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BVI on alert after USVI airport flags swapped with ‘Allāh’ banners

One of the suspicious flags discovered at USVI’s main airport on Friday, June 29. (Photo provided)

BVI authorities have been put on alert following an incident in the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands (USVI) in which US and USVI flags mounted at the Cyril E King Airport in St Thomas were replaced with black flags bearing the name ‘Allāh’.

USVI media reports say the incident has been reported to Federal Bureau of Investigations and the St Thomas-based airport is now under heightened security.

According to the neighbouring territory’s Port Authority, an alarm was raised after USVI law enforcers arrived at the airport Friday morning and noticed some 11 flags at the facility were replaced with the black flags.

The suspicious flags have since been removed and the airport is continuing its operations. Investigations are ongoing.

BVI governor urges vigilance locally

The incident may have raised security concerns in the British Virgin Islands but Governor Augustus Jaspert said at this point, “there is no indication of any threat to the BVI from this incident”.

“However, our police and security agencies in the BVI have taken precautionary measures on receipt of these reports. Residents and visitors are advised to continue to remain vigilant to any unusual or suspicious activity,” Governor Jaspert said.

He said BVI authorities remain ‘in touch’ with the US authorities in relation to the matter.

Muslim extremists are said to be worshipers of Allah, which means ‘God’ in Abrahamic religions such as Islam. Notably, Islam is not a religion for extremism, though it is practised by some in the radical Muslim community.


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  1. DJS says:

    Just Black flags? nothing Written on them?

  2. DJS says:

    Whos ALLAN?

  3. Gonk says:

    Simple, cancel all WP renewals for Muslims

    • You are a horrible person. says:

      Perhaps you can read some history books on what happens if you tar a whole group with the same brush.

      • BVIslander says:

        I agree with you 100%. Gonk is GONK indeed! Very horrible person. I trust that we will continue to be inclusive of all persons/religions that serve the true and living God!

    • CW says:

      You sound like Trump. Shame on you.

      • Rubber Duck says:

        Being anti religion is not racist. There are Muslims of all races.

        • CW says:

          You know rubber ducky, that suprises me from you. You are always reasoned and thought of in your discourse. You KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN. RACISM = RELIGIONISM = GENDERISM = AGEISM.

          please don’t give ammunition to the idiot gallery

          • Rubber Duck says:

            Too much offense is taken in the modern world CW. No one is allowed to criticize anything. A very dangerous path. Sometimes we need to point this out.

      • r says:

        cw is a lib

      • Myron Gaines says:

        I heard that Mohammed had sex with 9 yr old girls, is this true? Also, don’t they routinely throw gay people off of buildings? I guess it doesn’t matter either way because the whole enslavement of women thing is a real deal breaker for me.

    • General says:

      Be careful before you get cancel with your racial discrimination..

    • Sarah says:

      Boring islands; who wants to visit anyway?

    • Wise up says:

      So sound so DUMB PUNK

    • Corvus says:

      countries round the world youd find mosques and churches side by side guarding and protecting each other during their prayers from the extreme muslims and extreme christians alike.we believe more in ideology than religion itself even more in tv.

    • Theo says:

      Indeed, keep the VI safe, don’t let anyone from outside in! We are too precious to have to deal with the outsiders, the barbarians.

  4. Kenneth Dreger says:

    Now tell us that there is no video of the people that raised this flag at the airport! Come on people, you must have video cameras of this! Really……..

    • Tola says:

      Yes, he has been arrested from the time this hit the news. Just wait for updates from this news site. The feds make no joke!!!

  5. they are here says:

    where are the cameras??

  6. ho says:

    wow. Let’s hope they don’t breach security at the Terrance B. Lettsome!

  7. CW says:

    All of you need better education and a healthy dose of acting like grown ups. There is nothing inherently dangerous about flags, Islam, Allah, OR PEOPLE DIFFERENT THAN YOU. THIS IS RACISM

  8. Not2Sure says:

    I wonder what “high alert” looks like at TBL airport. Probably the same as every other day…

  9. Rubber Duck says:

    Allah? Who does he play for?

  10. Socrates says:

    Where was the security? Were there no mobile security? Are there no camera panning the airport 360 degrees? Apparently, yhe perpetrators had no fear of being caugh. They took down not one flag but several and replace them with ISIS flags. Was this an inside but friendly warning that exposed a false of physical security and a security weakness. Did the airport let its guard down? Post 9/11, security matters.

  11. The Message says:

    Y’all plain stupid always attacking the messenger and ignoring the message. Keep letting money hungry idiots lead you astray. “Wa goin become ah dee schopid ting.”

  12. Jonathan says:

    I saw an equaly alarming sign just a while ago.. it read “Jesus”.. I think the governor should reimplement the corfew. thats a clear sign that something bad is about to happen!!


  13. Anonymous says:



  14. DJS says:

    rubber duck — thank you.
    Jonathan yea Jesus advocates locking 5 men in a cage and pouring gas on them and lighting them up– or was Jesus the one who put men’s heads on a block and cut them off for the whole world to see? on video. If you don’t see the difference in the extremist well god help us.
    No fear who put up flag. Security was on H I G H alert alright– key word is high. What airport has no one there at night– come on?

  15. Observant says:

    Apparently you seem to be naive to the threat that alot of Moslems pose to the national security of a Nation. In 1990 there was an attempted coup in Trinidad and Tobago West Indies,by guess who……Moslems. They do not march against or condemn their members who are terrorists. So it is not hatred against this religion. Based on the fact that they believe that in any country they are in they aren’t subject to their rules is cause for concern. I’ve seen first hand their bad actions and scorn for law and order in Trinidad and Tobago with rhetoric of taking over the country and spreading their hate to the rest of the Caribbean and world at large.

    They’ve proven to be very pious and militant. If given a sniff of a chance,they will impose sharia law on you and make your life very uncomfortable.

    A lot of us live in bubbles and are not exposed to being in the crossfire. Just love to cry and sympathise with terrorists claiming prejudice against evildoers.

    By the way. This is coming from me with first hand experience not blog rumors and speculation.

    On that note, you all better wake up and realise the realities of the darkness of this world. I hope that the Governor helps with the establishment of an Elite Counterterrorism Unit in the BVI before it is too late.

  16. Be careful says:

    @you are a horrible person

    Be careful what you defend and what you condemn. Of all the countries today where Christians are oppressed, 66% of those countries have a Muslim majority. So most thinking Christians in the BVI might not agree with your comment to Gonk.

    I am sure BVI Muslims have religious tolerance now, but I would not want to find out what they would be like if they become a majority and start fighting for a Muslim theocracy or Muslim dictatorship in the BVI.

  17. Observant says:

    Good day

    I posted a very informative and sensible comment and still awaiting its posting.

  18. Observant says:

    Thanks bvinews.

  19. Observant says:

    @Sarah. If these islands are boring and I sincerely want to believe that you’re not a Caribbean national. This is to inform you that if you reside in the Caribbean and it’s not to your desires,you are indeed free to leave. Totalitarianism does not reign in the part of the world. So get out while you can.

    I cannot and won’t sit idly by and allow my lovely region to be debased, especially when a lot of foreigners poor or rich love to run to here for their various purposes.

    Or is it probably I misinterpreted your comment? Whatever! Called it as I saw it. I’ll even buy you a ticket out of here.

  20. bubun says:

    y’all need to take this serious..

  21. SMH says:

    Ignorance has become a norm for those making fun of this Act! Seriously, people we need to be more vigilant and not be naive to our surroundings.

  22. Tnp says:

    I had the pleasure of being on the island right after the Cat 5 hurricanes and took note that muslims are now business owners and growing in population there. I was led to speak about this and was told there is no cause for concern. I wonder if they feel the same way now. Don’t continue to ignore this.

    • Theo says:

      Nobody held a gun to the heads of the customers and told them they have to shop from the Muslims.

      In fact it seemed to be almost the other way around.

      If our own govts wouldn’t secure the small business men then of course it led to a vacuum because if I have to go to the bank and he govt and insurance trying to get back on my feet, and the competition basically has their own financial consortium and insurance then what do you expect?

  23. Anonymous says:

    The bop probably did it so they can put a prison there . And fill it full and feed the cops for free

  24. Badboy says:

    Allah is the name of the Arab guy who shot someone in Stt. He was caught in Tola wishing in could get a flight out, the flags went up because it was the guys funeral, seems Arabs are upset.

  25. Brian says:

    I could not care less what was written on the flag. It is the security breach at an airport many people use that is of grave concern.

  26. Wes says:

    They should lose the dumby who pulled this prank in Guantanamo.

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