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BVI imposes travel ban on UK over new COVID strain

Amid reports of a new strain of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom (UK), the BVI government has implemented a travel ban on persons travelling from the UK to the territory.

Making the announcement in the House of Assembly Thursday morning, December 31, Health Minister Carvin Malone said the ban will take effect on January 11, 2021.

The ban will not apply to nationals, Belongers, residents, work permit holders, persons permitted to reside in the territory, diplomats, and persons employed by government and its statutory bodies.

“Cabinet decided to implement a 14 day’s quadrant or quarantine period for all persons allowed to travel to the BVI under the previously-mentioned exceptions, provided that they undergo an RT-PCR testing regime on days on entry — Day 0, Day 7, and Day 14,” Malone stated.

He continued: “Cabinet decided to use 20 positive cases as a trigger to inform a decision by Cabinet regarding travel restrictions to the territory except for nationals, Belongers, residents, work permit holders, persons permitted to reside in the territory, diplomats and persons employed by government and statutory agencies.”

Malone also informed the House of Assembly that government’s Public Health Order that expires today, December 31, will be extended until January 15.

The Health Minister further made it clear that his government does not make these protocol decisions lightly; adding that they have been proven to work.

“We must be ready to make the hard decisions and implement what is necessary to keep the territory and the people’s lives safe here in the Virgin Islands,” Malone argued.


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  1. Hi says:

    What was the health protocal that was sipposed to end today???

  2. smh says:

    What took you so long to make this decision? The few tourists that are coming in… what 1k in a month… is not going to save the economy! But it is going to spread Covid~ So what are they accomplishing by being open really?

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    • To smh says:

      People like you can never be satisfied. We congratulate the Government for this action and all they do.

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    • Augustine says:

      That 1K tourists is gold

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      • realty says:

        operating at 1% is a real struggle in the outer islands

        • Rubber Duck says:

          Everywhere. It costs money to open a business. No one can cover their costs at even 5% of their normal trade. Many businesses are open to try to keep their staff and pay them at least something even though it is costing them money This typical of this government knee jerk reaction is going to kill off trade even further as a good proportion of January bookings were from the UK.

          One day this government will look round and realize there are no hotels and no boats left.

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          • BuzzBvi says:

            Just an on going policy of Government here. They closed down Prospect Reef years ago and helped J***son close down Biras. A bit of a continuing pattern.

  3. Love for my country says:

    What the US and Canada. The new strain is in those cocuntries. Will there be a ban on them?

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  4. Soothsayer says:

    And the PSYOP continues, seemingly the new strain has a calendar just like the old strain… a tape measure, a watch and its also able to discriminate between tourists and nationals. But wait, the new strain has been found in California too, what arbitrary date will be imposed for a ban on US travel?

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  5. Ummm says:

    Can they legally do that? Just asking…

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  6. facts says:

    The strain has been in the US since Septemeber and everywhere else in the world.
    Its only the ability of the UK and its health service that they caught the genome the USA mighty as it seems to think are unable to map the genome of the different strains and are lagging way behind.

    This strain is EVERYWHERE!!!

    WHY wait 11 days , must be a joke somewhere in all this?

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  7. Clearly says:

    This BVI Government must be commended for how they are handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  8. OMG says:

    Well that’s one way to keep the new Governor and the new police chief out. LOL The new strain left the UK in September so a little late to put a travel ban now.

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  9. Hmm says:

    But its in US now too.

  10. Nonsense says:

    The “new strain” is very likely less deadly. It has absolutely no evidence of being more severe. This is how viruses often mutate — less deadly but more infectious, perhaps it could be as mild as the common cold and give everyone natural immunity (superior to vaccine “immunity”) to the more severe strain. But no, let’s reject nature and Gods intelligent design and inject ourselves with pharmakeia’s poison instead. Rev 18:23 “darkness and no more wedding bells, for all nations were deceived by pharmakeia”. #readup #wakeup

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  11. 2cents says:

    If you’re testing for covid any positive cases new or old would be picked up. The whole thing seems a little suspicious. Media needs more ratings maybe. Spread more panic porn and the dupes all fall in line.

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  12. 20 Positive cases!? says:

    WAIT…did you say there were 20 positive cases?
    Anyone else pick up on this?
    As always, Malone tends to stick his foot in his mouth and tell a few more things than the rest of the government wants to let out into the public. Can we get a few more details?
    Also, why are we biting the hand that feeds us before we get the vaccine? Can’t you just let this slide until we all get some shots!

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