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Deferred again! RT Ferry Dock won’t reopen to int’l traffic till March

Native Son ferry

Government has, yet again, deferred the reopening of the territory’s local seaports — specifically the Road Town Ferry Terminal — to international traffic for roughly another two months.

The originally-planned December 8, 2020 reopening date was later pushed to January 21 of this year. But, in a press statement following questions from BVI News, the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) today said the January date has been pushed to March 1.

“The British Virgin Islands Ports Authority and the Government of the Virgin Islands are cognisant of the constantly changing global status of the COVID-19 pandemic which now includes a second wave that is already affecting countries. As such, our overall objective is the health and safety of the residents and visitors of the British Virgin Islands. This has led to significant adjustments to the reopening plan that will ensure a safe and efficient return of international ferry passenger operations at the Road Town Ferry Terminal,” the BVIPA explained in its January 5 statement.

It further said the first deferral was because of projects that were ongoing at the ferry facility.

That in mind, the BVIPA added: “Based on a projected timeline of work to be completed, the date for reopening has been adjusted.”

The Ports Authority said, going forward, it will be notifying the public of the “status of the projected timeline at various intervals as the BVIPA prepares the Road Town Ferry Terminal to be ready to serve you”.





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  1. It’s over says:

    Absolutely crushing the tourism industry in the BVI. You do know that Covid WILL come to the BVI.

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  2. Name says:

    So what will happen to the peoples who working in the tourists industry how will there ends meet Sir

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The population is to small and medical resources to meagre to risk the assured spike in infections and deaths that is sure to come along for the sake of a few bucks. Better safe than sorry.

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    • 2cents says:

      that is why there is testing and a 4 day quarantine. Covid travels by air and sea.

    • @Anon says:

      What infections and deaths are you talking about??? COVID is no more dangerous than a bad bout of the flu that goes around every year and kills MILLIONS! How coincidental that this flu season we are not hearing about flu deaths like we usually do? Wake up and stop being an idiot!

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      • Yassah says:

        Better chance of getting killed by a scooter than by Covid. Just for the heck of it, let’s ask, what exactly HAS the BVI done to increase hospital bed/ventilator/medical staff capacity in the last 8 months? Could have made a huge increase, but I bet they haven’t.

  4. F**l says:

    What a j**ka*+ Andrew Fahie is
    Someone need to put sense in this man head
    He fail to realize that coronavirus ain’t going anywhere anytime soon
    Ppl have to work, bills have to pay, ppl have to eat
    And this fool keep destroying the tourism industry

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  5. Strupes says:

    A**ho**s!! The more he try to keep covid out! The more will come! Setta clowns!

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  6. Deh Man says:

    Listen this makes no kind of sense just close off tourism all together. The BVI has now officially shot itself in the foot.

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  7. The End says:

    I have operated a bareboat charter business for over 30 years in the BVIs. This news has just put the nail in the coffin. It’s over folks. We are closing and many more will follow. My heart will always be in the BVIs, but I just can’t do it anymore. All of our vessels will be relocated to the Bahamas and USVI immediately. Maybe we will see you again one day BVI.

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    • sighhh... says:

      bye bye… I feel your pain. May God be with you.

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    • Hi says:

      USVI WELCOMES YOU! We have the tourists, skilled labor, and non of the bullshittery that is the BVI today.

      Itineraries are now including St Croix and St John. Puerto Rico is back open and the Spanish virgins would make a great destination.

      We have so much to offer without all of the extra fees, permits, and BS from lazy and corrupt officials.


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  8. Taxi man says:

    My family need to eat, this is madness

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  9. awa says:

    The Premier himself needs Disaster Management him self he is killing our tourism in the BVI. Everyone knows that most of our tourist travels through St. Thomas yet he comes with dates and shut them down as fast as he comes up with them.

    Premier Andrew Fahie, you are killing the tourist industry, where is the money coming from for your Four Hundred Million Budget? You once told the Governor in so many words that he is not the only one who went to university well you should act like it if you went and learned anything.

    You are letting people from the USA that has the highest number of cases in the world through Puerto Rico which has more cases than the USVI.

    The same people can come in Via St. Thomas with the same rules that you have in place for the airport. You are killing the BVI.

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  10. 2cents says:

    Didn’t you know? Covid only travels by sea–not by air. This is a fake way of closing down but acting like you’re not.

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  11. Me says:

    How many people in the bvi die from hunger since fahie close the borders? Ayo stfu from talking p**s

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  12. Tarik says:

    This is absolute insanity. Have people show a negative test result before entering, that’s it. Thats what the USVI is doing and they are fine. The poor people living there. Many people would love to come down, but the 4 day quarantine and making it pretty impossible to get there makes it too difficult. Please open as soon as possible this is ridiculous.

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