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BVI doesn’t print money, says Fahie on requests for more stimulus

Premier Andrew Fahie. (Photo from Fahie’s Facebook page)

Premier Andrew Fahie remains evasive about whether a second round of stimulus will be presented by his government to badly hurting businesses in the territory; further fuelling speculation by residents of the Virgin Islands over whether there will be assistance coming their way.

The Leader of Government Business was at the time being questioned by Opposition Leader Marlon Penn about his intention to introduce any new stimulus measures for businesses in the territory.

Penn observed that after a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses continue to experience severe financial pressure and are continuing to close.

“Unlike larger countries that have their own printery,” Fahie told the House of Assembly recently. “The BVI does not print money. We have to earn it and build upon it.”

Fahie said while he has sympathy for the businesses that are hurting, his government has been trying and has assisted with grants previously.

“What about the almost 2,000 businesses that we helped?” Fahie asked. “I don’t’ hear anything about them … We pick on the couple that we still haven’t gotten to.”

Penn previously called on government to disperse a second round of economic stimulus to further support residents and businesses still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, he urged that funds for this new stimulus to be taken from “reserve funds, including budget reprioritisation to free up funding”.

The Premier, however insists: “In the Virgin Islands, we are working together doing the best we can with what is in our hand.”

Further, Fahie said he previously outlined a raft of initiatives to benefit businesses, families and the economies.

He told the House that while other countries might appear to be flourishing, they were very much like a duck in their appearance; “[they] look good up on top but underneath paddling to stay afloat.”

Premier Fahie added: “The world as a result [of the COVID-19 pandemic] is faced with decreased economic activity because businesses have had to close their doors, people have had to stay indoors and lessen travel.”

Premier: What stimulus package is gov’t giving? ‘A strong economy’

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  1. Ayo hear he! says:

    He didn’t know that when he wasting it and spreading it on his cronies. Now that businesses and hurting people need assistance all of a sudden we don’t print money. We were printing for the body guards, for the badges out in the water, to give CSC big contracts, to rent buildings from cronies that we don’t need, to pay people who on 4 and 5 boards with increased stipends, to buy brand new vehicles for ministers, for paying crony lawyers to keep Hon. VAnterpool out of the house of assembly etc. We were printing then!

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  2. Water boy says:

    Some of us businesses haven’t even got the 1st stimulus package.

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  3. Well says:

    Those that did not get from the first time maybe you can do a second one just for them. Just saying??? Do you know a lot of expat did not apply because they were afraid of some sort of backfire?

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  4. Money says:

    Stimulus does not always equal cash hand outs. The VIP government could stimulate the economy by eliminating or reducing taxes, fees and all the other government expenses that tend to cripple business in the BVI.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Doesn’t print money … but could start another scam LIFE Coin. That should do the get rich quick thing for some people like last time.

  5. Stewwww says:

    This f**l
    Ppl still waiting for there money
    And you get the nerve that say bvi don’t print money
    When you already thief out all the money
    Andrew get from here you sounding more dotish now

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  6. awa says:

    The BVI does not print money but this government knows how to spend it on things that are not necessary and talk big about investing in the airport Drag Race Track Building for the performing Arts when I read of all these things the government plan to do I was sure that they were printing money. You are going to lead us way back to where we came from.

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  7. Garbage says:

    We have to earn it and build up on it then squander it like the NDP did. Had they not pocket all that pier park money the people would be better off.

    Somebody tell that conman that people will die from stinky sewage before them get another stimulus.

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    • @Garbage says:

      The pier park is valued at $100 million and that’s just the physical space, that doesn’t take into consideration the value of the economic activity of all stores and potential for future development. Pier park is one of the best projects ever done in the last 20 years even though there were some hiccups.

  8. heckler says:

    but we printed money for the barges, clyne and the bodyguard contracts

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  9. IF says:


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  10. Teacher says:

    “Ducks don’t paddle to stay afloat; they float because their bodies are naturally stable in water and they weigh less than the weight of the water they displace. To achieve this buoyancy, the duck has, among other features, hollow bones and air sacs within its body” – The Standard Daily.

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  11. Wow says:

    Hon. Fahie really said that BVI doesn’t print money? Really? Wow wow wow!!!!!!! I have no words.

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  12. Hmmmmm says:

    BVI doesn’t print money but he found an extra $3 million to give the fishermen/farmers, totalling $5 million. Do we really have that many fishermen and farmers on the scale to require this amount of stimulus? Unbelievable.

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  13. YOUTH says:

    Good answer Premier.

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  14. Clearly says:

    This site hates the government

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  15. Rubber Duck says:

    Why is he talking about ducks?

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  16. shaw says:

    All due respect to you Hon. Premier..BREAKING NEWS….some persons got twice or three times and others who really need it got none…and people do talk…..the way this was done is disgusting..and for you to say something like that as the Premier when people are still suffering it shows where your heart really is..

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  17. 1st district says:

    When 1 person in your district can get 30k, you must be willing to print more. I never see more shitz. Cross walk going up in the village to assist drunks to cross the road and 20ft away is a school and no cross walk there!! Must be only the patrons at that bar is important voters. SMH!!

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  18. Fed Up says:

    This statement is such a slap in the face to the people of the territory.

    Majority of persons and/or businesses did not benefit from the stimulus monies. You should have thought about this when the monies were being distributed badly. Now you have the nerve to make such a statement.

    Persons who I know benefited from the stimulus made me cried due to the fact that they did not deserve it and the amount that they received.

    I am so a shame of the leadership of this administration.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      They already have their excuse.

      They will blame Social Security for the whole thing, since they got the grant and gave it back to Social Security for distribution.

      You either qualified or you didn’t. But their turn (soc. sec) coming, because they will have to justify their qualifying scale system.

  19. 1st district says:

    @ Clearly, the truth always sounds like a lie to the lier!

  20. hmm says:

    Ayo voted for him so deal with him.

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  21. Dough Boy says:

    Tell them Premier, tell them!!!

    BVI does not print any money!!

    What a leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Now he tells us says:

    Seems like he does print money when it comes to his own ’cause’…

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  23. Tim says:

    What you dont hear the gov saying explicitly but is sending clear signal that everyone should understand…

    The eonomic damange of COVID (with the help of some bad decision made by the Gov) have put the BVI in financial crisis.

    understand that and understand the implication as the Gov wont admit it.

    But they will take actions to fix it and it might not be popular.

    best the BVI can do now, is open the door to tourism and for the local population to get vaccinated.

    again, get vaccinated so the country can open up faster and safely or ..

    it will open up, slowly and in the process people will die – the worse of all worlds.

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  24. Take your Mom's advice says:

    Mr Premier you cannot respond or honor every talk with an answer or reply. This one was better handled unanswered left to die in the wind on its own..Good thinking people, Just trying to engage you and you took the bait,,, but they already no the answer. The same one you gave

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