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Premier: What stimulus package is gov’t giving? ‘A strong economy’

Premier Andrew Fahie

As persons continue to call for another COVID-19 stimulus package from the government, Premier Andrew Fahie has said a strong economy is the best stimulus package his administration can give.

“We’re seeing businesses starting to catch themselves and persons are ‘asking what stimulus package are you going to give?’ [My answer is] a strong economy, a buoyant economy, a thriving economy so that you don’t have to ask the government for anything anymore you can become corporate citizens and be able to give,” Premier Fahie said at the reopening ceremony of the Road Town Jetty on April 14.

However, Premier Andrew Fahie did not explicitly state whether his government is considering another stimulus package at this time.

In May 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government rolled out a $62 million COVID stimulus plan — the majority of which was funded using a $40 million grant from the Social Security Board (SSB).

Of that amount, $6.5 million was used to assist businesses across the territory.

Since then, persons have been calling for another package as the extended border closure has further drained businesses of the few resources they had left.

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn in February called on the government to disperse a second round of economic stimulus to further support residents and businesses still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Penn termed the proposed package “Stimulus 2.0” saying the Fahie administration should first look to its own “reserved funds, including budget reprioritisation to free up funding.”

Penn had also said the government should stay away from the SSB for any future stimulus package unless it will be borrowing a loan with fixed repayment dates.

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  1. Suck teeth says:

    If incompetence was a person it would look exactly like this man.

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    • Jah says:


      this ID10t destroyed the economy. Hope you all have been living large this past year.

      Enjoy that strong economy.

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  2. Styles. says:

    Hi Large Leader

    A strong economy? With no tourists showing up? With people leaving not ever to return? Can i have some of the stuff you are on because the world you live in must be amazing compared to reality.

    Furthermore, you have never done any stimulus package to the people really. You only gave your friends money to “do” things they never did.

    Stop pretending we are stupid.

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  3. heckler says:

    This one man gang singlehandedly crippled most of the businesses in the BVI…The best thing he can give us right now is a resignation letter along with an apology.

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  4. What About says:

    Please make an announcement about the stimulus cheques still waiting to be paid. There are still companies that have their approval email that are yet to get their cheque.

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  5. Water boy says:

    I am still waiting for my first stimulus package. No explanation from the Premiers office why i have not received it when so many others have and more have received 2 or more monies. I’m desperate to catch up on bills and my concerns fall on deaf ears of government. Please help.

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  6. Joker 101 says:

    So the best excuse that he can come up with is saying he is giving us a strong economy after 7000 people left island and thousands are without a job? well done Premier Fahie!

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  7. bvi says:

    Lets call a snap election and rid us of the VIP

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  8. Stimulus (No)Plan says:

    $62m! Over 40m from Social Security!

    Seriously. Where has this money gone?

    People are struggling to survive and all we see are new government vehicles, huge needless consultancy contracts, biased and inflated tender processes, port execs on full pay and looking to raise rates on businesses, schools not fully open, announcements on “re-opening” with no actual details, a botched vaccine rollout, no support for the marine industry, a civil service which continues to swell with inefficiency, ridiculous labour and immigration requirements kicking businesses and employees whilst they are already down, huge drug busts every other week, regular murders, businesses shutting down. Where does this end?

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  9. SMH says:

    How many successful businesses has this guy ever ran? He was a Math Teacher, turned politician, that’s it. No wonder we continue to get the senseless drivel over and over, just sad and sickening.

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  10. Tim says:

    well, you can argue with him on the details but ..

    The way out of this is opening up, the only reason the BVI is not opening up is because folks are refusing to take the vaccination …

    this is what the Gov did for the people, the people need to take it.

    if they are going to give help ,,, it should be only to vaccinated people, maybe that will start moving people forward.

    you cant complain and do nothing … take the vaacine and open us .. or just open up

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    • Really says:

      The British government has developed and given us the vaccine. Our government is the one that has done the horrible job of educating the public and keeping the vaccine distribution centers open as well as the poorly announced vaccine centers with the times clearly posted in advance on all social media. Joke!

  11. YOUTH says:

    This newsite is malicious. I heard what the Premier said for myself and the way it is reported here is nothing short of malicious.

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  12. Stewww says:

    This c***n mean the stimulus money them theft
    A lot of ppl still waiting for there money

  13. Well says:

    We are a family of 4 and we did not get any. I had to get loans from friends to help feed the kids.

  14. Wellsah says:

    Stimulus to his friends business alone while all of us pay heavy taxes?

  15. Hello says:

    We are the USA we is BMI love we work for daily bread

  16. @ STYLES says:


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