BVI too blessed yes, it’s going to miss just like the rest. But not this time, Irma had different plans; she come direct like she following instructions,” it continued.

The Calypso Monarch also documented his own experience during the hurricane, recounting how he had to seek shelter in the bathroom after his doors, windows, and roof blew away.

Request from fans

Commenting on how the idea for the song came about, Freeman told BVI News Online that the request came from his fans.

“They insisted that I sing on Hurricane Irma, so I decided to take on the challenge. The song has a dancing beat that people can have fun with,” he disclosed, noting that his studio was also badly damaged during the hurricane.

According to him, “Boss Irma Dung Deh” is getting rave reviews.

“So far the customers are loving it, so that is gratifying enough for me.”

When asked if he will be using the song to defend his crown next year Freeman said it was too early to decide.


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