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Penn calls for gov’t to provide another COVID-19 stimulus package


Opposition Leader Marlon Penn is calling on the government to disperse a second round of economic stimulus to further support residents and businesses still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just last May, the government rolled out a $62 million COVID stimulus plan — the majority of which was funded using a $40 million grant from the Social Security Board (SSB).

In a statement released late Monday night, Penn said another economic stimulus-response is needed given the continued strain on the local tourism sector and the “protracted delay in getting our seaports re-opened“.

Penn has termed this new package for which he is recommending the “Stimulus 2.0”.

No more ‘grants’ from SSB

To provide this new stimulus package, Penn said the Fahie administration should first look to its own “Reserve funds, including budget reprioritisation to free up funding”.

“If requesting financing from the Social Security Board, a loan with fixed repayment dates and not a ‘grant’ should be negotiated, and this is only after publishing a feasibility status report of the SSB,” Penn stated.

He continued: “Stimulus 2.0 should be distributed based on sound criteria for getting help to those most in need of assistance. We must learn from the execution challenges of the first stimulus package and put remedies in place to address those challenges, especially the gross delay in getting the stimulus money into the hands of those who need it most. I urge the government to share with us, the plan for supporting our vulnerable residents and businesses, through Stimulus 2.0.”

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  1. Water boy says:

    Still waiting for the first stimulus package.

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    • Jim says:

      Just call Social Security Board. Do you know what’s the hold up or is it that you are not qualified?

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      • Hmm says:

        I apply sonce last year and other ppl get from the same company get help and when i asked they say they still working on mine over and over again. Looks like i am getting 10k thats why its taking so many months lol.

    • Where says:

      Where did the first stimulus go? Only people that got anything was friends, cronies and relatives of the politicians. All the politicians. They keep their mouths shut about receiving money cause they know they don’t deserve it. The needy receive nothing except maybe a few rotten vegetables. Bring the COI and stop this crap before more money disappear into corrupt pockets

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    • Yup says:

      I got mine. Bought some new rims and a new phone for my missus

  2. Feather says:

    Like a sheep in wolves clothing in the night, here comes the c**man to the rescue. A man who refuse to clean up you sewage for years which is health hazardous is no man listening to.

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  3. Hmmmm says:

    Only now Marlon know people vulnerable. Boy go siddung.

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  4. social says:

    was he not ahainst the first set of money that was handes out what happen voodo maths take all

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    • @social says:

      Stop trying to distract persons. The reality is that based on poor policy decision making by this Government businesses and employees are struggling. If nothing is done dog will be better than us. So continue with the silly political games! While our country goes to hell in a hand basket.

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    • Penn Fan says:

      That is not true. I heard him say he was against how the money was being administered and taking it from social security as a grant. Didn’t him and his opposition colleagues come out with a plan first? Why would he be against the stimulus. Usual VIP smoke and mirrors.

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  5. Sad says:

    We need our first stimulus cheque. Where is it? Every time I go up their they said to wait or we don’t know. It going to be a year very soon. I had to sell my car at a low cost to pay rent and food. This is too much to bare. Does anyone know what happened why we still not getting our first stimulus cheque? Hon. Mr. Marlon u should find out what is the holding up to pay to the people. Is their money had been contributions for year’s. They entitlements to it. Where did the 40 millions gone and the people still not getting their first stimulus cheque? This is not right!!!!

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  6. US says:


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  7. des says:

    yes, sir. Keep talkin, Hon. We want you to fight for us.

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    • Yawn says:

      Lol he couldn’t fight for himself when he had a bit of power. He couldn’t fight for his district when he had a bit of power. You really think he can fight for the whole BVI now that he watching the game from the sidelines? # End/Long Look sewage money went straight to the Pier Park and he barely made a whimper. Instead of cursing Dr. Smith for the disrespect he named the hospital after him. Instead of standing up for himself he endorsed NDP for another term. He done sold out for party politics.

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  8. Forward ever Backward never says:

    So who got the money from the first stimulus? What is the criteria to qualify? Waiting to hear.

    • Deh Watcha says:

      That word qualify is going to be the interestingly interpreted once the info on this stimulus is presented.

      I am interested to know what qualified some and not others and even the amounts paid.

  9. Resident says:

    Yes, it is time for a second rollout….

  10. Also says:

    Penn while you are at it please address the package needed to assist persons whose homes and property are now up for sale by National Bank.

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  11. United States says:

    You people is a bunch of slow idiots. I have never seen a bunch of backwards thinking people. Mr. Penn is correct. No wonder you guys are under investigation by THE COI, AKA THE UK FEDS.

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  12. Precious says:

    The john crow did not want to give stimulus in the first place. What happen now?

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  13. SMI says:

    @US You are living in a dream world.

  14. Tough says:

    Not sure how I feel about taking up everybody money to give to only a few who you feel should get… Give everyone a stimulus check or don’t give none at all.

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  15. Nope says:

    Don’t need no welfare state in BVI. Expat chicks looking for stimulus,unemployment handouts. Go back to states for that.

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  16. Business owner says:

    I had a perfectly viable business before covid, Had to lay off all the staff who worked for me. Overheads have not reduced but the sales have. The government is the one who turned off the tap, We have shown that we can manage the covid spread and protect ourselves and our customers. The government was just shut the borders and forget the businesses and the owners are people will OK. They have failed to roll out the vaccine, even today the Road Town church was welcoming the passers by as there is low take up of the vaccine.
    The Border ports are not open so the tourists are not coming as they are priced out of the island by flying into the Airport. This adds 4K to a charter of 8 people. THE USVI and PR is having the best season ever as people are still coming just not to the BVI.

    Its sad to see that they think the stimulus checks the gave will save a company but they did not even cover a months payroll.

    It was greatly received but I still hear people did not get their checks.

  17. Interested says:

    Where is the money to come from SS again,? Is that why the director wAs pushed out ? To clear the way for another haul? Some of us got nothing from the first round of stimulus

  18. Sun boy says:

    Help the people. Them put you day.}

  19. Biz. Owner says:

    If another comes our way….PLEASE PLEASE…don’t come with printed checks this time…. we almost died in the bills waiting…….PLEASE DIRECT DEPOSIT

  20. The got enough says:

    They got enough from SS 40 million for stimulus, hmmm. That a lot of money, with a population of 30 thousand,and just about 10 thousand apply for stimulus it means each applied person could have received 40 thousands, and we know that didnt happened, so where is the money?. The money was meant for stimulus, so give the stimulus..I agree with hon Penn,

  21. Not fair says:

    Everybody got to pay income tax, social security, nhi then when the economy takes a downturn you want to pick and choose who is elligable for stimulus. Literally everybody deserve a check or nobody does.

  22. Lol says:

    It’s funny cause ppl are still waiting for the first two sets of money
    And ppl who don’t need get the money
    There friends and family get

  23. Redstorm says:

    Land knows we need it.

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